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Banging My Friend

My female friend Amy works at a place that makes female sex dolls for guys. I asked her to help with making a female sex doll that works for me. I need a female sex doll that was a wider and deeper mouth pussy and asshole than most sex dolls because I am big then they are normally. Amy said you are cute so she would suck my cock to get the size that works. Amy was surprised buy how big my cock is at 3.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches long. You are a lot big then the average guy and I will see what I can do about a sex doll. Amy said know that a see how big your cock is how about you fuck me with the big cock. I said sure lets take it slowly. Amy gave me a blowjob to get me hard. I said I use extra large condoms to fuck what is your favor way to fuck. Amy said with a cock that big any way to fuck is good so lets try many ways and she would let me know. She said lay down and I will ride your cock facing you so you can suck on my big tits. She banded me slowly working my cock all the way in her pussy which took about 5 minutes then she was banging me like a wild animal smacking her pussy lips off my balls. She was screaming I have never been fucked so hard and deep by a cock so big blast my pussy until you cum which took about 15 minutes. She said she had 5 orgasms before I came inside her. Next thing a know she take off the condom and is banging my cock down her throat until I was hard again. She stuck a new condom on me and said do you have a belt to rap around my waist so you can pull on it while you fuck me doggie style. She added if I tell you to pull on the belt banging me harder. This time it took 3 minutes to get my balls banging off her pussy lips. She was screaming pull the belt bang me harder over and over again. I fucked really hard and deep pulling the belt as hard as I could for 20 minutes before I came again. She said she thinking she had 7 orgasms. She said lets take a brake she would fuck me at least one more time.  We took a brake for about a hour. She blow me hard again and stroked my cock with both hands and v jelly. She said v jelly her asshole so I could fuck it. I rapped the belt around her waist and pulled on it hard after my balls banging her asshole. She was screaming pound my asshole cum in it over and over again. I fucked her asshole for 30 minutes before I came in it as hard as I never came. Amy blow me hard again and said get on top of her and fuck her until I cum again. She rapped the belt around my back so I could bang her hard. I fucked Amy for 35 minutes and she was screaming cum in me cum in me cum in me. I came and said she lost track at 8 orgasms of how many she had. I said I think you had 10 orgasms. She just looked at me like ok. We relax for awhile. Amy then said if you need to cum again she would blow me and jerk me off on her face.  I banged my cock down her throat for 25 minutes and she jerk me off the both hands and some v jelly until I came allover her face. She said for being the 5th time you cum that was a lot of cum. Amy said she would work on ordering me a sex doll but I could fuck two girls and she has girlfriends that would.

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