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*~Dorm Room Fun~!*

Tomorrow was Michelle’s big day. Moving into the dorms at the university was going to be a huge step in her life and she was completely terrified. As she was lying in bed, nervously flipping through the chanells and twisting her long brown curly hair, she spotted a “late night~calls” infomercial and stopped to admire the sexy girls in skimpy binkinis dancing around and making sexy faces at her. As she became more aroused watching these girls, she began to touch her pussy, which was becoming very wet. She reached over to her night stand and found her 7″ dildo and began slowly running it in and out of her wet pussy as she softly rubbed her clit. Her heart was beating faster as she moved it in and out at a faster pace, watching the sexy sluts on T.V. They were posing, running their hands down their tits, bending over in their thongs and slowly licking their lips. Soon she began to shake and quickly cum and the orgasm felt amazing….”only if one of those sexy little sluts were here with me now to satisfy me.” she silently wished. She wondered to herself “is something wrong with me? I know that I’m not a lesbian..i mean Brad is such a great boyfriend/lover but I’m also so curious about girls. Oh how amazing it would be to do naughty things with a sexy little slut….MmMm. But then again.. maybe I’m just going through a phase”..she thought to herself.
Michelle woke up the next day and started carrying her bags and boxes down to her father’s van. She felt so alone in the world right now. She was going off to college and would know absolutely no one. She also had to leave her amazing boyfriend, Brad behind. She sighed, finished packing and she was off to her new life at college. Her parents helped her carry everything into her dorm room and now all she had to do was organize un-pack and prepare to meet her new roommate Vicky. She had talked to her on the phone about what they would bring and stuff like that, but she really had no idea what she would be like or what she even looked like.
After her parents had left she began to unpack her boxes when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and it was one of the hottest girls she had ever seen. She had long flowing bleach blonde hair, bright emerald green eyes and a beautiful smile. She had to be about 5’6 and she l had a slim body with curves in all the right places. Vicky was wearing a pink sundress… Ohhh her tits had to be about a 36c. Ohhh Michelle almost gasped at the sight of her roomate. Vicky smiled softly, her eyes seemed to flicker as she said “Hey, you must be Michelle. I’m Vicky.” Michelle smiled back slightly flirtatiously and her voice cracked as she squeeked “Hi!”
After a few weeks Michelle and Vicky discovered that they really had a lot in common and they became really good friends. Once in awhile Michelle would catch Vicky peeking at her while she changed her clothes. This made Michelle really horny and so Michelle was really open about changing infront of her. She would often lie aound in only her bra and thong while reading or watching tv. One day Michelle decided to be daring and just drop her robe and walk across their room completely naked. Vicky’s jaw dropped slightly and she stared at Michelle’s body as she mindlessly poked around in her drawers for something to wear. Michelle then turned around and completely exposed herself to Vicky. She politely asked “Do you have a bra i can borrow hun? All of mine are still in the washer” Michelle began to smile a little because Vicky continued to stare and she was falling for her little tricks. Vicky walked over to her roomate and came right up to her face and answered “yes, but we really need to talk… Michelle, you’re driving me crazy! Always teasing me with your hot little body. Ohh I want you so bad… I can’t take it anymore!”
She suddenly pulled Michelled in quickly, so that they were pressed together and kissed her hard on the lips, running her hands up and down her back and ass and stroking her tongue in and out of her mouth. Soon they fell onto Vicky’s bed, and continued to kiss their tongues dancing wildly, Michelle was stroking Vicky’s hair. Vicky laid on top of Michelle and said ” have you ever been with a girl before baby?” “no i haven’t…” Michelled said softly. “Okay then, I’ll lead” Vicky replied as she sat up stradling Michelle, and took off her shirt and bra exposing her large firm tits. She then laid back down on Michelle and continued to kiss her more passionately now..kissing down her neck to her breasts. She stroked them in her hands as she sucked on her nipples, making them hard and making Michelle moan with pleasure. “Mmmm baby that feels so good, show me more mmmm.” Vicky licked, sucked,and kissed her way down Michelle’s body, and began to rub the insides of her thighs. She then put her lips there and began to lick, closer and closer to Michelle’s pussy lips. Michelle was now begging her to continue…”Ohh Vicky mmmmm please..” Vicky then held Michelle’s legs open further with her hands and licked right up her slit, feeling her sweet wetness on her tongue. “Ohhhh Vickyyy that is so amazing uhhhhh.” Vicky slid her tongue into her hot, wet fuckhole as deep as she could and stroked Michelle in and out, and then up to her clit. Michelle was shaking hard now and almost ready to cum. Vicky didn’t want her to cum yet so she climbed back on top of Michelle and used her hand on her pussy while she kissed her. She slid one finger in first, slowly in and out and then back up to tease her clit. Michelle was pushing herself on to Vicky’s finger and moaning with pleasure as Vicky used two fingers on her. She continued to pump her fingers in and out of Michelle’s wet, throbbing pussy rythmically. Vicky climbed back down to finish her off with her tongue she sucked on her clit and reached under her pillow for her 8″ vibrator. Inch by inch..she slowly slid the massive toy into Michelle’s tight little pussy hole while she continued to lick her clit. Once she had msot of it inside she pumped it in and out of Michelle faster and harder until she was cumming “Ohhhhhhh Vickyy” she moaned loudly as she shook into a long and powerful climax. “So Michelle, what did you think of your first time with a girl” said Vicky as she laid facing Michelle on her bed. “Oh baby it was amazing and I think I owe you a little favor…let’s hit the showers hehehhe.”
Michelle took Vicky’s hand and they ran into to a shower stall, kissing and touching eachother frantically. Michelle took a bar of soap, lathered it up in her hands and began to soap up Vicky’s body..she started with her neck and moved down to her breasts and her firm little stomach..then knelt down to kiss her pussy, she then started to tongue her clit and inside of her. Vicky moaned and softly held onto Michelle’s head. Michelle slid two fingers into Vicky as licked her clit in circles. She pumped her fingers in and out and sucked on Vicky’s clit harder now. Vicky was now cumming and moaning to her roomate..”ohhhhh Michelle that’s riiight baby suck me off….” Michelle finished her off, stood up, and put her arms around Vicky’s waist kissed her roomate, and they smiled at eachother.
The End~

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