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The Bus Ride

The morning mist was lifting as I raced down the gray cracked sidewalk. My heels tapping like the hoofs of a horse on a brick road. I hate getting on this bus every morning into the same old Monday work droll. As the bus stopped, I climbed the stairs behind a woman on her way to clean homes in the more up scale part of town just south of the city. Her big ass right in my face, this is something no one would ever get used too in the morning. The large woman’s unsettling waddle making you wants to push both of her cheeks to help her up the stairs.

Usually the bus was moderately full today it was too full. I had to stand holding onto the pole in the center of the bus. Men in suits, women in their business attire a few college students and no one was ready to give up their seats. My bus ride is forty five minutes every day and by the time I get to work today I will be more tired than at the end of the day. Leaning my head against the pole as people crowded all around me, and I closed my eyes. More people got on the bus pushing me closer to those around me. I could have cared less by this point. Keeping my eyes closed letting the lull of the bus rock me gently against the pole.

My thoughts ran to my boy friend, how I missed him. Today would have been a good day to play hooky and stay home in bed with him, making mad passionate monkey fucking love. I felt a hand run up my thigh from behind. Slowly it moved up to my ass under my skirt. The bus was too crowded to see who it was. Slowly a finger found my moist opening sliding into my cunt and out again. Combined with the gentle rocking of the bus and the unknown person touching me made me excited. I sucked in a deep breath as two rather large fingers replaced the finger, in and out sliding up my slit lips and back into my now dripping pussy. I bent forward allowing him to drive his fingers deep into my hot throbbing core. More people got on the bus pushing this person closer to me. Feeling something replacing those wonderful fingers that were pleasing me. There was no mistaking the heat of a throbbing cock head pushing at my aching entryway. Slowly methodically, almost as if teasing me he slid it up on down my slit pushing at my hard clit. My breathing became heavy and I sucked in a deeper breath wanting to scream out, “Fuck me, and fuck me now!”

His cock was back at my cunt opening and with one strong thrust was soon buried deep inside me. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of being full of throbbing hot meat. To my surprise I felt another hand coming from the right of me. It was not a masculine hand, very slender and feminine. It went to my pussy that was already full of cock. The hand touched the cock sliding in and out then ran to my clit. Finding my swollen knob and began massaging it running circles around the hard pebble sending more waves of pleasure through my body. As the man pumping me from behind became faster so did the hand fucking my little clit. I was surprised no one had noticed if they did no one minded. I felt my orgasm rise as two hands grabbed my ass to steady me. Hearing a grunt, knowing he was about ready to shoot his load of cum inside my pussy, at the same time I started to cum in blinding ecstasy.

The bus came to an abrupt halt; the cock and hand had disappeared. I looked around seeing no one in particular looking at me or away from me all were just there. Thinking to myself I might have dreamed this erotic adventure until I went to step off the bus walking toward work feeling cum run down my inner thigh knowing it was no dream. Today had turned around, walking the rest of my way to work with a satisfied smile.

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