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My First Taste

My name is Luis. When I was 16 I had my first real intimate girlfriend. My first love. We had been dating for about a month and a half and we had already done some stuff. We never went all the way or anything but we have come close to it. We were both virgins, even though she had had sex she never had her cherry popped, and I consider that still a virgin. On our one-month anniversary (not a big milestone for me but it was for her), my best friend Tommy asked out Jane’s (my girlfriend) best friend Josey. So things were going great for us. That weekend we went to Jane’s house for fun and we ended up swimming. Jane and I didn’t do much swimming that day but it wasn’t all kisses and hugs. It was just being together. Josey refused to swim so poor Tommy had to put up with me and Jane ignoring him. We all got out and went to Jane’s room where our two couples kept changing from couch to bed… pretty much stealing the bed from each other when we got the chance.

Jane and I were lying on the couch and I gave her a little handwork. But that’s all that really happened. All the good stuff happens either before this long boring setup story or after which I am getting at right now.

Like two weekends after that Tommy was at my house (he had been for like 4 days) and we were just really bored so we talked my mother into letting Jane and Josey come over. At the time my bed was on the floor and I had no couch in my room just and office chair and a big wooden chair. Jane and I had taken the bed and I had managed to get her belt (bondage belt) off and I was playing with all the little trinkets on it. Ever since before I was dating Jane I knew that she was into that spanking thing. She was lying on her belly and trying to talk me into hitting her(not spanking her) and I don’t really hit women, so I took the belt and I hit her on the ass with it. Josey was just getting the biggest kick out of this so I gave her the belt and she pulled her face out of Tommy’s mouth, and started spanking Jane with the belt. I was spanking her with my hand. Every time I hit her with my had I got a little yip-moan so she was really likening it. Eventually we had to stop because her ass had gone numb but tat was ok with me my hand was hurting. We got off the bed when Tommy promised me a box of condoms (which I did get) if I let them take the bed so we did and Jane and I were sitting on the two chairs looking into each others eyes and just kissing little kisses every now and then. Meanwhile on the bed Tommy was in between Josey’s legs… I mean this girl can spread her legs like they were rubber or something, and my little sister walks into the room. She sees Tommy and Josey and tells my mom who freaks out and calls me in to talk to her.. She wanted to know why I wasn’t between Jane’s legs like that! They constant interruptions had pushed me to the end of my rope and we all went to Jane’s house again.

At Jane’s house we all immediately went swimming. I had pushed Josey in the pool after I had pushed Jane in the pool. I hade loaned Tommy a pair of white swimming trunks to swim in and I was just gonna swim in my Santa Clause boxers. Well when we both got in the water we realized that the both of our trunks were see thru so we both stayed close to our girlfriends.

When we got out of the pool (Tommy and I last because her parents and sister were home) we got dressed but I didn’t bring any clean boxers so I had to go commando for the rest of the night. Josey also didn’t have any panties so she went commando for the night as well. Lucky Tommy. well they were all in Jane’s room and I was in the computer room with Jane’s sister learning how to play the Sims. When I finally go back to Jane’s room Josey and Tommy were basically having sex with cloths on. I walk in the room. Close the door. and turn the light off. Get on the couch with Jane. I was still commando and Jane was wearing sweat pants. I told her to stand up, and when she asked me why I told her cause I’m gonna take her sweats and panties off. She gets up but she does all the taking off on her own with a little help from me. She pulled her sweat pants back up! I was almost angry! She sits back down on my lap this time. I slip my hand down the front of her pants and I start playing with her clit. I started in slow circles then I slowly spread up going faster and faster till her almost screamed. She thinks she can hold her moans in but she cant. I stop and she starts to grab at my Wang thru my pants so I unzip them for her.
She grabs it and jerked me a few times. Now t the time I’m a 16 year old box so that was just a great feeling. No I didn’t blow my load I’m not that lame. After I she jerks it a few times she stands up and I pull her sweats down to her knees. She sits on my lap and we get our selves so my dick is right between her pussy lips and she starts sliding back and forth not exactly letting me take her. Then just out of nowhere she stands up and says loud so Tommy and Josey (who were in the room still) “whip you’re shit back in” and I hear them start to laugh. I didn’t care they probly knew we went just sitting there kissing. I lay my head on her shoulder and she whispers in my ear “do you really wanna eat me out?” I answered her so quickly “yeah” she sounded really confused and said “why?” I tell her its because I have never done it and I would like to try it. What I didn’t tell her was that I love making her happy and id do almost anything for her. She was totally against it from the start telling me that she isn’t gonna let me do it so you can imagine my shock when she says “so why don’t you just do it”. I tell her to stand up and I was still sitting on he couch. She tells me if I don’t like it to just stop. I told her I would so she had nothing to worry about well I was eating her out but I wasn’t getting her anywhere because of the angel so I stopped. She sits back on my lap and tells me that she knew I wouldn’t like it. I tell her to stand up again and I sit on the ground. Now I was in my prime eating position.

I started off licking around her pussy lips not immediately going in with my tongue. Then I brought my hands up and I spread her lips with my hands and I shove my tongue in. The taste was wonderful. As soon as I tasted her I knew I would want to again… that is if I could ever stop. I started making the circles with my tongue that I made with my hands only this time I was going deeper and further in to her pussy. The deeper I got the better the taste. I could feel her juices flowing onto my tongue and they were coming in wave after wave. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face to stay. She had obviously changed her mind about no waiting me to do it to her. After I was done she sat back down on the couch and I kept rubbing with my hand. Occasionally she would grab my hear and pull it down to her pussy… even though her sweats were on she still wanted my tongue. Of course now she refused to kiss me until I brushed my teeth so I didn’t get to kiss her until her parents dropped me and Tommy off at my house and we went to bed. I told him everything cause I usually do and he was all happy for me. I found out that Josey was dry humping him so hard that his testies were swollen… and he enjoyed it. I’m still with Jane and I still love her more than anyone else. She says I can eat her out again whenever I want as long as it’s in the dark..

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