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The Blue Dodge

I dated Matt for a few months until we broke up. I took it pretty hard because I really loved him and things got outta of hand, and we stopped communicating. Well On June 3, 2002, we started talking again and before I knew it, we started to get intimate again.

Well last night was the best. I had been waiting all day for him to get off work. I just knew he would be by later. And I was right. He stopped by and we talked for a little while and then he asked if I wanted to go out and “ride” around. I knew what he wanted. So we went out to an old spot and we were talking. I just got a second tongue ring and a tattoo and he wanted to see my tattoo. I had to take my shirt off to show it to him. He was really admiring it when he allowed his hands to slip around my breast. I began to feel relaxed right away. I turned back around and we started to kiss. It started to get really hot.

Then he was fingering me. Slow at first and then faster and harder. He stopped and he looked at me and gave me the prize-winning smile that makes me want to melt. Then he took off my shorts and panties. He positioned me the way I like and he we started to go at it. The thing about Matt is he has a huge cock and he can go for hours. He was pounding the hell outta of me and I was screaming and scratching. Then he suddenly flipped me over and we continued doggy style, which eventually led to in the ass. Then he flipped me back over and finished the way that I like.

By the time we got done, the windows were so steamed up that you couldn’t see in or out. We got ourselves dressed then headed back toward my house. On the way there, I asked him when he would be by again and he said he didn’t know and asked why. I told him that I was tired of playing little miss innocent and that I wanted to show him moves that I had that I know he couldn’t handle. Well, I had him really worked up.

So we went out to where he works. And I started to give him head. He was so jumpy, I think it was the tongue rings. And the fact that I was the first girl he had been with that could deep throat him. HE was screaming my name. And eventually he got so hard that he wanted to fuck again so we did, that truck was rocking so hard and he was really fucking me. I love it when he tells me how good I feel and that I am the best he has ever had because I know that he is telling me the truth. He really does love me.

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