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My Girlfriend and I

I was weihgtlifting until my girlfreind ,Maria, rang the door bell. I opened the door and let her in. She was wearing a short skirt and long boots with high heels that went well with her long tanned legs, a tight green tank top without a bra. She said “I have a surprise for you.” in a sensual voice. She covered my eyes with a blind fold she carried with her. She led my to my sofa and kissed me. When she let me take off the blind fold she had her tanktop and skirt off.

She jumped on to me and tore off my weight lifting shirt and stripped off my boxers. she pulled me up and I sat her on the sofa’s arm and ripped her panties off. She rapped her legs around my waist and I put my 12in. cock in her pussy and fucked her slowly. She was moaning as I leaned foward and sucked on her tits. I pulled away and turned her around and carrest her ass and legs. I sticked my cock in her ass and she screamed loudly. She pulled away and laid me down on the couch, she put herself in a 69 posistion on top of me. She sucked my cock as I buried my face into her warm dripping wet pussy. Her pussy juices tasted sweet, she maoned and cummed out some more, my face was full of her juices. She massaged my cock and I let out alot of cum all over Maria. She drank and swallowed it all. She knew I still had life in my cock so she got on top of it and bounced her pussy on my cock.

We both moaned and she collapsed on my chest. She pulled up to my lips and we kissed for a long time. After we kissed she asked “Did you like your surprise?” i said ” Oh hell yeah.” We both kissed again as I carrest her legs and her warm wet cunt. And one thing was for sure we were no longer virgins and we were each others first. I was just wanting to so this again some other time.

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