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The Cookie Fantasy

A Cookie Fantasy

As you walk into this beautiful old antebellum home, I welcome you with a warm embrace and a tender kiss on your cheek just before your ear where I whisper, there is a surprise upstairs in the second door on the left. You smile wanting to inquire further, I press my soft, full lips to yours, giving you a passionate, yet tender kiss. I wink at you, shake my finger side to side as if to say,”Uh, Uh, Uh, …just go upstairs.”
You make full eye contact with me and read me from within. Excitement stirs within you as you make your way up the winding staircase. You feel your heart beating faster as the blood is pumping through your veins, stimulating the lower area of your person. You reach the top of the stair case, heart pounding, pants beginning to get a lil uncomfortable due to the lack of room for the obvious excitement you are feeling. Walking down the hall, a lovely scent of peaches and magnolias caresses your senses. You pass the first door, and then with great anticipation, you open the second door. Here in this lovely antique bathroom, you hear the quiet sounds of Ravel’s Bolero playing in the background. You see the old-time, claw footed bathtub there in the middle of this beautiful nostalgic room. It is filled with bubbles. You hear my voice from behind as I sneak up on you, whisper at the nape of you neck, “please let me help you get undressed, but don’t turn around,” you feel my arms wrap around you as I begin to lift your shirt, unbutton your pants and let them drop to the floor. The shirt comes off over your chest, then as you raise your arms, I completely remove it. My hands run along the sides of you, caressing you with my fingertips. My hands run across that strong chest of yours, lightly grazing you nipples, then, down further, as I bend down behind you, my face almost level with your tight ass, I begin to kiss you above the band of your boxers, above the dimples of your ass as I run my hands down the front of you, giving ample attention to fondling your rock, hard cock as I remove these shorts like a package I have unwrapped. They drop to the floor as well. I rise from my knees, rubbing my breasts against your ass, your lower back, and now as I stand behind you still, you feel that my skin is lightly touching yours. You feel my erect nipples tantalizing you. You want to turn around, but I begin to move you from behind to the bubbles waiting for you. One foot into the tub and the other one on the way, I move in front of you, wearing nothing but a smile and a tiny half sheer apron, and high heels. You are surprised to see me this way and wonder what I have in store for you. The anticipation is growing, as your cock is too. I look at you from head to toe, then while making eye contact with you, I say nothing but help you further into the tub. You sit down, wanting to pull me in, but I only allow you to remain where you are. I lift a large seasponge and begin to bathe your shoulders, your chest (giving special attention to the nipples), your sternum, your stomach, and following the sides of you, I bathe around to your back. I hear the sweet sounds of moaning as I am relaxing you with every caress as I now have you warm, relaxed and excited (underneath the bubbles), I walk in front of the tub, with a small jar in one hand and a small jug of chocolate syrup being held up underneath my chin between my breasts. You say, “Let me help you with this, and begin to reach forward to grab one of the items I am carrying. Instead I walk around to the side of the tub where your right arm in hanging outside. I turn around exposing my bare ass to you and ask you to “Please untie me.” You untie the ribbon and watch the apron fall to the ground. I step out of the heels, one foot along the left side of you, and the other on the right as I straddle you in this tub. The items are still where I had them. You watch and raise your hips to meet my femaleness underneath this sea of bubbles. I am kneeling over you as my pussy is opening to feel your cock rub against me underneath the water. I moan slightly. I sit on top of you. You haven’t entered me yet, but I still feel the pulse of your hard cock against the warmth of me. I take the syrup, smiling at you all the while, and drip it across my large, ample breasts, rubbing it to the tips of my nipples before you. I am enjoying this so. Here I am with chocolate dripping from my nipples I take the small jar, and sprinkle some Oreo cookie crumbs across the area dripping with syrup. You are hungry, not only for a snack, but also for me. You make a meal of my breasts as you nibble the crumbs and lick off the syrup. With each lapping you give, I am grinding my pussy against you. I take some syrup and drip in around your neck slightly and begin to tenderly, but passionately kiss and lick you around you neck. Oh I cannot wait anymore. I raise above you, just enough so that you can enter my wet, hot pussy. As my lips separate, and I feel you enter me, I move down onto you. OH MY GOSH! Each time you enter me is pure ecstasy. Everytin=me is just like the first time. I moan with delight as I slide up and down on you. We are splashing in this beautiful old tub, giving no concern to the mess we are making with the water on the floor. You feel my walls massaging every inch of you until you bottom out inside of me, and I begin the rhythm again. The walls are closing in as I tighten around you, more and more, we are moving faster, harder,..oh my God! I feel myself beginning to reach the ultimate plane of ecstasy, looking into your eyes, into your soul, feeling you pierce me, only the way that you can. you stop. Take me by the waist and we roll out of the tub onto the suds we left on the floor. The cool tile on my back is so refreshing. You are in charge at this moment. I am yours. I am so ready to cum, yet so ready for whatever it is you want to do to me, so excited for what you have in store. You lay me out, look up smile and begin to drip the syrup on top of my already erect and sensitive clitoris. You begin to lick lightly the chocolate you have topped me with. My body is quivering, shaking, gyrating, as you are sucking every drop of chocolate off of me. Sending me over the edge, I cannot restrain myself anymore. My body convulses with every quake, as I cum the way only u can make me cum. You show no mercy and continue to lick and suck until I cannot stand it anymore. All this rain, all this water, all these suds, and I grab you, lie you down, I don’t need the chocolate to enjoy you at this moment. I take you into my mouth aggressively, like an animal with its mate, and devour you. My mouth, my tongue, working you. Up and down, twirling swirling, and deeper until you are the furthest you can be into my throat. I am sucking you wildly, just enough pressure, just enough intensity, just enough frequency. I bring you to the point where you will explode into my throat if you want to. If I let you. This is the point, where I am nearly ready to cum again because I have watched you the whole time I have been relishing every inch of you with my lips, my mouth, my tongue and my throat. I stop. I climb on top of you again and say, “i want to feel you cum with me !” This is not a question, this is not a statement. This is a demand! I ride you rocking my hips forward and back, up and down, feeling you harden more than I thought possible, my pussy is starting to close around you as much as it can while I slide up and down upon you. Your hand is gently massaging the clit you have driven so crazy. Our eyes are fixed upon each other, reading the signs that we both are ready for a phenomenal bursting explosion, the rhythm speeds, the intensity rises. We cum together. You explode, I burst. We keep moving until we collapse together as one. Again, we have given ourselves to each other. We have given everything there is to give. We have opened ourselves up, poured ourselves out upon and inside one another, and yet we are better, lacking nothing. Feeling the joy of the completion of ourselves together as one.

Written by: Ashleigh (Raindear)
July 31st, 2002

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