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securtiy officer gets it on the job

I was a security officer a while back and as a security officer you really get put in some strange places to guard at all kinds of hours of the day or night. Well anyway I was working as a security office at a mall my job was to sit in the back of the mall and watch cars ( by the way it was a small mall in a small city now they call them strip malls ) seems that teenagers had been stelling hubcaps from the cars fun job huh well anyway one hot june day I was sitting in my car with the a/c on when I noticed this lady come out of the back of the mall I should of told you that there was a small collage class in there for typing well anyway this gal I have seen many times come and go never thought much about it until she walked right up to my car and knocked on the window and started to talk to me nothing big just small talk but I notice that she wore a knit sweater with big holes in it and that her nipples was hard and poking out of her sweater we talked a bit and she left the next day she came back out and straight to my car again and asked me if i would walk with her just a bit being bored I said sure and we walked over to a quite area behind the mall where no one could see us it was behind the mall compresser where she told me right out she wanted me to fuck her right there she was a small lady she stood about 5’1″ maybe 100 lbs she had small tits but thats ok as we stood there she reached up and unziped my pants and reached in and took out my simi hard cock as I reached for her skirt lifting it up past her waist seeing she had on a pair of purple thong panties my cock got rock hard she keep playing with my cock as I reached down and grabed her by the ass cheeks and lifted her up she wraped her legs around me and slid her alread wet pussy over my cock and started bouncing on me she wraped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as I stood there and fucked her as we both cumed together and I let her down I noticed that she had just a patch of hair over her clit not much hair just a bit that got me hard again just like that as she turned around to get her panties that was laying on the ground I grabed her hips and bent down just enought to enter her again as I heard her moan loud enought for anyone around to hear I looked around no one there so I keep going this time reaching up and lifting her blouse up and messsaging her small tits piching her nipples as she started bucking back on my cock as I felt her cum over my cock again she almost stood straigh up as much as she could I blew my wod deep insider her again this time she told me she had to go kissed me on the lips and said not bad for a 40 year old women huh told her she was the best i have had in my 22 years of life as I walked her to her car she told me that her friend would be seeing me in a couple of days that this was her last day there and that her friend liked me to and that they set it up that she could have me frist I guess what are friends for huh I will write that one nexts look for it

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