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Wonder Boy (Part II)

Wonder Boy (Part II)
Continued From (Part I)….

The clock showed 4 am. and my cock showed no sign of shrinking, I was lying in the bed with one hand holding my cock and slightly stroking, by now I was liking the feeling of stroking my cock and I slowly increased the speed, Some time some currents ran down my spine and I was enjoying every moment as my spead had risen to the extreem sudenly there was a slight pain in side the cock and milky white sticky liquid pore out of my cock seeing that i was terribaly affraid and woke my mom she saw that white liquid and asked me what I did to take it out, I said nothing she grumbled saying I must be playing with my cock which is a dirty habit, she told me not to touch my penic that way or play with it you are yet small to do that and to my shock she brought her mouth near my cock and soon licked away all that liquid till i was just wet with her saliva she said dont do it any more or else she will complain to dady and not to talk to any one about her licking that water. I was all confused and next day heard her telling my sister not to touch your brothers cock any time.
Thus though not so passionate or enjoyable it was my first hard on. It took me nearly three years to understand about human body needs and the sexual activites. Thanks to internet which has given me all the knowledge and thanks to my friend Deepak(name changed) who allowed me to assess his PC and internet. By last year I had come to know most of the sex acts I had seen lots of porn sites and read lots of fantasis, but the problem was of real life adventure because of my shy nature I was unable to make friends(girls) and I did not have any close relatives like Bhabi(Sisterin law), or a cousin, aunty,Teacher, or sexy neighbour to seduce me, so where could I go, whome could I depend upon to satisfy me? So masterbation was the only resque. I did not leave a single female in my fantasies, I even thought of my mom licking my cock and my sister shiting on cock and then washing it. It was going to a horible time for me I badly needed a girl, My sister was alloted a different bedroom after my dads Prosperity and my mom along with dad was always on Business tours, They all had plenty of clothes to wear and so there was no chance to expose in frount of me. my sis even did not like swiming so atleast I could have seen her in swimsuit but she just like to read and always kept her door locked, dinner time was the only time we met.
So as I learnt about sex I was more curious to see a girls body closely and feel it passionatly, but I regreted that we had become rich, the single room house was the best place at least I was near my mother and sis and daily got to see atleast once each of them nude. Now its all remote. My shy nature was another thing worring me while my friends in college had girlfriends whome many had screwed I did not have a girl to call my friend, But how long could i continue? I had to do some thing.
Six months ago I found my sis reading the book about the Ship Titanic which she had purchased after seeing the movie but had started to read it lately I asked her why do you read books about ships when you are afraid of water. Afraid! Who said that? this was my sis reply, to which I asked, Why did you not learn to swim till now? Its nearly three years in this new house and we have our own private swimming pool, Tell me the reason I raised my voice, She said she had intresting books to read and less time to study, so she did not swim. Besides who would teach her,I said I would, She laughed and said can you swim properly, My sister had hardly seen me swim so did not know how expert I am, she said she will tell daddy to hire a coach, At that I grunted saying I am the best coach and there was no need for an outsider to which she said lets dad decide.
Next day it was sunday and after many sundays my parents were at home as decided my sis went to dad and asked about a swiming coach my dad turned to me and asked if I too needed one to which I laughed saying I am already an expert swimmer and my self can be some ones coach to which my mom said lets find out and she asked all of us to be in the pool in ten minutes.
As I rushed to my room to fetch my swimming shorts I heard my sis say to mom that she has not purchased any costume yet to which mom said whats the need of any costume even she had non it did not mater as it was just their family in the pool she asked her to just be in a bra and Panty
I was very hot listning to that and soon wearing my shorts I rushed to the pool waiting for rest to arrive.
First came my mom with a robe tide over I could still see her long fair legs which I had not seen since long. she came and sat at the edge with her legs in water, I could see her Panty and was restless to see her in Bra and panty my eyes had alredy started to undress her and her sexy body, which inocently I had seen during my childhood many times started appearing when she asked what I was thinking I just said that it was long time that we all were together and was just thinking about our past life how happy we then were to which she immediatly asked are you not happy now I suddenly had tears in my eyes and said I have been missing you a lot since we had our seprate rooms and busy lifestyle at that she to got emotional and pulled me towards her and kissed me and embraced me for some time soon dad arrived and saw us in eachothers arms he jokingly said, “are you small for that?” mom immeadiatly stopped him from saying any thing further and told him what i was missing My dad too felt sorry for that and decleared that we will soon go for a picnic where we all would be together. by then sis arrived in her robe, Listning to the word picnic she jumped up making the knot to open and the robe parted to show her perfect sexy body in a semi transperent black bra and panty which hardly hid any thing. My cock tried to tare my elastic pant while I even saw dady staring at her, as she let her robe down Mom immediatly complemented her for maintaining such a figure and asked dad about her to which dad said, “if she had not been his daughter he would have divorsed his wife and married her.” my sister took it as a great compliment and immediatly jumped in my dads arms and I soon saw them kissing each other and my dad moving his hands all over her as she continued to be in his arms. My mom removed her robe and jumped in water and came to me saying will you take care of me if dad divorsed her for some sexy girl. My Sister heard that and said comeon mom we were just joking saying which she also jumped in the shalow water of the pool and came to us and we three were in arms and what a moment of joy it was for all of us. My dad soon got his handy cam And soon started shooting as we jumped up and down in water and I showed my stunts and skills in swimming. Seeing my skills my sis was impressed and dicided to learn swimming from me from next day.
That evening as we had our dinner together dad started the VCR and played the Casset he had shot that day. It soon came to my notice that my bulge was clearly seen but good that dad focused more on my sister then on me else it would be quit embracing and if noticed by mom I would have lost the opportuinity of teaching my sis, the thought of teaching her and her sexy image on the TV soon gave me another hardon which some how i hid and rushed to toilet to jack Off. That entier night I could not sleep I held two soft pillows in my arms and one in my legs and immagined it to be my sis. I masterbated Four times That night. It made me so tired and exhausted that I woke up at 12 noon next day.

Continued in WonderBoy (Part III)

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