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School gone Bad

This story begins in Southern California on a hot day in June, were school is year long with breaks, every three months. Roni is 9 and living with his Aunt Val and Cousin Vonnie, because of his parents move to Mexico, for work and they wanted Roni to go to a good school. Roni was kind of excited living with his older cousin Vonnie, who was in High school. Vonnie was like a Big Sister to Roni or so he thought.
Starting school wasn’t so bad, and Roni mad good friends with a girl in his class named Lisa. A few months went by and things seemed o.k. Until one Friday at school Roni got in a fight over Lisa. He was sent to the principal’s office, were they called his aunt, to pick him up from school, for he had been suspended for 3 days. Roni was very scared, because he has never seen his Aunt Val mad, but knows how it was like when his Dad was mad. His Aunt finally picked him up, and Roni didn’t notice any anger on her face, so he just stayed quite not to arouse any anger.

When they reached the house, the only words that came out of his Aunt’s mouth was, “Your grounded go to your room and don’t come out”. So Roni made his way to his room and closed the door and feel asleep crying. Roni woke up later to the mumbles of his Aunt and Cousin talking, and no sooner did he wake up, His Aunt stormed in the room and said, “Roni for your punishment I have decided you will wear a dress to school after your expulsion is over”. Roni cried out, “No, No, please don’t make me wear a dress, everybody will make fun of me”. “You should have thought about that before you got in trouble”, she yelled as she slammed the door shut. Roni stood there in tears as he could here his cousin, gigging in excitement about Roni’s punishment.

Roni went back to his bed crying himself to sleep to be woken up later by a soft tap on the door and his cousin peeking through with a mysterious grin on here face. She walked in quietly and locked the door. It didn’t matter to Roni because he was not to leave his room until after his expulsion was up anyway, so he figured he might as well enjoy the company. She was carrying what looked like her school bag and the key to the room so nobody could come in. Roni got up out of the bed and went and sat down in a chair, he realized while he was sitting down that Vonnie his cousin was not much more taller than him, she was pretty short for a sixteen year old. In his horror Roni had flashbacks of borrowing some of her sneakers once, remembering that they fit him, realizing this made him think his situation wasn’t so good after all. Vonnie spoke while laying the backpack on the bed, “Roni I know about your punishment and I’m going to help you out and give you a few pointers before you go back to school. “Go in the bathroom and take off all your close and put these on”, she said holding up some nylon red panties. I slowly walked over to the bathroom holding the nylon red panties. When I finished undressing and had slipped on the nylon red panties, which felt cool and smooth against my skin, I came out of the bathroom, my cousin was sitting on the bed with a great big smirk on her face, and even though the humiliation was too much, it was company, and the panties felt so good, though I would never tell her that. She then had me sit next to her on the bed while she explained she was going to paint my nails red to match my panties, she continued to do my toes as well. She then coaxed me into putting on a cherry red dress, made of a smooth silk material, with nylon sleeves and neck. The only reason she got me to put it on was because she said if I do what she says she will get me out of my punishment, which sounds better than going to school in a dress. After putting the dress on and with the help of my cousin zipping up the back she told me to lay down and let my nails dry, after awhile of weeping, myself to sleep, I woke up with a tug on my arm. When I came to I noticed my feet first, they were covered in sparkly pink silk pantyhose riding up under my dress, I noticed that my legs were tied up with knee highs to the bed post, When I tried to wiggle my feet I noticed the cool sensation of my dress rubbing against my pantyhose. I looked up to see Vonnie putting the final touches in a knot in the knee high’s that bound my arms to the bedpost. She giggled at me and began pulling stuff out of her bag, She pulled out a makeup kit and began putting makeup on my face which no matter how much I struggled it didn’t help, after applying some red lipstick she put sparkles all over my face, my hair which was always kept shaved didn’t help situations, she pulled out a tube and read it a loud, “Wig adhesive holds for seven days”. Horror had just struck my face, as she poured it all over my head and applied a red wig on my head, my head felt cool and gooey. She smiled as she brought her bag down by my feet, and pulled a pair of red open toed high heels with straps, she than began to soak my feet in super glue and placed the heels on snuggly which felt very comfortable until she strapped them in a little to tight, I screamed from shock and she paused for a second before reaching in her bag for a tampon, which she shoved in my mouth and then applied tape over. “No we won’t have any more interruptions will we”? She said sternly. She then began to pull back my pink silky panty hose and my red nylon panties. She then pulled up my dress a little bit and applied more super glue between my legs, and pulled out another tampon and applied it over my privates. “There now you won’t have a bulge in your pretty panties”, she said smirking.

She then pulled my panties and pantyhose backup and began applying more super glue soaking the front of my legs covered in pantyhose and panties. “I’ll be back later after it dries”, she replied and left. Hours later she came back, while I was sleeping and had turned me over and applied the glue the same way, and on my zipper to my dress. Smiling she giggled, “Well now you can wear your pretty clothes all weekend, without worrying about changing”. “Don’t worry about going to the bathroom, I pulled your friend back so all you got to do is squat on the toilet like a good girl when you go potty, and when you take a bath, don’t worry the glue won’t come off, but be careful with your dress”. “Now your hair, I say we put it in pigtails, yes that sounds good.”
After she put my hair in pigtails she untied me and took the tape off my mouth. “Now have fun playing, I brought some dolls for you and left some makeup and nail polish in the bag for you, make sure you practicing walking around in your heels too for school, see you later”, she left locking the door. I was scared out of my mind what shall I do, I tugged at the shoes, which wouldn’t budge and I tried tugging at the pantyhose, but they wouldn’t move, I lay there crying myself to sleep.

Continued, come back next week for Roni’s first day at school

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