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The Neighbor

This story began on a hot summer evening when I was about 9 or 10. My friend and I raised rabbits and would often be seen entering each other’s backyard unescorted. This particular evening my friend and his sexy mom had left the house to go shopping and wouldn’t be back for several hours. I was feeding the rabbits when I stopped to peek into the garage hamper for a pair of her panties. Well didn’t find any but at that moment a naughty little thought entered my mind, why not check inside, no one will know.

I wrestled with the thought, tried the door, it was unlocked! My heart began to beat as I entered the house, so quiet, deserted, checked all the rooms, empty! I then made a beeline for the master bedroom, found the dresser, and checked the top drawer, Oh my goodness!

There in front of my eyes, all her finery! Panties, bras, slips, nighties, I was shaking from sexual excitement. I knew I had to try on her lingerie right then, so I stripped naked as fast as I could and reached in to feel the soft, silky, lacy under things right before my eyes. What caught my eye the most was a beautiful red and black baby doll nighty; I trembled as I gently lifted it out of the drawer. As it unfolded the matching bloomer panties fell out onto the carpet, gently brushing against my now rock hard penis sticking straight out. I slipped into the garment by holding the shoulder straps below my waist and stepping into it.

It was heavenly as the cool soft garment caressed my skin as I rubbed my hands over the nylon. I then slipped on the, what seemed like giant panties. I then laid on her bed and masturbated wildly while rubbing my hands all over the sexy garment, I them came to a tremendous orgasm and just laid there for several minutes, soaking in the moment. I then quickly dressed and put everything back as best I could. As I walked home in the dark I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced, it was the most erotic experience I would have for many years. I would visit that lingerie drawer several more times over that summer and beyond. I also visited other pretty lady’s undie drawers too.

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