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Sorcerer 2

Danielle smiled while she moved down his body… then took him inside her
mouth again to get him hard. Within minutes she succeeded and climbed
aboard his new erection. This time they sex was even louder.

Later on they lay back on her bed totally exhausted… and it was then that
he realized he hadn’t used protection.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked, hoping he hadn’t impregnated her.

“Nope… but don’t worry. I won’t get pregnant.” She replied, smiling…
still basking in the afterglow of their passion.

“Don’t you wish we did this sooner?” He asked, noting how satisfied she

“Not really.” She replied.

“Huh?” He responded, confused.

“Remember how I told you to be patient and that I wasn’t ready… You
should have listened.” She replied matter-of-fact like.

“You certainly weren’t complaining when I was slamming into you.” He
snapped back slightly angry.

“Oh… don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. Once you were inside of
me, I was all game.” She replied with a smile.

“Then wha…” He started to say before he suddenly felt strange… and
totally exhausted. A strange lassitude enveloped him, making it too
difficult to talk and just before he fell unconscious, he could have sworn
he heard Danielle giggling.


Chris woke with a ‘start’.

He felt incredible and could hear Danielle in the kitchen… a mere second
later he could smell breakfast.

Then he realized something… something felt different… very different…
and when he looked down he saw them. Two of them! Very large boobs
sticking straight-out his chest! Slowly, he cupped them… and gasped. He
felt their fullness and pinched his new sensitive nipples… and then he
looked down further and saw his new blonde hair and how it fell like a
curtain over his shoulders. He reached out and grabbed a handful to take a
closer look and it was then that he noticed his new feminine hands… and
arms. Fear spread through him like wildfire, as his eyes looked downward.

“Danielle!” He screamed out… then screamed out again when he heard his
new feminine voice. Instead of his usual equipment down between his new
legs, there was a small patch of blonde pubic hair and a perfectly formed

Quickly, he bounced out of bed and nearly lost his balance when he ran over
to the dresser mirror. “Oh God.” He whispered. Not only was he a girl
but he had also age regressed back to his mid teens!

“I’m beautiful.” He added, still whispering. His reflection screamed
‘knockout’ but he didn’t want to ‘be’ the girl reflected back at him but
instead wanted to fuck the girl reflecting back at him!

“Hi sweetie… how do you like the new you?” Danielle asked from the

“Thi… this is impossible!” He exclaimed. “What happened to me!?!” He
asked, frantically.

“I see you’ve grown a rather generous pair there.” Danielle giggled.

“This ain’t funny!” He shouted in fright.

“No more screaming sweetie… and I don’t want you to be upset.”

Suddenly, he felt a shifting of his feelings and a ‘calmness’ settling over
him. He looked back at Danielle with confusion.

“Now, let me explain… Thanks to a curse by my overprotective father, who
just so happens to be a Sorcerer, you’ve transformed into a very lovely
teenage girl… in fact, physically, you just turned 16.” Danielle stated,

“This is impossible… You only read about things like this on the net.”
He mumbled, still disbelieving, but no longer feeling stressed.

“If I weren’t a Sorcerer’s daughter, I’d have to agree with you, but the
fact of the matter is… I am… and you’re a very beautiful girl.”

“But why?” He asked, confused.

“Well… because my father has a warped sense of humor… but then again if
you had listened to me, none of this would have happened. My curse is now
you’re reality and you’ll remain female for the rest of your life.”

“But… but this can’t be.”

“It certainly can… and is… and it’s not like you’re the first
ex-boyfriend that’s turned into a girl. There’s Carla out in California…
and Cameron in Indianapolis… and a few others overseas but you are the
first one from Massachusetts. There is a plus, though, you’re in the
perfect geographical location to deal with this.”


“Land of the lesbos…”

“But… but…”

“Yes dear, you’re a lesbian now… unless you were gay before your
transformation. Think about it… now that you’re a girl, do you suddenly
want to make love to a guy?”


“Of course you don’t… because the curse merely feminizes you on the
outside. On the inside you’re still all male.”

Chris pondered what Danielle said in stunned silence.

“And trust me… you’ll much prefer a lovely female tongue getting you ‘off’
than having that new pussy of yours filled by some cock.”

He cringed at the thought of it. “Why wouldn’t you tell me… why did you
string me along? If I had known that I would turn into this I wouldn’t have
fucked you.” He mumbled.

“Yeah, like you really would have believed me… anyway, part of the curse
wouldn’t allow me to tell you. My father cursed me whereas the only man
that I can have sexual intercourse with without turning him into a girl is a
man that truly loves me and I him. I really do believe that I loved you…
or at least pretty damn near, but its obvious that you didn’t love me.
Anyway, now that you’re a girl, I know most definitely that I love you.”

“But… But this ain’t right.” He responded, quietly.

“Sorry… if you had given our relationship a little more time to develop,
it might have worked out but you fucked me instead.” She replied.

“But why didn’t you stop me?” He asked, not wanting to accept any of this.

“Look… What you did was rape me. I realize you truly thought that I’d
enjoy it and not get angry but the bottom line is that you were inside of me
before I awoke and that meant it was already too late.”

“Change me back.”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t… or you won’t?”

“I can’t… I have powers but my powers are different.”

“You mean I’m really stuck like this?”


“Let me talk to your father… I’ll convince him.”

“No. I would never disrespect my father and allow that. My father’s word
is final.”

“What? You can’t stop me from talking to him.”

“Yes I can… I’m sorry I won’t allow it.”

“I may be a teenager on the outside, but I’m still me on the inside. I’m
going to talk to him.”

“Christina… sit down on the bed.”

Chris had no intentions of complying, but for some reason he walked over to
the bed and sat down.

“Good girl.” Danielle complimented him with a smile.

“My name is Christopher.” He responded… then added. “And I’m not a good
girl, I’m a pissed off man.”

“From now on your name is Christina Marie Templar. You’re my niece and I
have legal guardianship over you… and I beg to differ, you’re a good

Chris felt another shift in him.

“Now, what’s your name?” Danielle asked.

“Christina Marie Templar.” He replied in a sweet voice. “No, wait. My
name is Christina… I mean Christina.” No matter how many times he tried
calling himself Christopher, he couldn’t say the name.

“Who are you related to?”

“I’m your niece… and you’re my legal guardian.”

“You see how easy that was? You’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” He softly whispered and then blushed.

“Now Christina, as my niece you love me very, very much. In fact, you love
me more than you ever loved anyone ever before… I’m everything to you and
you’re just a scared little girl without me.”

Chris felt a shifting of his emotions and now understood what type of powers
Danielle possessed… but despite knowing that the feelings she generated
were artificial, they still felt very real… and she loved Danielle so
very, very much.

“You also have another love for me… a different type of love… not like a
niece usually loves their aunt, but sexually. Because of the way you feel,
you will constantly feel ‘wet’ down there inside of your sweet virginal

Chris’s blush took on a deep red shade from the feelings coming from his new
female anatomy.

“You’ll learn to accept how you feel and someday we’ll be lovers again.”

He sat there listening to every word and could actually feel the shifting
and everything taking hold. Danielle’s father may have physically turned
him into a girl, but Danielle was making him respond like a girl.

“Last thing… From here on your personality is docile and subservient in
nature and you’ll find yourself feeling very compliant any time anyone tells
you to do something… this includes all the new friends you’ll meet in your
new life.”

“Yes Aunt Danielle.” He whispered… sounding sweet and docile. A tidal
wave of artificial feelings made it impossible for him to act out.

“Good girl.” Danielle replied, grinning… and damn-it-all if he didn’t
feel a surge of pleasure from her compliment.


Chris still felt strange every time he looked in the mirror. Outwardly, he
was as feminine, girlish, and docile as they come… and he couldn’t get
over how ‘wet’ he became every time he was with Danielle.

In the last week before graduating Hadley High School, his girlfriend,
Jeanie Seavers, came out of the closet to seduce him. Of course, she
thought she was seducing a very beautiful girl. Given his docile
personality, she succeeded, so every day for that last week of school,
Jeanie licked her pussy… and boy did he ever cum. In fact, he couldn’t
recall ever coming this hard when he was a man.


The night before he was to attend his first day at Smith College (where
else), Danielle asked him if he wanted to experience what girls experienced
with boys.

“God, no.” he replied, scared to death of even the thought of being fucked
by a guy. He knew that if Danielle chose, she could make him start craving
cock with the snap of her fingers.

“Then are you ready to start thinking of yourself as a girl?”

Chris knew that if he did, it would mean losing part of his old self, but he
also figured it would make his life easier. “Yes. I think I’d like that.”
He replied in his soft subservient voice.

Danielle waved her hand in front of his face… and suddenly SHE felt a
slight tingling inside her pussy. Christina wasn’t sure what Danielle had
done, but something did feel different and she giggled.

“I also have a present for you.”

“Oh goodie!” She exclaimed, excited. Quickly, she opened up the box…
“It’s a necklace!” She cried out with joy.

“Not just any necklace… but one identical to mine… see.” Danielle

Christina looked at Danielle’s necklace for a second and then back to her
own. “It’s beautiful… Please help me put it on!” She giggled with

“Remember in your previous life when we met in Blockbuster? Remember those
blonde girls that suddenly started to kiss and make out?”

“Yes.” She whispered, remembering it vividly… while still admiring how
the necklace looked.

“This necklace made them act that way… all I did was will them to be
sexually attracted to one another… that simple.”

“Are they still… lovers?” She asked, remembering how hot they looked

“Most certainly are.” Danielle smiled. “And now, finally, we’re ready for
the next step in our own relationship.”

Christina knew exactly what this meant, ran over, and hugged her. Then they
kissed and she nearly swooned when Danielle cupped her perfectly sized ass
cheeks. She could actually feel herself leaking down the insides of her
thighs and they proceeded to make love all night… over and over and over


“Hi.” A soft voice startled her from behind.

She turned and nodded to the very beautiful redhead walking beside her as
they proceeded up the steps to Smith College.

It was always like that… beauty attracts beauty.

“First year?” She asked, smiling.

“Yes.” Christina replied with her own smile.

“Me too!” The redhead responded.

Christina wondered if this girl might be hitting on her.

“My name’s Stephanie.” The girl said while extending her hand.

“Christina.” She replied.

Then at the precise moment their hands touched, she willed the ‘hot’ redhead
a jolt of pure pleasure and watched with amusement as Stephanie eyes lit up
with shocked arousal.

“Stephanie, are you alright?!?” She asked, hoping that she wasn’t too strong
with her ‘push’.

“No… ah… yes. I just felt something strange.” She replied.

She smiled at Stephanie thinking she looked ever so pretty… especially
when she was flush from arousal.

“I… I don’t know what happened.” She mumbled… smiling bashfully.

She giggled and reached down to take Stephanie’s hand… initially,
Stephanie tried pulling back but her expression softened, relaxed, and then
she gladly accepting her hand.

Christina looked upon her new friend and smiled… while Stephanie looked
back at her with… desire.

The End.

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