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School Gone Bad 2

It’s been two days now, with no hope off getting the heels off, I can’t get the sparkling pink pantyhose off either, nor the red pigtail wig, or the cherry red dress. I didn’t know what to do, as I walked back an forth with the dress bottom swooshing up against my pantyhose it felt so cool and refreshing, I hate to admit it but, for the most part the girly clothes feel pretty comfortable. I still was not going to school like this though. So I made up my mind, I grabbed my cousin’s bag that she left behind, threw in a few things and slung it over my back. I snuck over to the window and slowly pried it open. Since it looked out over the backyard, there was a good chance that my cousin and Aunt would not see me. I slowly maneuvered through the window catching my heel in the door and feel on my ass, hitting the ground. I dusted my pretty dress off and noticed a tear in my hose. I didn’t have time to worry about that now though it was time to run. I had decided I would runaway instead of going to school like this. After a few hours and the last hinting of any moon I ran into what appeared to be a hooker.

“Hey doll face were is your mommy”, the hooker asked? “In Mexico”, I said. She than gave me a questionable look as if she wasn’t sure if my voice added up with my costume. “Well do you have a place to go”, she asked. “No not really, I just ran away from my Aunt and Cousin.”, I said scornfully. “Well my name is Jamie what’s your name pretty” , she asked. “I’m not pretty and my name is Roni”, I shouted. “Well Roni why are you wearing that dress, and have your hair in pigtails” Jaime asked? “Never mind come with me”, and she grabbed my hand as we walked to a house nearby. Once inside she had me sit down and I explained the whole thing to her bursting out into tears. She gave me a room to stay in although she did lock it, but I felt better, so I thought. I tugged at the pantyhose which were ripped now and painfully got them off all except were my feet were enclosed with the heels and I managed to pull back the panties and remove the tampon, which felt like such a relief, and for the first time ever my penis felt strangely weird and longer and kept bulging out of my panties. Every time I tried to put it back I would get a wonderful sensation from touching my penis. So I kept touching it and playing with it until it spit at me, which was the greatest feeling I have ever had. At that same moment Jaime came in. “Oh aren’t you being a bad little girl ripping up your pretty pantyhose and making a mess all over your dress.” “I think I have just the thing for you”, and with that she smiled and left once more locking the door. I didn’t care I was tired so I took a nap only to be waken up to tight restriction on my groin area. When I came to she had put my privates in chastity with a lock. “Now we won’t have anymore messes will we”, she replied. I looked in horror as my penis had been constricted in this device, also pulling it back to the point were you could almost not see it.

She then smiled at me and said I would make a perfect play toy for her and put a rag over my face, which knocked me out completely. When I woke up with a major headache. I noticed that my heels were gone and that I had a new pair of white pantyhose on and a pink poodle dress, and from the corner of my eyes I could see pink ribbons in my hair. I also noticed I was strapped to the bed without anyway of budging. I kept thinking to myself, that this has gotten way out of hand. I tried to scream but noticed my mouth was sealed shut with what seemed to be some type of glue. I looked up and notice my self in a mirror right above the bed, I looked like a little girl, my lips had been painted a dark red, I had pink ribbons all over my hair and pink cheeks and earrings. I kept thinking to myself this Jaime chic is a psycho. When I looked up again I notice someone coming inside. “Hi my pretty little Roni, I have a confession, a hobby you could say I kidnap little boys and play with them and when I get bored add them to my doll collection, hopefully your not boring”. I shook my head no, as she smiled and shut the door and looked it behind her. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

Continued next week, what happens next you never know

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