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The Meetup

We have been chatting for months now. You’re obsessed with me. You mail me toys. You propose to me every day. We finally meet up, in a hotel which you’ve paid for. I have every toy that you’ve sent me right here in my gym bag. 

You’ve already checked us in. We make our way to the room, i feel your eyes check out my ass as we go up the stairs. My body tingles a bit with excitement. “I’ve waited MONTHS, for this” i think. We get to the door & you lead me in, locking it behind me. You kiss me passionately and push me towards the bed.

I sit down and you’re still standing penis at eye level..  you pull it out. All i see is your cock. I’ve seen it before (everyday, actually) it’s nothing new. But it is? It’s actually here. In real life, finally. All for me to worship. But first; You pull out the app controlled vibrator you bought me, and make me put it on. Turning it on a medium vibe so i can get all juiced up while i suck you down. 

I’m on my knees, spread eagle, head bowed  arms back. In the submit position. Wearing my vibrator on my clit. Pussy just throbbing, starting to moisten up. You lift my chin up and tell me I’m your slut. Your lil snap whore, your cumslut. You ask me if this is what I’ve been waiting for? As you rub your cock on my face. 

I savor it, and take is all in. Throwing out my tongue to lap it up (hopefully) if you happen to bless me. You don’t, on the contrary.. I’ve caught your attention. “I fucked around and now imma find out” i think. Now, I’m scared, terrified actually, but oh so turned on. My nipples harden a bit, as my shoulders tremble my tittys jiggle a lil. You shoot me a firm look and ask “Did i say you could stick your pretty, slutty little tongue out?”

“You wanna taste something?” You bend over and tell me “taste me like you said you’ve been dreaming about”. I quickly dive in nose deep. I lick you up and down, swirl my tongue in circles, slurp you up, sticking my tongue deep in you. Tongue fucking your ass as i spread your cheeks. I hear you moan with pleasure, i see your cock getting harder and harder. I wanna touch it so bad.. but i wouldn’t dare, not without permission.. but how? I decide to just be bold and ask.  

“Ay Lemme hit that” i say, we both laugh and you shove your cock in my mouth. “You got jokes huh you hoochie” you say as you Fuck my mouth. I love it. I put my all into it. Sucking you up and down, i swallow your cock in my mouth and down my throat. I swirl my tongue on the head as it’s in my mouth. I feel it twitch a lil, as you let out a lil moan. I slide my hand up your thigh and your ass cheeks. I slide a finger in your ass as i take you deeper in my mouth. I glance up at you with my blue eyes, making eye contact as i slide another finger in, sliding them both deeper into you. 

We like to play like you’re in control, but i am the one in control, at this point and my only focus is to make you feel amazing. I fingerfuck your hole and suck you off, adding a 3rd finger, i feel your cock swell even more in my mouth. I hear you “Fuck yeah bitch take this cock..” i take it all harder as you Fuck my face. You pull out and bust all over my face letting your hot load drip down onto my boobs. I rub it into my nipples and my face, i lick my fingers clean and rub some on your dick. As i suck you some more before i pull out the next toy. 

I feel the vibration on my clit intensifying. You’re fucking with me, and i fukkin love it. I strap on the strap you bought me. I make you suck on it and beg for it. I say “you want me to Fuck your lil hole, daddy? ..Does daddy wanna be fuckedddd?” Come here i motion with my finger. I have you lay down on your back as i lube up my pink strap on. It’s glistening and i ask if you like it? If you wanna feel it. You can’t even answer before I’m sliding into you. I look you in the eyes, penetrating your soul as i slide deeper. I pull back a lil and slide even further in as you let out a moan of relief. You’ve wanted this for so long, i can see how happy you are. I feel you grab my tittys. My pussy begins to drip as i feel your cock harden in front of me. I watch you go to touch it and i slap your hand away.  I slide in deeper and say “aht aht aht not until i say so” i rub your balls and i see your cock is hard as Fuck. I watch a lil pre cum leak out i swipe it up with my finger and stick out my tongue and lick it off as i shake my tittys at you, and shoot you a smile and thrust in again. 

Finally i take off the strap, the vibrator and i rub your cock before i suck on the head, swallowing you whole, as i sit on your face and you eat my juicy pussy til i cum in your mouth. I grind my creamy pussy all on your face as i suck your cock until you cum in my mouth and i swallow your load, licking your cock clean. I look back at you laying there, between my legs on the bed. “Nice to meet you” i say. 

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