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Laura the Counselor

I began seeing Laura shortly after my divorce. It was very easy to talk to her and we seemed to “hit it off”. I talked freely about many feelings and although I had never been in counseling before, I began to feel that Laura was telling me more about her feelings and personal life than a counselor ordinarily does. As we probed deeper and deeper into my life, the inevitable question arose. Should I reveal the BIG secret? The idea of telling her excited me. Whenever the subject of pee or peeing comes up in conversation, I watch closely the reactions of others, hoping I can detect some hint of interest. I always “innocently” keep the conversation going as long as I can, sort of dangle the bait to see if I get a nibble. I imagined what Laura’s possible responses might be were I to reveal my secret outright. I had no doubts she would maintain a professional demeanor, but I was concerned that our quasi-friendship might end. Would she view this as a serious problem and me as no more than a disturbed patient?

When I finally told her, she seemed almost…the only word I can think of is “pleased”. She asked how long I had been doing it and my thoughts and feelings about it. I told about my having wet the bed until I was twelve and then discovered the pleasures of self-peeing in my early twenties. She asked if my wetting was always accompanied by masturbation, the answer to which is yes.

The following Tuesday night Laura called me at home and said that she couldn’t make it to her office the following evening and would I meet her at her house. I was curious about Laura’s request. Meeting a counselor at her house seemed odd to me.

When I arrived Laura greeted me and showed me to the combined office-den. I sat on a sofa and Laura sat in a black fake- leather chair.

” I will come right to the point”, Laura started. “I can longer see you as a client”.

I was stunned. And even more so by what she said next.

” The reason is because I would rather get to know you on a more personal basis, and with what I’m about to do, I must end our professional relationship. Agreed?”

I was more than a bit confused but curious about what she meant. I nodded and Laura smiled.

” Now then, I have something to tell you. I have been sitting here sipping coffee all afternoon waiting for this moment. I haven’t used the bathroom since before lunch and any minute I am going to wet my panties.”

I can’t remember what I said. All I can remember is being transfixed on this studious looking counselor in her yellow dress. Laura removed her glasses and hiked her dress under her bottom and revealing her white cotton panties. She looked down at her crotch and remained silent and still for about a minute. Then I heard a hissing sound as a little puddle of urine began to form between her legs. The sound began to fall away as Laura looked up at me and smiled. Then, with a faint moan, the hissing resumed, this time louder and the pool began to fill until it spilled over Laura’s tangled pubic hair. I hurried off the sofa, knelt between her knees, and began to nibble and lick her salty, pee-soaked hair and pussy. Laura moaned and lifted her bottom slightly. As she did the pool disappeared. I sucked Laura’s clit with a passion I had never known, savoring the mixture of Laura’s natural juices and her fresh piss.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God”. Over and over until she came to a shattering climax. She smiled and kissed passionately before declaring, “Now it’s your turn”. She didn’t have to say it twice. I stood up and removed my jeans. She squeezed my cock gently through my briefs. Then I peed, a long, strong, steady, stream. The warm pee quickly soaked my briefs and rivulets streamed down my legs forming a puddle between my feet. Laura pulled my briefs down to my knees causing my dick to spray my pee all over her dress. After almost a minute of pissing my stream trickled to a halt and Laura wrapped her lips around my dick. She had hardly begun to caress me with her tongue when I exploded in her mouth.

Breathless, we clung to eat other in a moment of sublime ecstasy. We had hardly had time to savor the experience when Laura glanced up at the wall clock.

“Oh my god. I have patients to see. But I think you will need more therapy”, she said with a wink. We cleaned up and left but I did indeed have many more sessions with Laura and today I believe choosing counseling was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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