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'P' is for Perks

Sally was my best friend and, occasionally, my lesbian lover, although we both considered ourselves single. I knew she starting to notice my sudden increase in personal spending on luxury items, but when I invited her to join me on a Caribbean vacation I knew she suspected. She casually confronted me with it as we sipped our first tall cool ones in the bar of the resort hotel.

So how is it that someone who used to live modestly like me can suddenly afford all this stuff? She asked. I decided that I had held my secret long enough. I needed to share it with someone, and who better? Remember way back when we first met and I told you about this guy I once dated in college? You know, the one who was into the golden shower thing? Oh yeah, replied Sally with a chuckle. Wasn’t he your last serious fling before you came out of the closet?

Yes, that’s him. I replied. Anyway, blah blah blah, and now he’s a rich bastard, you know, one of those tidy suits living the high life. Anyways, he still got his thing for golden showers you see, except he is not seeing anyone now and doesn’t want to do the hooker thing. Too dirty he says. Sally rolls her eyes. So he ends up looking me up again last year and we got together and got talking and we ended up working out a deal.

No way! Sally exclaims. He’s paying you to piss for him? Oh boy, now you got to start telling me details girl!

Ok, so here is how it got started. I didn’t really know what to expect other than he was going to drink my pee at some time and that he would make it very worth my while. He asked me what my favorite movie was and my favorite beer also. I could figure out what the beer was for. We set a date and a few days before hand, a package came in the mail. I was a complete new outfit with sexy stockings, garter, heels, and a rather expensive dress to boot. At first I thought this was his idea of worthwhile, but I had no idea. A note instructed me to wear the outfit and have several cups of coffee before showing up at his place.

When I got there, he invited me in and we proceeded to a small movie studio in the basement. The room was empty of chairs except for a small odd looking chair that looked more like an exercise machine or perhaps one of those ergonomic chairs. We chatted a little, had some wine. I took off the dress, leaving the heels and stockings. Then he asked me if I was ready for showtime. By now I was squirming on my heels. Two coffees and two wines and my bladder was full. He explained what he wanted to happen and we got on with it. The chair was designed for me to sit forward, on my knees in a crouched position something like if I were squatting to pee, but with a front pad to rest my chest and neck in. Actually, it is a very comfortable chair. So I mount the chair and he gets into position underneath. He is tucked away down there with his mouth right under my gaping pussy, but I don’t really know he is there, except for his hot breath. He doesn’t lick me or touch me in any !
way. There is nothing sexual between us, even though I can look down and see his naked body poking out the front underneath the chair and watch his throbbing cock.

So, as soon as I climb on I have to go, and so I let he go. I can hear my piss bubbling as it fills his mouth and splashing on his face as he swallows, he cock thrusting to the rhythm of my pee gushes. When I’m done, I turn on the flick and relax. The beer is right there, munchies too and smokes. All within reach. So for the next 2 hours, I sit there chugging beer and pissing like a racehorse. And the thing is, he is loving every minute of it. After the show is over, I take one last piss and I look down and he is wacking off. Next thing, cum is flying everywhere. When it’s over, I get off and get dressed. He takes a minute to freshen up and then sees me out. At the door, he hands me $500. Imagine that. $500 just for watching a movie, getting loaded and pissing without leaving my seat. Hard to take eh?

Wow! Sally was stunned. I’m speechless, she said. What a story! Yeah, it is that. I replied. Now I see him regurlarly, usually 2 or 3 times a month, depending on when he is in town. It’s always the same thing. He’s got great connections you know. I even get to see new releases before they hit the video stands.

Hey wow again! Sally said. So how many ‘visits’ did it take to pay for this trip? She asked.

Oh only one! I said. But you see, it was an extra special night for him, at least in his eyes, and he sprung for the trip right out of the blue.

Oh, and what was so extra special about it?

Later sally, I said. That’s another story. Let’s go for a swim.

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