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Love to Pee

Our trip to NY was wonderful but six long hours in the car was starting to get to my bladder. This is a true story and I hope you get wet reading it…

As I began to feel the pressure I knew that we had to stop soon. I have always loved to push my bladder to the limit. The feel of needing to pee is so erotic. As we drive along I let my hubby know that we need to pull over. We usually drive the back roads to avoid the interstate traffic although bathrooms are few and far between. Jim loves to watch me pee so I make sure I always keep drinking for him and he does the same for me. We are both becoming desperate and I am grabbing my crotch to keep from wetting myself. We pull off the road to a group of trees and we both jump out. We’re far off the main road and it’s beautiful out here. I’m dying to pee and I can feel my bladder aching. Jim lets me go first. love to stand when I pee and see it spurt out of me. I have a strong stream and can contol it pretty well. I pull up my skirt and pull my panties aside. Jim walks up to me and kneels so he can get a better view. The first stream rushes out hot and fast. I sigh from the relief. Jim places his finger in the stream. I stop peeing and with the urgency gone I can hold the rest for now. Jim has his dick out and is trying to pee but he’s so hard from watching me pee he’s having trouble. Finally his pee jets out of him in a long arc. I love to watch him pee. I take his penis and hold it to direct his pee. I love to play this way and send his pee in all directions. Soon he slows to a trickle and it’s my turn again. He says he wants a drink so I spead my legs wide and he puts his mouth on my pee hole. Soon I’m filling his mouth and he’s trying hard to swallow it all. My pee is usually colorless from all the liquids I drink so what he gets looks like water. He removes his head and the rest of my pee goes to the ground. Finally relieved we jump back in the car and head down the road.

As we drove along I continued to drink and enjoy the sights. Around lunchtime we decide to stop by a picnic area and eat. The stream ran within a 100yards of the picnic table and the sound of the water was really starting to make my bladder ache. Jim packed up the cooler and other supplie as I headed to the water’s edge. He came up behind me, put his arms around me and said “I’m thirsty”. I’m so glad you said that I’m about ready to burst. I found a large boluder and removed my shorts. He helped me up on the boulder and I spread my legs wide and moved my panties aside. Using two fingers I made a V and spread my pussy wide open so he could see my aching pee hole. He began to run his finger around the hole. As it contracted from his touch I begged him to let me pee. At this point I was ready to explode. Not yet he told me and continued to circle the hole. He knelt down on his knees, unzipped his fly and removed his cock. With one hand he rubbed himself and with the other dipped his finger in my wet slit. I knew I couldn’t wait much longer and felt a small leak of pee escape my hole. He ran his tounge over the hole and told me I could let it run out. I relaxed my muscles and waited for the wonderful feeling of releif to wash over me. At first only a small drop came out but then I pushed with my muscles and a stream hit him in the chin. He laughed, clamped his mouth over my hole and began to suck the pee out of me. I was pee and feeling like I wanted to cum all at the same time. The feeling of him sucking the pee out of me was just to good. Pee was running out of his mouth and down his chin and I just had to keep going. As my bladder emptied I was getting wetter and hotter all the time. Finally my pee stopped and he stood up and wiped his lips. Man was that pee hot. It felt so good hitting my tounge. I sat up and began playing with my clit while I waited for my drink. He positioned himself so his cock was near my mouth and let off a strong stream. I lapped at it like a waterfountain. I love the taste of his pee, salty and sweet all at the same time. His cock was half hard and I popped it in my mouth. The jet was so strong I almost gagged. I let it run down my chin and circled the pee hole with my tounge. Just before he finished he squirted a few jets that hit the back of my throat. He removed his cock and I continued to play with my pussy. He began rubbing his cock and telling me how much he loved my pee. He told me to spread my legs wide so he could see me come. When I come I get a gush of fluid that runs out. It’s clear and kind of watery. He loves to see it gush out of me. I’m gonna cum I tell him and he rubs his cock harder. I can see the head of his cock is all wet and he looks about ready to cum too. I feel it build and know I’m gonna cum any second. My eyes are on his hand beating his hard cock. Then the world melts awaya and I cum with wonderful spasms of pleasure. The fluid runs out of my pussy and pools below my buns. The sight of me cumming sends him over the edge and his cum lands in great spurts on my cunt. We both smile, use some stream water to wash up and head out for the next leg of our journey.

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