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Personal Piss Shower

I enjoy good sex, but like most horny bisexual guys, I like to get myself off between fucks and jizz loads. One day quite by accident I discovered that one of the best ways to do this is with a personal piss shower.

Let me tell you the story. It was a hot summer day and I had taken a day off from work. I was just dressed in my shorts, and I went to my backyard to water my garden. I was carefully directing the hose onto my flowers and tomatoes when suddenly, I felt my morning coffee going right through me. Maybe it was the hissing of the hose, but I began to cut loose a stream of piss right down my shorts. The feeling of the warmth trickling down my leg and the raunchy aroma of golden piss were irresistible. I soaked my shorts until I had a puddle by my own feet.

It just felt so right relieving my self in this manner and I began to get an intense hard-on. I squeezed my cock and balls right through the piss-saturated shorts to get the full effect of my soaking. Playing with myself through the fabric, I coaxed the last drops of piss out of my dick, until I was too excited to release any more urine. Then, I pinched my nipples and tits and took out my now-hard dick. I dropped the hose, and jacked myself off right on the spot. The piss lubed me nicely. I licked my fingertips and tasted my own stuff. Then it became so intense that I found myself shooting an incredible cum load right on the ground. It was so fine!

Since then, I’ve found plenty of piss variations to light my fire. One of my favorites is to soak a particularly old pair of brief by cutting loose in the shower. As the wet spot expands over my underwear, it soaks and warms my balls, then slowly trickles down my leg. It’s a lot more fun than pissing without underwear on. Of course, then I take off my shorts, squeeze them out over my cock, or suck on them to get a tasty, salty sample while I jack myself off. This releases the flavor on my tongue and usually brings on a thoroughly satisfying orgasm. I love to fantasize about being pissed on.

Unfortunately, I only met one guy who was into that. He pissed in my mouth in the balcony of my favorite adult movie theatre. Sometimes I think about pissing parties, and think about being surrounded by several guys who are recycling their beer all over me. As I jack my cock, I imagine them saturating my face, my chest, and of course my dick. They drench me, then stuff the cocks in my face so I can lick them off and then give each guy an incredible suck job. In my mind, I am covered with piss and cum like a filthy pig, and then one guy uses his piss to lube up and fuck me up the ass. Then after I’ve sucked off the other guys, then finish their piss in my face. Or, I fantasize about making it with some guy and his wife. After we fuck our brains out, and use every hole possible, both the guy and his lady empty their pissloads on my face while I jack off.

This always gives me a great daydream hard-on. Sometimes, I’ll sit on the toilet, and fill up one or two bathroom cups with piss. I can then smell, taste and savor my own ëgolden oldie’ while I jack off or read some gay letters in Manscape about glory holes, T-rooms, or other people’s golden shower experiences. If I’m in the mood, I’ll either pour the contents of the cup over my own cock and balls to experience the warmth, or save it for the shower to let it run down my leg.

Another favorite piss game is to lie down in the shower stall, put my legs up and my face down so my cock is aimed right at my face. Then I close my eyes and relax until my cock unleashes a delicious load right at my face. I slurp it down and then with my hands, drink up the pool of golden stuff that accumulates in my belly and chest. I fantasize about someone–man or woman–taking over when my bladder is empty. At this point I get a raging hard-on and stroke myself until I cum. Then, I mix the piss with the cum to get a delicious treat.

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