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Rita had to go for her annual pap & pelvic exam. The nurse was also going to check out other things. Rita was the last one to be seen that day. She arrived at 10:50, 10 minutes before her appointment time. She filled out the necessary paperwork, waited in the lobby, & read a magazine while waiting to be called on. At 11:15 she was still waiting & needed to pee but decided to wait just in case the nurse needed for her to take a urine sample. Rita had drunk a bottle of water that morning after her jog & was very thirsty. Another 10 minutes went by so she asked the receptionist how much longer it’d be & was told only a few more minutes. Rita figured “a few more minutes” meant only a couple of minutes or so. She continued waiting & finish reading the magazine article.

She was called on 5 minutes later by the nurse. The nurse wanted first for Rita to check her blood pressure. Rita wanted to pee so badly but didn’t want to interfere in the nurse’s routine. So finally after waiting another 3 minutes she had her blood pressure taken & was finished with that part. Then the nurse said that she had to check on another patient who was waiting for her & that she’d only be a few minutes.

Rita waited another five minutes before the nurse appeared telling her that she could now go into the examination room. She was led in & told to undress & that she, the nurse, would be back soon to perform the exam.

Rita was in dire need to pee! She waited five minutes again & still the nurse hadn’t shown up. Rita still hadn’t fully undressed, she had on her panties & bra. She distracted herself with the pamphlets & posters but they kept referring to the female body. And she was a female & her body wanted to release pee at that moment.

She stopped reading, closed her eyes, & concentrated on something else. All she could smell were the smells of the exam room. By that point she was willing to pee into the trash can but decided that the nurse would know it was her & Rita didn’t want to have to explain that to her.

Seconds seem to go by like years. There was a bathroom in the exam room & Rita knew that if she held it much longer she’d burst. She opened the door, went in, & found there were urine specimen cups. She decided that if she was going to pee that she might as well take a sample in case the nurse needed it.

She in dire need to peeing that she couldn’t even sit down! She was hurting badly from holding her pee in. So she decided to do what she did when she went camping.

She pulled her panties to one side, spread her vaginal lips apart, positioned her fingers where she could get a good steady stream, put the cup where her pee would go into it, took a deep breath, exhaled, & let it out! Her clear pee didn’t drip anywhere but went straight to the cup & well beyond but Rita was enjoying the release too much to care. She eventually moved the cup aside but continued to pee for a full 4 minutes! Relaxed, confident, & satisfied Rita enjoyed the last of her release… or so she thought. She had now just realized that while she was peeing the nurse had been watching her for the last 3 minutes because in her hurry, Rita had forgotten to close the bathroom door! She felt the desire come again so she set the cup down on a towel. She had drunk a lot of water earlier that morning & wanted so desperately to pee again. The nurse watched Rita in amazement & wondered how easily Rita could pee without the pee hitting the floor. Rita was relaxed once more & moaned slightly while peeing for another 3 minutes. All the while the nurse observed her in great awe!

When Rita’s stream began to diminish & she knew she was at the end she wiped herself & washed up. She apologized to the nurse about her peeing but said that she had managed to collect a good urine sample, a clear one! Rita explained how badly she had to pee because of the water she had drunk earlier. The nurse said that she was glad that Rita “relieved” herself without closing the door because the nurse now learned something new: no matter where a woman is she’ll always find a way & place to relax & enjoy release!

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