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The Professionals

I have had many, many watersports experiences with many prostitutes over the past five or six years.

Most professionals will accommodate this urge, but of course it is best if you notify them an hour or so beforehand, so they can prepare by drinking something. This can be a problem when contacting someone for the first time- they just don’t want you to mention this over the phone. Some quasi-legit “massage”-type places thus don’t have the facility to notify their girls in advance, or to arrange for sessions with specific girls who have turned out to be good or appropriate WS partners.

Almost every girl will view this as an extra service, to be charged above the usual session rate. For the most part I have paid from $50.00- $100.00 extra for a golden shower, but have been asked for as much as $300.00 (more on this below). And then from time to time there’s that girl who just happens to have to pee at the time you ask her, and doesn’t even think to charge extra for it.

Some professionals assume that a client who is into WS is a de facto submissive or masochist. This certainly isn’t the case for me. I still remember a session with a woman who deliberately loaded up on fruit juice, knowing this would provide a foul-smelling product. She seemed really surprised that I just wasn’t into this.

Others will prepare with coffee for its diuretic power, which produces a nasty pee. Women who I’ve spent a few sessions will drink water for me- the result is bland but predictable and often copious. It also won’t stink you up much if you can’t shower immediately afterwards.

Some girls just can’t do it- they want to pee for you but have shy bladders. They usually get frustrated and more than a bit pissed off. (Sorry.) Some girls tense up so they can only dribble, some have small bladders and can never manage more than about a cup of urine. Others can really hit you hard with a free flow of warm, intimate pee, gushing from deep inside themselves. Some can comfortably cut the flow off if requested for purposes of fun or adjustment, others will get quite irate at the request. Some -have- to squat to start, others can spread their legs while lying on their backs and release a strong stream with little concern for what it hits on its way out.

In some places it turns out to be appropriate to bring along a gym bag
with a couple of towels to help control the mess.

I love to have a woman pee on me, and love to watch her pussy while it happens and watch the warm urine flow from her body. For me the best two positions to enjoy this have been:

(A) A “69” position wherein the girl’s pussy is right over my face and I have, in some odd way, a certain privacy, as I watch and wait for her to release her flow. You can see her pussy flex as she readies herself to pee. A girl once gave me head in this position while she fingered my ass and peed on me: it was an unbelievably fulfilling experience. Flexible kid, that one.

(B) The woman stands or squats facing me and again, pees over my face. In this case, if she’s enthusiastic about what she’s doing, the two of you can share a wonderful experience. I have dealt with girls who have developed their aim in this regard, and who enjoy making a game of directing their stream where they (or you) want it to go. If this is a first session and you’re not sure that the girl is able to enjoy the experience, this position can be a bit embarrassing, but if you’ve been with her a few times and see she’s gotten into peeing, it can be great fun.

One exception to these two positions came with a very young (18 year old) prostitute I saw, just once, in a “Health Spa” one night. She was a petite, attractive hispanic girl with a tight firm body who had just started in the business and turned out to have few inhibitions about what she did in a session.

She had agreed to pee for me- this would be the first time for her with anyone- but couldn’t seem to get the flow going. We paused for a while and shortly I noticed that she had started working her pussy, particularly the mons, quite vigorously. This reminded me of what I’d seen women do in female ejaculation videos and I asked her what she was up to. She told me she was going to try to have an orgasm like the ones she’d learned to accomplish one night just a few weeks before. She said that she’d been sitting in a chair downstairs in her parents’ house, idly playing with herself while watching TV when, as her excitement increased, by using this method of vigorous mons/clit stimulation she had an ejaculatory orgasm which she described as much deeper and more exciting than those she’d experienced without ejaculation. She said that if she couldn’t pee at the moment perhaps her ejaculation might serve as a sort of substitute.

I couldn’t believe my luck. This woman/child -wanted- to come for me: to come hard and strong. The evening developed into one of the most intimate and rewarding sex experiences I’ve ever had, as she sat nude on the massage bench, legs apart, working on her sweet young pussy with great concentration and increasing pleasure. I cuddled next to her, feeling her excitement grow, suckling and licking on her small firm breasts, stroking her body and nuzzling her neck while stroking my own rock-hard dick and telling her in every way I could think of how sexy she was and how much pleasure this was giving me.

As she neared her climax I realized that having her come while seated on the massage table wasn’t going to give me the intimacy I desired- I wanted to have her pussy right in front of me when she came. We decided the best way to have this happen would be for her to squat over my chest facing me while she climaxed, so we moved into that position on the floor.

I lay there, stroking myself as I watched this incredible young woman work her beautiful shaved pussy in front of me. Her legs were spread wide before me and her body arched up and away from my face. It took her a while to regain the level of excitement she’d had before we stopped, and as she worked I got to enjoy watching her methodically, intently rub the flesh that covered her clitoris, grunting to herself with effort and pleasure.

Looking up I could see her sweet small breasts, firm with excitement, her nipples hard and taut, and on her face the intense look of concentration that overcomes a woman who is working herself to climax. Eventually she tired of squatting and had to lower her ass onto my chest, and while this was a bit uncomfortable it was something I gladly put up with for the pleasure we both were experiencing.

Soon she reached the point of no return. Her head rolled back and forth as she rubbed on her cunt, and she muttered and moaned to herself distractedly. Her hand, angled down flat over her mons, moved rapidly up and down, and she would sometimes shift to dig at her clit with her bunched fingertips, faster and faster, losing track of my presence and pushing her sweet young ass into my chest with some force as she approached her climax. Her nipples pointed up and away from her, heralding what was to come, and her body was covered with a moist sheen of sweat.

And then it came. As she groaned and let out guttural moans of pleasure, a torrent -there’s no other word for it- of inner fluid poured and poured from her pussy. And it didn’t stop. This girl ejaculated with the force of a faucet for at least seven seconds, arching, writhing and moaning, and pouring the product of her self-pleasuring over my waiting face. I never have experienced anything so intense, so pleasurable or so intimate.

And yet this was also the rough part, because she was firmly seated on my chest, pinning me to the floor. I had no idea this sweet hot girl would attain an orgasm of such intensity and force, and as I watched her play with herself I had worked my face right up to her cunt. I couldn’t get out of the way of her flow- it ran over my face and up my nose with great strength. I struggled to move out of the way but her thighs had closed as she orgasmed and kept my head locked in, and her ass pushed me down- I could do nothing but choke and sputter as this spectacular geyser surged, flowed over me and abated.

Although I was masturbating at the time, all this was too distracting for me to attain an orgasm with her. After she had stopped I almost immediately climbed on top of her and fucked her hard, to a quick, intense and wonderful orgasm, both of us covered with her fluids.

I hugged her for a while, but she quickly came to realize how much she had let herself go in this encounter, and things got a bit businesslike as we cleaned things up and finished the session. Of course I gave her a tip of some size.

A woman who has been sexually excited for a while before urinating emits a special musk in her piss. It’s sharp, potent, animal- nasty, really- but uniquely female and very, very sexual. The taste of it stays on your tongue for hours. This girl’s ejaculate was ripe with that special musk, but also a bit salty, slightly mucousy, and had the flavor of piss mixed in. She told me that she had peed while coming- she’d worked so hard on peeing earlier in our session that the two arrived together.

So I had the taste of her up my nose for the rest of the evening and for most of the next day. I was more than a little concerned that I had been exposed to something dangerous and infectious, but this turned out not to be the case. (I got tested.)

I savored the memory of this session for the rest of the night and for a long time afterwards.

A few weeks later I went back and had a second session with her. I, of course, told her I wanted to do all this again. She said that this time the fee would be $300.00, in advance. Frankly, I had no problem with this, and had the cash ready, so I paid her. She then left the room to “get ready”, but didn’t return for well over twenty minutes. When she came back I pointed out to her that she had kept me waiting quite a while. She used my (gentle) remark on this to get very huffy and defensive. She went on to say that my $300.00 would pay for a golden shower only, no ejaculation, and that fucking would be extra. I said that this wasn’t satisfactory and that I preferred to stop the session- I would pay her a bit for her time up to now, but wanted most of my money back. She refused, and things got quite unpleasant. I had little choice but to leave. I voiced my complaint to the woman at the desk, but the girl had come out and was standing next to her at the time, so, not being able to risk a scene that could get out of control, I left.

I stayed away from the club for about two years after that. As the commercial
sex scene in my area dried up all around me (no pun there) I eventually decided to return and see the manager, who I knew by appearance, and try to work the problem out so that I could return there without feeling like a fool. He told me the girl had been fired after reports of our second session had gotten out, and he gave me a free session.

But in my session I learned that this $300.00 golden shower fee was now house policy (or at least an internal policy of the girls who worked there), with sex charged extra, so I have never been back.

Oh, but what a memory. And, yes, it’s all true.

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