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Rainy Jeans and Wet Spots

A few weeks after I had seen my cousin peeing through her swimsuit, I was home alone, listening to some music in my bedroom. I felt the urge to pee, but as always when I was alone, I held it back by standing cross-legged; now and then holding a hand between my legs. That was not because I found it exciting to hold back, but just because I was too lazy to go to the bathroom. It was very normal to me to hold back as long as possible. Just a bad habit when I was (and am) alone.

Suddenly I remembered the day at the swimming pool and also the moment I completly soaked my pink jeans. It looked as if I got that nice feeling again when I felt the pee running down my legs that day. I got an irresistible feeling of doing it again. But I also realized that I would be in big trouble when my mother found the soaked brand new denim jeans I was wearing. So I went to the bathroom and took off my jeans, shoes and socks. But I kept my light blue cotton panties on and stept into the shower-bath. From there I could see myself in the mirror. For a few seconds I hesitated, but then I spreaded my legs and let go the first jet of urine. It went almost directly through my undies. I looked at my panties in the mirror. It was a funny sight, seeing that jet streaming through my panties in the shower-bath. Not one jet ran down my legs. I almost kept completely dry, except for the crotch of my panties. But that was also what I didn’t like about it. I didn’t even feel the warm feeling of the saoked crotch. In fact I felt absolutely nothing, as if I didn’t pee through my undies. The wet spot was so small that I didn’t put on dry panties.

I put on my jeans again, over the peeded undies. It only caused a small wet spot in the crotch of my denims, but no one would notice that. I was a bit disappointed. Why was it so exciting that time with the pink jeans, while this time I felt nothing. It must have been the fact that I didn’t feel the pee running down my legs, soaking the fabric of my panties and jeans. But I didn’t have the nerve to wet my jeans, afraid for my mother’s reaction. So a few days later I did the same thing, standing in the shower-bath with only my panties on, but this time I didn’t spread my legs. I kept them cross-legged. And now the pee was really soaking my panties and legs, and it just felt wonderful.

I practiced this naughty game for a lot of years, and I believe my mother never found out. Usually I did it just before I took a shower. Afterwards I let the panties dry for a few days on a secret place in my wardrobe, and then put them in the laundry basket. I didn’t pee through white panties because that caused a yellow stain, even when it was dry. So I always used colored undies. No problem at all.

But in the meanwhile I got more and more excited by the idea of peeing in my jeans. But I was afraid that if I let them dry before puting them in the laundry basket, my mother would smell the dry urine, or see the dry stain.

And then one day I was walking with our dog when suddenly it started to rain. And not a few raindrups, no it was a complete cloudburst. It only took half a minute to get completly soaked. I wasn’t glad at all and hurried to go back home when I realized I had to pee really bad. The rain felt cold through the wet fabric of my clothes. And then I remembered the warm feeling I felt that time I peed my pink jeans. And again I hesitated for a moment because a strange man was walking a few yards behind me. But what the heck, he absolutely couldn’t see when I peed through my already saturated jeans. So I just let it go. And indeed it felt warm al over my pussy, ass and legs. It was wonderful. For the first time in years I again peed my jeans. I think I was 14 years old, or something like that.

Unconciously I also rubbed with one hand against the crotch of my soaked jeans, suddenly realizing I was walking on the public streets near my house. I was quivering from excitement when I got home and I was near to an orgasm. My mother laughed at me, and told me she had warned me of the coming rain. But I didn’t listen to her, went straigth to my room, took off my wet jeans and masturbated through the crotch of my wet panties. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced. My wet clothes went straight to the washing-machine. Nobody noticed that it wasn’t just rain that caused the wet fabric.

Afterwards I have often took benefit from the fact it was raining. I usually “forgot” to take my raining-clothes to school. But I wet my jeans only when I was going home. I even did it a few times while my schoolfriend was cycling next to me. I got extra excited to do it when someone was close to me, but couldn’t realize or see what I was doing.

And another thing that really turned me on, was peeing just a little bit in my denims. Just enough to cause a small wet spot in my crotch. Normally no one could see that, only when I was sitting and spread my legs. I did that for the first time when I was at a funfair sitting near the dodgems. A boy about my age passed by and I saw his surprised face when he looked between my legs. He was still walking, but kept his eyes at my crotch for a few seconds. I saw him thinking: “Has she really…?”

That day I found out that a lot of boys look between women’s legs, even when she is wearing jeans, like I did. Why are they doing that? I can’t imagine that they all hope to see a peed crotch. I suppose they all thought I was a naughty big little girl that could better use a nappy. In fact, one boy even told me so when he saw my wet crotch. From time to time I peed again a little bit because the wet spot was dry or almost not visible anymore. Of course, when people walked by that knew me, I kept my legs together. It was a funny and exciting afternoon.

But at the same time I realized more and more that I had a very strange habit. I was reading articles about sex and all kinds of kinks that people have. Sex with animals, SM, spanking, tickling, all kind of things. I even found some letters about wetsex. My parents bought sex magazines from time to time and hid them in their wardrobe. They didn’t know I was reading them too when I was home alone. All the wetsex things were handling about the same: peeing at each other’s nude body, or drinking urine. And those are two things I will never do. Peeing at each other, OK, but not naked. And drinking urine, BAH! All those letters and articles were giving me the idea I must have been the only girl in the world that liked to pee her pants. Boys were looking between my legs that day at the funfair, but I always looked between girls legs when the were wearing pants. Not because I love girls, but only to find a girl that had a wet spot in her pants and perhaps give me the idea I wasn’t the only one.

And then one day I saw a letter in a sex magazine about pants-peeing. A letter written by a German woman called Hannelore and there was also a picture, showing Hannelore in her completly soaked jeans. I got completly mad when I saw that picture. That same afternoon, I was about 16, I wrote a letter to that magazine about my naughty habit. But that’s for the next time.

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