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Wet Our Toes for the Weekend

There is nothing like returning to your desk from an unproductive meeting after 4 pm on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend. After spending two hours in a conference room with boring accountants, and the only outcome was agreeing to meet next Wednesday to discuss the topic further was exhausting. The small staff that came in had left to get a head start for the extended holiday. I checked my voice-mail for messages. The only message was from Marilyn at the airport, she was boarding the plane in five minutes and told me to check the bottom draw of my desk for a surprise. Marilyn was visiting her family in Florida. I reached down to open the draw and found a pink interoffice envelope. Marilyn is the manager of the finance department, she must have left it there while I was at lunch before my meeting. I stood up from my cubicle to make sure I was the only one on the floor.

I retrieved a note and a puffy red envelope from the pink package. Marilyn apologized for leaving me alone for the weekend, and there was a special present in the red envelope for me. I felt a sensation in my pussy as I fiddled with the puffy red envelope. After a moment of lustful anticipation, I retrieved a pair of Marilyn’s soiled panties and a red thong, The red thong was my Christmas present to Marilyn from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Marilyn wrote on a post-it note that the garments were fresh from two and a half day of incubation, and she hopes the plane will land safely because she wasn’t wearing any panties

I met Marilyn as a management trainee five years ago. My first assignment was working and learning the duties of her department. At the time, Marilyn was in her early-forties and married with a son starting college. She was my unofficial mentor. I admire her tremendously. I was disappointed when my six month assignment was over, and I was sent to another department. Marilyn kept an eye on my progress in the firm, and I sought her guidance frequently. We were never intimate during this period, because I was in my early twenties and was in complete admiration of her.

After three years, my management trainee assignment was over, and I was sent to work in the Accounts Payable Department. I was happy that I would be working near Marilyn, and my assignment with her was the best one of all. I sought Marilyn to share my good news. Marilyn was delighted for me. She was divorced from her husband and was adjusting to single life. Marilyn invited me to her new apartment in the city for the weekend to celebrate, she declined my offer to treat her to dinner. Marilyn confided to me that it’s been a rough adjustment after 25 years of marriage. I assured Marilyn that she won’t be single for long because over the years some of my male colleagues thought Marilyn was hot. Even now, Marilyn is a well preserve forty-seven year old woman. Marilyn is a petite woman barely over five feet tall and weights about 110 lb.. Our departments didn’t allow dress down days, and we were required to dress professionally at all times. Marilyn was exquisite in her attire. She was the classic Mrs. Robinson fantasy for some of my male friends. I’ve seen secretaries look with envy as Marilyn walks by their desk.

Marilyn’s apartment was within walking distance from work. We had gourmet pizza which was delivered by a nearby Italian restaurant. We talked endlessly over a bottle of wine, and by two in the morning we were a little tipsy, and retired to our separate rooms. After about an hour, I went to relieve my bladder. As I turned on the lights in the bathroom, I startled Marilyn as she was peeing. Marilyn and I couldn’t stopped laughing until Marilyn blurted out “I forgot you were here, I guess I’m too accustomed to living by myself”. I felt a yearning sensation in my heart, as I saw Marilyn’s face with embarrassment from my presence.

I walked over to Marilyn and tenderly touched her shoulders reassuringly. I snatched some toilet paper and offer to wipe Marilyn’s wet pussy. Marilyn didn’t hesitate to rise slowly from the seat as I gently rub the soft tissue against her woolly soft lower lips. I sniffed the sweet aroma of her scent before releasing the tissue into the water. I reached over with my left hand to flush the toilet and cradled Marilyn’s waist toward me. I slide myself over slightly to kiss Marilyn wetly as my right hand cupped her crotch. I thrust my middle finger in and out of Marilyn’s hairy damp bush, I felt her body shake violently against me from a blazing orgasm. I held her closely until the sensation subsided. I guided Marilyn away from the toilet in order for me to use the toilet because I was about to wet my pants. When I was finished, Marilyn returned the favor and polished my shaven pussy with her right hand. I moved in with Marilyn three months later, but I kept my apartment to avoid suspicion at work. We’ve been together two years since that weekend, and there are no boundaries in our quest to satisfy our passion and cravings.

I reclined on my chair as I fondled the crotch of Marilyn’s panties and thong and savored the sweet aroma of her scent. I reached under my skirt to loosen the pantyhose from my waist. My pantyhose was around my ankles, and I felt so restricted that I kicked it off with my pumps. I was in fear and excited by the idea of being caught, I was in a insatiable lascivious frame of mind. I decided to walk around the office to make sure I was alone, I was getting turned-on by the fabric of my skirt rubbing against my bare ass as my bare feet grazed across the carpet. The coast was cleared as I returned to my cubicle. I gradually put on Marilyn’s thongs as I squatted on the seat of my chair. I yanked the thong up my waist to stretch the soft cotton fabric up my crotch. I let out a soft sigh as my clit was pulsating from the stimulation. Marilyn’s thong absorbed some of the wetness from my orgasm.

I tried to cover myself as I heard a voice behind me. It was Maddie from the branch office on the main floor. She usually comes up to our office to pick up checks for her manager. Maddie has been with the company eighteen years, since she was seventeen. She likes to point this out in an overly feminine voice to everyone she meets. When we first met, I thought she was a closet lesbian, because of her excessive feminine behavior. I mustered the courage to greet her with an awkward smile. In her breathy voice, Maddie coo “that was a great show – and I just came up the service elevator to return a check for correction”. All I could do was whispered softly “thanks”.

I was squatting on the chair with my skirt covering my knees, but my hands were resting on my crotch. I felt very uncomfortable with Maddie standing in front of the entrance to my cubicle in a black turtle neck and a pair of tight blue jeans with knee high boots. Maddie’s department was allowed to dress down on Fridays, but that is the least of my problems now. She finally walk toward me and offer her hand to help me off the chair. I stood in front of her and tried to adjust my skirt. She moved my hand aside, and loosen the button and zipper. As my skirt hit the floor, she whispered into my ear “my husband went visiting his family in Pittsburgh – I want to play with you”.

Maddie kneeled before me, she guided me to sit back on the chair against the side of the wall in my cubicle. She lifted my legs over each side of the arm of my chair, I stretched my arms above my head to clutch the base at top of the cubicle wall for leverage, my ass was raised above the seat of my chair. Maddie cradled my right foot with her hands and sucked on my rose colored pedicure toes and proceeded to do the same with my left foot. After ten minutes of loving my feet , Maddie finally guided me from the chair, I was tired from hanging onto the wall. The thong between my legs was wet, and my inner thighs were glistening with moisture. I was confused and uncertain of what was to come.

I tried to gather my pantyhose and pumps from the floor as Maddie grabbed me from behind. She kissed me wildly on my mouth as her right hand groped my wet twat and inner thighs. I was a prisoner in her embraced as I felt her tongue probing my mouth and her hands and knees pumping my cunt. Maddie held on to me as my body trembled furiously from a rousing orgasm. I remained in her grasp until my body recovered from the ecstasy. We were standing cheek to cheek as Maddie rocked me side to side, she kissed me softly on my cheeks, and whispered in my ear “Wasn’t that lovely?” I weakly said “yes.” As I regained my composure and free myself from her, Maddie emphasized that she hasn’t come yet, and asked for assistance. It was getting late, and I was afraid the cleaning staff will show up soon, so I invited Maddie to my apartment. Besides I spent so much time at Marilyn’s apartment, I forgot what my apartment looks like. Maddie agree to my offer and since her car was parked in the basement she wanted to drop by her home in Brooklyn to get some clothes. I suggested since we are both a size 6 that shouldn’t be a problem, and I was horny. I stuffed my pantyhose and Marilyn’s panties in my overcoat pocket and slipped into my pumps. When the elevator arrive, the cleaning crew came out to meet us. On the way down to the basement, Marilyn couldn’t resist sliding her hand under my skirt to pull Marilyn’s thong up my crotch.

Maddie made record time in reaching my apartment in Hoboken. We were lucky there was a parking space in front of the building. We walked up swiftly to my apartment on the second floor. once inside the apartment, Maddie asked to use the bathroom because her bladder was full. I told her to wait, because what I had in store for her will take her mind from the need to pee. I led Maddie toward the couch and removed her knee high boots. I enjoyed my induction into the fetish of feet. I removed her musty sweat socks and massage each foot and toe. Maddie’s feet were dainty and manicure, and I blew on her toes before I sucked each one wetly. Maddie was relishing the attention I was paying to her feet, I was enjoying the experience myself, it was as if I was sucking and licking different size clits. I moved up to remove Maddie’s tight fitting jeans, but I left her panties on. I touched the dampness of her crotch as my hands raised her black turtle neck above her and placed it on the couch. I unfastened Maddie’s bra, and flickered my tongue against her nipples. I sensed Maddie’s appetite for passion and the desire to pee. I held her hands securely, and stated “Please trust me. There will be no limits or restrictions in my quest to satisfy you. You initiated the ritual at the office and soon we will complete the dance”. She was enthralled as I kissed her glowingly, our tongues were entwine. Without interruption, I managed to remove my skirt and blouse.

Maddie was nude except for her panties, and I was nude except for the thong. Maddie expressed a desire to pee, and T led her to the bathroom. She ran to the toilet but I prevented her and guided her into the bathtub. our hands were locked as I pressed my body against Maddie toward the wall. Maddie was trapped with her back resting against the wall. She didn’t make any attempt to free herself, as I rubbed my body against her. She spread her legs slightly to allow my right thigh to get at her crotch. Within minutes, I felt a slow warm stream of urine flowing down our thighs, Maddie was panting wildly as she pulled her legs up to wrap them around my waist. I pushed Maddie tighter against wall as she continued to held on for dear life. As I rubbed my belly over her crotch, Maddie’s pee burst uncontrollably down our legs.

The scent of pee fill the room, and Maddie was gasping from a thundering orgasm. I steered her head toward my shoulder to calm her as my English professor in college soothe me in the same situation. As Maddie regains her composure, I asked her if she enjoyed it and she nodded.

I removed the wet panties from Maddie to see her hairy wet cunt. I instructed Maddie to bend forward toward the faucet so I can view her from behind. Maddie’s pubic area has thick patches of hair reaching up above her asshole. I mischievously ran my tongue down the fuzzy crack of her ass toward her hairy cunt. Maddie grunted as my tongue encircled her clit, I can tell from Maddie’s grunt that she was enjoying this. Maddie screamed out “watch out” as she gushes out a short stream of pee on my tongue, and it trickle down my mouth. I told Maddie, I was expecting that because I knew she had more to give. I kissed Maddie to give her a taste of her own sweet nectar.

I closed the shower curtain to clean up. I lathered Maddie from head to toe with strawberry fragrant soap. I was still wearing Marilyn’s thong, which is completely wet by now. I used the portable shower head to rinse the soap off Maddie’s body. When I was finished, I gave the shower head to Maddie, as Maddie watched, I pee onto wet bathtub floor. Maddie pointed the shower head at my crotch as my warm golden fluids flow down my legs. When I was finished, Maddie removed the thong from me, and returned the favor of washing me. We lubricated each other with baby oil and toweled each other dry. Maddie snuggle up against me on my bed, and we slept soundly until noon the next day.

The next evening, Maddie and I continued our exploration of each other’s body. Despite our active agenda, we found time to talk. Maddie wanted me to assure her that no one will know of our little interlude . I assured her that I will obey her wish, because she is a married woman. Little did she knew that I was more relieved than she was about discretion. Maddie confided to me that seven years ago she was involved with a woman at work. Maddie fondly remembered it used to drive her lover mad when she sucked on her toes. The woman’s husband caught them in bed and threatened to expose them. I tried to convince Maddie, society has open up to these sensitive issues and not to worry. But Maddie was convinced if news of her lesbianism came out she will be fired. I was stunned when she told me the only reason she got married was to diffuse the rumors of her affair with the woman. Maddie’s lover had to make financial sacrifices to her husband in order to obtain a divorce and silence their secret. The rumors eventually die down after her marriage. In my heart I wanted to know who the woman Maddie was sleeping with at work, but I did not ask. Later that evening, she told me it was Marilyn.

Maddie left on Sunday to attend her nephew’s birthday party. I was left alone to reflect on my relationship with Marilyn. I felt guilty that I cheated on her with her former lover. I always thought that Marilyn was straight until we met. I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. As I reached into the pocket of my overcoat for a scarf, I pulled out Marilyn’s panties. The sweet scent of Marilyn soothe me, and I decided to stay home. I recalled that Marilyn always assist me whenever I’m clipping and painting my toes. I have to make preparation to greet Marilyn when returns home on Monday. I know her feet will be tired and in need of a massage. Maybe we can invite an old friend over for the next extended holiday, I know it will be a wet one.

The End

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