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Rocking Pool Party

My wife and I share and excellent relationship that includes plenty of golden showers. But she knows how far my cravings for the golden nectar reach and, being such an open-minded doll, she helped me come up with the perfect means to satisfy my thirst. We have a lovely pool out back with a change house. Sandy often entertains girls from her office. Plenty of shapely women in swimsuits, drinking and partying 2 or 3 times a week. The biggest complaint was the long walk thru the house to the nearest washroom.

So, I went about and installed a ‘makeshift’ washroom in the change house. There was plenty of room to put in a private stall with a toilet. Sandy told the girls the toilet wasn’t plumbed into the sewer so was only to be used to pee in. In actual fact, the toilet bowl ran down to a funnel piped out the rear of the house thru a small tube. I was able to pass the tube along the pool heater so the liquid within would stay warm on its journey to the outside. I added 2 spy cams to make my masterpiece complete. The first, in the far corner, gave me a look at anyone standing by the toilet. The second was a bowl cam, offering a good view of the seated pussy and ass. With Sandy’s help, I was able to test the system and found it worked better than hoped for.

Finally, after much anticipation, it was show time. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and the girls began showing up around 2 pm. I took my place in a shady region beside the change house, out of the line of traffic. To any observer I looked perfectly normal, laying there in my lawn chair, book in hand, with a portable TV showing a ballgame. Just a dude enjoying some quiet time while his wife entertained guests. I easily passed some pleasant chit-chat with a couple of guests without arousing any suspicions. Everything was perfect and I was horny as hell and getting very thirsty. Now I was anxiously waiting for the first unsuspecting guest to put my ultimate system to the test.

After an hour or so of mingling there was some movement. My cock jumped to life as Mary Simms broke away from the crowd approached my wife who promptly pointed her towards the change house. Sandy glanced my way and I could see her flash a smile. I clicked my remote to cam one and reached down for the supply tube concealed by my chair. On the TV, I saw Mary walk to the front of the toilet. She was a shapely brunette of about 30 years, with a decent body, one of the more attractive women in my wife’s circle of friends. Best of all, she was wearing a one piece suit and proceeded to peel the whole thing down to her knees, giving me a nice view of her physical attributes. She quickly sat and I almost forgot to switch cams. Quickly, I hit the button and was treated to a dim but open view of her beautiful pussy. I noticed how sweet and tender her asshole looked when suddenly it puckered forward, signaling the start of urination. The flow cascaded down and within seconds I saw the deep yellow liquid speeding to the end of the plastic tube, already placed in my waiting mouth. The taste was heavenly and gravity gave me a quick firm flow. It wasn’t a long pee (Mary was just starting to drink) and in a flash, she was heading back outside to join the others. I few quick jerks on my raging hard-on almost brought me off then and there. I had to control myself if I was going to make it thru 4 more hours of this.

As I told my wife later that night, while she suck me to the brink of orgasm over and over before letting me release my load, the rest of the afternoon could not have been better. I was able to sample the urine of every woman present from her initial concentrated offering thru to the watered down ‘quantity over quality’ stuff you get after drinking for a while. In the end, I was getting so full of pee that I was using the stuff to wet myself down for cooling in the afternoon breeze. When she asked me if I had a favorite that day, I had to confess. You know Jackie? I said. My wife looked surprised. She replied ‘Jackie is really chunky and I would have thought you would only go for the thin attractive girls. I laughed to myself when Jackie first went to the washroom, as I thought you would be disgusted’. Well, you are sort of right, I said. I wasn’t going to, at first, but when she peeled off the suit, I saw her huge nipples and since she does have a petty face, I said to myself that I would give it a try. She must drink a lot of diet pop, as my first little sip was extremely sweet tasting, so much so that I found myself sucking greedily on the tube. But I also noticed a lot of variety in the subtle flavors of everyone’s pee. I think it has to do with the type of booze they drink. Then Sandy had a great idea. At each party I would have to try and figure out what each person was drinking, based on the taste of their pee. God I love my wife!

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