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Wet Weekend

I’ve been married for two years now, and work as a nurse in my husband’s office. He’s an internist, and we have one other doctor and the office assistant with us. It’s a lot of hard work, but we love taking care of our patients and it’s very rewarding.

From time to time we take a long weekend off, just to get away and unwind. I’m going to tell you the story of one of those weekends, it was early in our marriage and one of the most romantic, wonderful times of my life.

My husband is several years older than I am, with silver gray hair and blue eyes. He keeps himself trim and in shape. He’s a runner, I do think they have the best bodies with the possible exception of swimmers. I’m 35, I met him while working for him, and we soon became involved. He was divorced, and I guess I fell for him on the spot, although it did take some time for us to get engaged.

He’s a wonderful man, very smart, very kind, and altogether someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to mislead you, we do have our arguments, I’m not a terribly patient woman, and working together all day does cause some friction, but we have a firm rule no talking about work on vacations and time off.

We live in Santa Barbara, and one weekend went up the coast to Cambia, a few hours away. We had reserved a beautiful spot in a hotel there on the beach, it’s right on the water, walking distance to some great restaurants, and we had a beautiful room with a fireplace and a Jacuzzi.

We arrived around 7 that night, and unpacked and then walked a few minutes down the beach to get to the restaurant. It’s a great seafood place, with really delicious fish and we had some wine and just talked quietly. He took my hand and looked deeply into my eyes, and it was wonderful.

We decided to skip dessert and walked back, arm in arm. His body felt so warm against mine, and we just listened to the sound of the waves crashing and felt the cool ocean breeze. We went into our room, and I said I wanted to take a Jacuzzi. He said great, and he lit the fire. Soon we were both naked together in the bubbles, he was giving my neck a massage, and then started on the rest of my body. He knows since he’s a doctor exactly how to touch me, how to relax me and turn me on at the same time. When we were through he got a towel and dried me off, and then told me to lie down on the bed. I did, knowing whatever he was going to do to me would be wonderful. He started by kissing my lips gently first, then more insistently, he is very handsome and we kept a soft light on so we could watch each other in the bedroom mirror. He went lower on my body, touching and gently kissing my breasts, my belly. Then he gently parted my legs, and started lightly kissing me there. He knew exactly how to touch me to get me very turned on, but told me he didn’t want me to cum yet. He would get me very close and then slow down. It was wonderful and incredibly arousing.

Then he said Jackie I want you to tell me a fantasy that you have never done, but always wanted to try. I was pretty loose after the wine, Jacuzzi and foreplay and would have told him anything. I said I did have one that I was wondering about…although it was pretty embarrassing. He said, “You can tell me, I’m a doctor.” I smiled and said I’ve always wondered about watersports. He nodded slowly, and asked what type of thing specifically I was wondering about. Well, I wondered if it would increase your pleasure if you had a full bladder while you were making love and what it would feel like if a man … he said he understood, and then got up and got me a big glass of water.

He said drink this. I did, looking at him. He got another glass after I did, altogether we both drank three full glasses of water. This was after some wine and a full dinner. He said, rather clinically I thought, that some people enjoy this, and some women find that making love with a full bladder is more pleasurable. He also said some men find that it can be very arousing. He told me he wanted me to not go to the bathroom, but keep drinking the water until I was feeling very full and had to go badly. I did, and found in the circumstances that the whole thing was very erotic and arousing, although frustrating. I was still naked on the bed, and he was completely naked and had a very hard erection. I could tell this turned him on a great deal too.

He began to arouse me again with his hand, touching me expertly, getting me completely turned on. I started to get very uncomfortable though, between the arousal and having to go. He said hold it, I want you to hold it. I started to squirm…and said I don’t know if I could. He asked me to suck him. He was very hard and we could see ourselves in the mirror, a voluptuous woman with a very full bladder, sucking a very hard, handsome man who was as hard as steel. He has shown me over the time we’ve been together exactly how he liked to be sucked, and I happen to love sucking him, and he soon was also very turned on, and needing to pee badly too.

He suddenly turned me around in front of the mirror, and took me from behind. I was very full, and full of his hardness, it was a very intense feeling. I started to get close to cuming, and said Bob I’m afraid I’m going to pee when I cum and he said it’s O.K. but try to hold it. In a few more strokes I had a strong, violent orgasm. I managed somehow to keep from peeing and he soon came hard afterward deep inside me. We watched us both cuming in the mirror, very aroused, very full of pee, and having very badly to pee although it was very erotic and a very different feeling.

When we caught our breath, he asked me to come into the bathroom with him. He told me to lie in the tub and spread my legs. I did, and he said, O.K. you can go now. Finally I was able to release my stream of golden piss, and as I did, he peed all over my body, which was incredibly erotic. I was still vibrating from the intensity of our fucking, and it felt very wicked and naughty to be peed on by the man that just fucked me so intensely. He said as he pissed on me, “You like getting pissed on by the cock that just fucked you, don’t you?” I said “Yes, oh God Bob.”

“Open your legs and let me piss on that delicious hot cunt.” I opened my legs wide and his hot stream of pee landed right on my freshly fucked cunt. It was unbelievably naughty and erotic. He aimed his pee on my cunt, my breasts, and my body, and said I want to see you piss, come on, pee all over yourself while I piss on you, you slut.” I told him I wanted to touch myself and he said go ahead. I rubbed my pussy which felt delicious while he peed all over my body and my cunt and breasts, and I told him I’m going to cum again, and he said “Go ahead, baby, cum for me while I piss on you.” I rubbed myself desperately and soon had another violent orgasm and shook for several minutes afterward, covered with his hot, delicious piss, my piss running down the drain mixed with his.

After we recovered we both took a shower together and then we got into bed. I was pretty quiet and he asked me if I was O.K. I said, “Well, I’m a little ashamed. I never knew I was into that so much.” He said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Whatever two people do together is fine.” He held me and told me he loved me and we soon went to sleep. I had one of the most peaceful night’s sleep I’ve ever had.

From time to time we explore other more unusual types of eroticism. I’ve been tied up, he has taken erotic pictures of me in and out of some very sexy clothes, and occasionally he likes to make love with me in public places, hiding his cock under my skirt while he fucks me outside. I find it keeps our relationship very intense and wonderful, and only adds to the closeness and love I feel for this incredible man.

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