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I told you a couple months ago about the gorgeous 30 year old girl I live with. As you may recall, we have pet names for each other, I call her Kitten and she calls me daddy? We’ve done so many nasty things over the past few months. But there was always one thing that kept running through my mind, something really nasty, really dirty. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to experience it with my little girl, my Kitten.

Well, one night we had gone out for dinner. We decided that we’d make a night of it and instead of going home we took a room at a hotel. We did our usual teasing of each other while we ate. Kitten had on this real short skirt that rode all the way up her thighs when she sat down. At the restaurant I kept putting my hand under the table and running it up her skirt. I would just touch her pussy enough to tease her and get her wet. Then Kitten would put her hand in my lap and grab for my cock through my pants. By the time we finished eating Kitten could hardly wait to get up to our room. And honestly, neither could I. My little Kitten has a way of making me so hot.

We got into our room and we were both immediately out of our clothes and seconds later on the bed locked in a passionate kiss. It must have been at least a half hour, maybe forty five minutes that I just kissed her all over working my way slowly down her body. I love taking my time and enjoying the soft feel of her skin on my lips. Then I get to my favorite spot. I adore licking her cunt and making her aroused. The way she moans out to me squirming around on the bed gets me so hot and makes me want to do such nasty things to her. And Kitten absolutely adores the way I lick and suck on her clit.

I was in an especially nasty mood tonight and I was going to show Kitten just how dirty we could get together. Her moaning from me sucking her clit was enough that I just couldn’t wait any longer.

So there I was, between Kitten’s legs licking her.

She said, “daddy, I have to go. I have to go pee.”

I responded, “Just hold it, Kitten. Just a little longer.” And I kept licking her swollen clit. I decided this was going to be it this time. I was so hot for her and I had thought so much about what I wanted to do. And I always wondered what it would be like to watch Kitten pee. What would it be like touching her, feeling her cunt as her warm pee flowed out of her? Sometimes I fantasized about what it would be like to be kneeling in front of her and lick her clit while she relieved herself. After months of thinking about it, the more aroused I was becoming and the nastier I wanted to be.

I was still between her legs licking her clit. Kitten was sounding a little more desperate, “Daddy, please! I gotta go.” There was a little more intensity in her voice as I guess her bladder was filling up.

I pretended like I didn’t hear and kept my mouth on her cunt. Her hands went down between her legs trying to touch herself as I licked her juices.

“Daddy, I have to go now.”

“Please, I gotta go really bad.” And she tried pushing me away so she could get up.

Finally, I figured I’d better let her go. So I let Kitten up off the bed and she hurried off to the bathroom with me following right behind.

She went to sit on the toilet, but I said, “No Kitten, not there.” And I pointed to the jacuzzi tub. I grabbed her by the arm and helped her step in. “What are you doing, daddy?” I knelt down in front of her and resumed licking her clit. With a puzzled look on her pretty face she asked, “Daddy? What are you doing? I have to go?”

“Then go ahead Kitten. Go. Pee for daddy. Daddy wants to feel you pee.”

“Ohh daddy, that’s so dirty. That’s so nasty. You want me to pee while you’re licking me? It’ll go all over you.”

“It’s okay, Kitten. Daddy wants you to. Go ahead, pee all over daddy.” I began reaching up with my hands caressing her body, running my fingers up her abdomen to her breasts. Then I stroked down her sides, over her waist and across her soft smooth thighs while I coaxed her on to relax and let her piss go all over me. “C’mon Kitten, pee on daddy.” I kept licking her clit and caressing and squeezing her ass. I was trying to get her whole body relaxed so she could let go.

“Ohh daddy…”


Kitten kept calling out to me.” She sounded in such an aroused state from my licking and yet so reluctant to let go and start peeing.

“Oh Daddy….

It was so nasty, so dirty. We had talked many times before about how erotic it might be to watch each other pee. And we had thought how arousing it would be and how nasty to feel one another pissing.

“Oh, daddy… I can’t hold it any longer.”

She was looking down at me. I could hear almost panic in her voice as she knew what was about to happen. Then as I held her body I felt Kitten relax a little. As my tongue licked across her clit once again, I felt a trickle down my chin. She was peeing. Her warm piss was trickling down my chin and running down my neck and chest. “Oh Kitten.” I whispered out to her. She just cried out, “Daddy!…Ohh!.. Daddy!” She was panting in anticipation of letting herself go completely. I’m sure it must have felt unusual to pee while she was having her clit licked. But then suddenly her body went limp. I could feel the built up tension disappear and her piss began gushing from her.

She looked down seeing her pee splash all over me. It was so incredible. It was so warm feeling it pour all over me and run down my body right to my cock. I looked up at her and let my tongue drift down, moving my mouth lower. Her warm urine ran across my tongue and I let some flow into my mouth. It was so hot and had a slight salty feel on my tongue.

She watched, looking at me, “Oh, Daddy… and she saw me taste it. She grabbed my head in her hands holding me there. I licked her clit over and over and sucked on it sending waves of pleasure through her, as her warm amber juice poured out of her. I put my lips to her cunt and let the flow go completely into my mouth. Kitten was so overwhelmed as she watched me licking and sucking her cunt as she peed. She cried out, “daddy”… “OHHH…, DADDY”… Her piss was running over my lips as my mouth filled. I was so turned on by the fact that she was watching me do this, that I would have done anything for my little Kitten. So I backed away with my mouth open so she could see what she did in my mouth. Then I swallowed it.

“Ohh! DADDY! Look what you did. You swallowed it. You’re so nasty! So nasty, daddy!”

For the last few seconds Kitten’s piss streamed from between her legs. As I knelt there, I leaned back a little letting her warm urine hit down low on me splashing on my cock and balls. By the time she finished I was covered in her steamy hot piss. My cock and balls were dripping wet from her.

When her flow finally stopped, I leaned forward to lick her and taste her again. I stood up and clutched her so hard in my arms while pressing my lips to hers. We locked in such a full deep kiss as she tasted her own urine on my lips. “Oh God daddy, you’re so dirty.”

We stood in the tub for the longest time just kissing and enjoying that dirty erotic moment. But I wasn’t finished yet. Kitten always likes it when I make her do really nasty things. She likes to act dirty for me. She gets very aroused when I treat her like a filthy whore. And now I was about to do something that most would think to be absolutely disgusting and degrading. But I felt Kitten would love it and be erotically aroused by it.

I eased Kitten down into the tub. At first she knelt in front of me, looked up, and then began licking my cock. “Oh, Kitten, you’re the one that’s nasty.” After that she nuzzled her face between my legs and lapped at my balls cleaning them. “You’re such a nasty dirty whore, Kitten. Cleaning your piss from me.”

Kitten got me so hot doing that, I slowly began pushing her back to a seated position. The jacuzzi was a pretty good size, so she was easily able to sit down and lean back, sort of a sprawled out position. I stood over her straddling her gorgeous body. She just lay there looking up at me. I grabbed my cock in my hand, holding it. Kitten knew what was coming.

“Oh yes daddy, do it on me.”

That was all I needed. Her words were more than I could handle and my piss started flowing from my cock. The stream hit her first on her soft silky legs. Then I quickly moved it up to her chest. It was splashing all over her.

“Oh God daddy… yes….piss on me. Piss all over me.”

“Make me your dirty whore daddy. Make me your pisswhore.”

My warm yellow fluid was covering her body. It ran off of her breasts and chest leaving her skin glistening from the wetness. I could see the urine then flowing down the center of the tub. Then I aimed my cock down between her legs right at her cunt. My Kitten just moaned out, “Oh fuck daddy, it so hot. You’re piss feels so hot on my cunt.” She put her hands there feeling the hot stream and played with her cunt pulling it open.

Then she quickly knelt up and turned around exposing her ass to me. “Piss on my ass daddy. Right on my asshole.” She reached behind grabbing her asscheeks to spread them. I aimed right at her puckered opening and urinated on her tight anal hole. The yellow stuff just splashed all over and I could see it running down between her thighs flowing off her cunt. My Kitten is so unbelievable. She’s such a nasty dirty little thing.

Then she turned around again kneeling in front of me and leaned toward my cock. My urine stream shot onto her neck. She was closing her eyes a bit as the piss hit her on the chin. Kitten gingerly stuck her tongue out and opened her mouth trying to get a taste. She was driving me wild seeing her do that. My little girl was between my legs wanting to get a taste as I emptied my bladder on her. My pee hit her tongue and a little ran into her mouth. All I could think of was how nasty this was. My Kitten was taking it in her face and getting showered with it. I watched her taste it. I saw her throat muscles gulp as she swallowed the little bit of warm piss that was in her mouth. My God what a nasty thing. What a sight to see. My little girl tasting my warm pee as it flowed from my cock.

She had me so over the edge by doing that, I moved my flow up and began pissing in her hair. Seeing it soak and saturate her gorgeous long hair as she knelt there was the ultimate of degrading acts. That was something Kitten really loved. She loved the feeling of me humiliating her and treating her so filthy. It aroused her so much. And now, here I was urinating in her hair and watching it run over her head and down her body. And she sat there taking it while I called her every filthy name I could think of.

“Look at you” You’re nothing but a filthy fuckin’ bitch.”

“How do you like me pissing all over you? You dirty little cunt.”

“What a whore. You’re a filthy fuckin’ pisswhore. Just wait till next time. I’ll shove my cock in your mouth and piss right down your throat.”

Finally there was only a few drops left dripping from me. Kitten was drenched. Then she put her lips to my cock and sucked off the last couple drops.

I looked down once again and Kitten was soaked. She was soaked in my urine, my piss. I knelt down next to her and kissed her so hard. I caressed her body all over feeling what I had just done to her. Kitten’s body was wet everywhere. Her flesh was saturated. Her hair was matted. Her cunt was dripping. I slipped my hand between her legs and it became soaked from feeling her drenched body. As I kissed her I moved my hand to her face, caressing her cheeks, letting her feel me rub my pee all over her. “You’re so nasty Kitten. So fucking dirty. You’re mine…mine…my whore…my dirty pisswhore.” Then to show her how ultimately dirty, how downright filthy we could be together, I went down on her.

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