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Friendly Sharing Chapter 1

Frankie and I had been talking about spicing up our love life. We are always looking for new ways to bring us closer to one another. Some of his ideas were not really something I was comfortable with, but I thought I wouldn’t know if I liked it unless we tried it.

He had an idea about a couple of friends of ours. I had thought maybe it would put a damper on our friendship, but Frankie did not seem to think so. He told me how hot it would make him to see me with another man, but wanted to be in the picture. I told him how I had secret fantasies about seeing him with another woman.

Last Friday night Frankie made all our fantasies a reality. He invited Carl and his wife Kerry over for dinner and to watch a movie with us. I told him I could pick up the movie on my way home, but he said no he already gotten the movie.

I hurried home and fixed dinner knowing they would be over by six. While cooking, Frankie came up behind me and caressed my ass whispering in my ear “I bought you something honey.” I smiled leaning back into him. “Oh did you really, where is it?”

“Upstairs on the bed, why don’t you go look.” I ran to the bedroom seeing a very sexy outfit laying on the bed. I yelled down to him, “Honey this is great, but I don’t have a bra to wear with it,” he replied “Then don’t wear one baby.” I shrugged and put on the sheer halter and red spandex mini. Admiring myself in the mirror thinking not badly for a 35-year-old woman. Giggling I went down to hug my husband for his thoughtfulness. He ran his hand up the inside my thigh his thumb sliding across my exposed slit. “Yes my love, and you have pleased me. Now I can look at that beautiful pussy of yours all night,” I smiled and went back to setting the table as our guests would be here soon.

The dinner went great as it always does when our friends come over. Kerry helped me clean up, as she helped wash dishes we teased around like little school girls throwing water at each other. This time I turned the rinsing hose on soaking her shirt. We went to my bedroom to get her a clean blouse and I apologized watching her every move. What a gorgeous set of tits she had, so perky and firm like ripe melons. I guessed that she was about a 38 DDD, mine were a 36 D and you could tell the difference between us. I fought the urge to want to touch them to see if they were real. She smiled sweetly as if knowing and walked toward me. Kerry took my hand and placed it on her exposed nipple that I absent mindedly rolled between my fingers. So soft, so hard and hot. Snapping myself out of this trance I said “Come on sis they are waiting for us downstairs.”

From the doorway I hear my husbands voice, “Actually honey, we came up to see what was taking so long. I am glad we did.” Frankie and Carl were standing there staring, both smiling from ear to ear. “You see honey, and both Kerry and Carl have been wanting to see just how hot you really are.”

We had all been drinking during dinner leading way to a little sexual innuendo here and there. The more I drank the less inhibited I get and my husband knew this. “Go ahead, touch her again,” Carl urged. I decided what the hell and continued my exploration of my friend’s tits.

The men sat on the bed and watched as I slowly took her hard nipple in my mouth and suckled her sweetly. I never felt the softness of a woman before, such an erotic feeling. My other hand traveling her stomach and back to play with the other forgotten nipple. I gently nibbled one then the other and heard Kerry moan. She reached down untying my halter freeing my breasts which felt on fire. Her cool hands touched my erect nipples and I felt my pussy contract allowing myself to linger in this fantastic woman-worship touch. I am not sure if it was the alcohol that allowed me to explore her body or the simple fact of hidden desires and curiosity.

Knowing that our husbands were watching excited me even more. As I glanced over and seen Carl and Frankie both nude stroking their hard cocks. “That’s it Brenda, now touch her sweet cunt.” I needed no more prompting and my fingers trailed down her belly to feel her wetness. Teasing her I played with her twat lips gently slowly opening the folds like a flower to find her sensitive clit. She jutted her hips forward urging me to caress it, but I refused I enjoyed torturing her.

Kerry smiled at me and said “You little bitch you are enjoying this too, fucking much. Please touch my clit.” I smiled and shook my head no. She began to beg me, “Please, please, Oh God how I need you to touch me.”

“What a hot little slut you are. I suppose you would really enjoy if I sucked your cunt til you came wouldn’t you?”. From the background I heard Carl say “Why don’t you hot bodies come over here so we can get a close up?” We wasted no time in undressing and laying on the bed. One man on each side watching intently as the scene unfolded in front of them. You could see the passion in their eyes. Anxious to see more by the way they were stroking their cocks both in rhythm with one another. The entire bed was alight with fire.

Kerry decided it was her turn to torture me. Her hands and mouth all over my body, so soft and sensuous. Her lips nibbled and suckled my breasts, she slightly blew on my nipples after she suckled sending thousands of tingling sensations to my pussy. I could not believe I was enjoying this so much especially with a woman. Yet she knew just what to touch and where. Her tits hung in my face and greedily I began suckling hers. She had the biggest and darkest nipples I have ever seen. Soon the moaning was loud in the room. All four of us groaning made it even more erotic. I looked at Frankie who was looking at Kerry’s bent ass, and I was sure he saw her inviting pussy staring back at him. Making me moisten even more. Carl could barely speak watching us, but managed to say, “Why don’t you two get in a sixty-nine so we can see everything?”.

I asked Carl if he liked what he was watching. Dumbly nodded with his face flushing, small beads of sweat on his forehead and he looked over at Frankie’s hot rod standing at attention as he gawked at Carl’s wife.

We both were enjoying teasing each other, and our husbands. I had secretly always wanted to fuck Carl, and he has such a thick cock. Frankie had a big cock but not as thick as Carl. I soon felt fingers and a hot mouth on my twat knowing Kerry was going to work on my dripping pussy. “Oh God Kerry, you sure do know how to eat a pussy.” I heard her giggle slightly and say, “I never tasted one this sweet before.” I smiled to myself and opened her cunt staring at it, touching the smooth-shaven snatch. I am sure she appreciated my smooth-shaven pussy too. Licking up and down her slit and around her clit. Teasing was my game and I enjoyed savoring the feel against my tongue. Up and down again I licked and dipped my tongue in her hole. I felt her pussy contract against my tongue and her hips began to move trying to fuck my face. Teasing her more, as she began teasing me in the same fashion. I slowly slid two fingers in her tight cunt and attached my mouth to her clit. “That’s it my little cunt licker suck your sister’s clit til she cums.” Oh God Brenda, YES don’t stop.” I had always wanted to see if I could make a woman cum, hell now I knew I could even make one beg for it. I started grinding my twat into her face as she licked and sucked the closer I came to cumming the harder I pushed my pussy up to meet her eager mouth.

I could tell Kerry was ready to cum, she was tensing, her thighs were quivering and I took out my fingers from her hot juicy twat and lube her tiny little ass hole. This seemed to make her more excited than before bucking wildly now and I wasn’t doing too bad a job and felt my orgasms rise. Both of us on the verge of hitting our peaks as I screamed “That’s so fucking good I am going to cum in your mouth. Tongue fuck me hard!” Kerry screamed out that she was cumming and I rammed a finger in her ass, keeping a tight lip lock sucking her clit and my thumb was banging her little twat when she started gushing. Pure instinct made me suck her dry and such a sweet taste as she sucked me dry.

Both of us spent collapsed on top of each other. Stroking legs and thighs as our husbands jacked off shooting their jism all over us. “Damn you girls are hot.” Frankie said. Stroking Kerry with me as Carl began to massage my tits.

We untangled and all of us had another drink, laying there naked touching whoever was closest. There were hands everywhere touching caressing. Frankie looked at Carl and said “You got a hot wife.” Carl returned with a grin, “I was just thinking the same thing about your wife Frankie.” Kerry and I looked at each other grinning ear to ear and knew the night had only just begun.

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