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my wifes shyness comes to an end

My Shy Wife Finally Came Out of her Shell part 1
Well I hope you remember my telling you of the night my rather shy wife came out of here shell. It happened as you probably remember when we visited a club in a town about 1 hours drive away. We got caught in a terrible downpour and by the time we made it into the door of the club we were both drenched. My wife at the time had on a white blouse and white pants and they were pasted to her skin showing off all she had to all of the cutomers. Being bra-less she really was practically naked.
Now as I told you then she ended up really getting turned on and even danced with a fellow who managed to pull her in tight really play a little grab ass. Just before we were leaving (mostly to take care of my raging hard-on) she even went into the ladies room removed her panties and went back outside to get wet all over again only to come in and proudly walk across the dance room looking almost naked.
On the way home I got the blow job of my life while driving (another fantasy of mine come true.) When we got home we continued to screw the whole night through. I never remember my wife being so turned on. During the night we talked about what had happened and I mentioned I almost wanted to screw her right there in the club I was so turned on by her showing off. Then I mentioned that the most exciting part was when she was dancing with the stranger and he was grinding into her. She told me that it was not him doing the grinding. As soon as he pulled her close she felt his bulge pressing into her leg. She said she got so horney that she shifted a little so that it pressed into her cunt and she just stayed there rubbing her clit on is throbbing rod. Before the dance was over she said she had one of the best orgasms of her life right in the middle of the dance floor in the arms of a stranger. Well that did it, my cock was rock hard again and I just rolled her over and began pounding away in her cunt. All the while I was thinking of her coming in front of everybody and on a strangers cock rubbing her clit.
We spent about a month like newly weds fucking and sucking like there was no tomorrow every night. I never expected anything furthur to happen from that night but always hoped that the time would come again when my wife would be able to show herself off to strangers while I looked on. I did notice that her dresses seemed to be a little shorter or had slits up the sides and that over all she seemed to enjoy people admiring her body.

Well about two months later on a friday night my wife called me at work and said she felt like going out and would pick me up at the office. She arrived right on time and moved over to her side of the car so I could drive. She had on a long summer coat even though it was really not that cold. I noticed through the opening of the coat that I could see a fair way above her knees. I knew that she had one one of her shorter skirts and my mind really began to get into gear. Was this to be another great night? When she told me that she wanted to go back to the club where our first encounter happened I knew she had something cooking. There was a lot of small talk during the drive to the club but my mind was in high gear not to mention my cock. Linda would occasionlly glance at the bulge in my pance and then look at me and smile then lick her lips. It was driving me crazy!
We finally got to the club and went in. No rain this time but I was to find out Linda did not need rain this time! As soon as we entered she looked around and spotted John the fellow she had danced with two months before. I thought it a strange co-incidence that he should be here again tonight and then I remembered the scrap of paper with his phone number on it that he had pressed into her hand as we were leaving that night. She never threw it away. Wow this was going to be a good night. She imediately met him in the middle of the room gave him a hug and a really sexy kiss. Then she turned my direction gave me a big smile and took off her coat. I almost came on the spot. There stood my wife in a black top that I knew anyone close to her could see right through. she had on a shiny black skirt shorted than anything I had ever seen her wear and it had a slit on the side almost all the way up to her waist. She had on dark stockings and you could see above the tops through the slit which meant she was using a garter belt to hold them up. To top it all of were her black high heals. I was mezerized at the sight of my georgous wife standing there like a high-priced hooker for all to see. All were seeing, because as I looked around the room almost every man was staring at my wife.
She motioned me over and told me to find a table “preferably in a quiet corner” and that she was going to dance with John. I did that and then settled back to watch my wife perform. There was a rock song playing and she began to really shake it up. at times you could see her little dress rise up almost to her panties and everyone could see the garters holding up her stockings. When the dance ended she and John joined me at the table with my wife sitting between John and I. It was then I noticed that she was wearing a bra. A little black thing what only covered the bottom half of her tits leaving her nipples completely exposed when you looked close. Now my hard-on was raging and she just looked at me and reached under the table and felt my cock. She smiled and ran her tongue over her lips and again I thought I would come right there. After a drink a slow song came on and she winked at me and turned to John an asked if he would mind dancing with here. He almost jumped out of his chair. I decided to really pay attention this time to see if my wife was going to cum again while dancing. About half way through the song they were no longer moving ther feet much but they were dry-humping away. John had his hand on her ass and in doing so had pulled her skirt up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. I could tell that she had on those cut-away pantines because through the slit in her skirt I could see the side of her hips and there were not panties just the garter straps.
After the song ended they both came back. I leaned over to my wife gave her a kiss and asked if she had cum. She wispered in my ear that she had not but that her cunt was dripping. Then she told me that I should feel John’s cock. she said it was bigger than she remembered and she wanted to run her hands over it to really see how big it was. I told go ahead he would probably like it! Well then to my surprise she giggled and said she already was and his cock was huge. I look at John and then at my wife’s hand under the table and saw it in his lap. John was smiling at me and slowly moved his hand under the table to my wifes legs. My wife’s eyes got wide and she grunted and I knew that John’s had had found its target. ot to be outdone I grabbed my wife’s other hand an pulled it into my lap and she began stroking my cock. With my arm around her sholder I began to rub her beautiful tits. She really started to moan and wriggle around and suddenly she clamped down on her lip and began moving her ass in circles. I knew she was cumming and squeezed her tit a little harder. Soon she settled down and looked at me and then hesitantly said “I want to fuck him!” I was floored, I really had not expected things to go this far. But, I was also very very excited. I had fantasized about this stranger fucking her since we were here the first time. I thought about it for a bit and she said “Please don’t be angry but I have just got to feel that big cock of his shoved in me as far as it will go.” That was enough for me, I wanted to see that happen almost as bad as she wanted it to happen. One look at John and I knew he also wanted it to happen so I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife while I watched and if he knew anyplace we could go to get it done. He said there was a little motel just down the street and we could go there.

We practically ran down the street to the motel and while I was in getting a room John and my wife stayed out side and kissed and fondled each other. When we got to the room my wife took over. she told me to sit down and she got on the bed and pulled john over to her and unzipped his pants, reached in an pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. She was practilly drooling as she swooped down on it an began sucking on the head. John moaned and began tearing off his clothes. I in the meantime had my cock out and was pumping away. John pushed my wife’s head away long enough to help her get her clothes off but told her to leave her garter and stockings on. She went back to giving him head as he stood by the side of the bed. I could see his cock pushing all the way into her throat and even then she only had the top third in her mouth. John said if she kept that up he would come in her mouth and he wanted to get in her georgous pussy. She reluctantly pulled away and looked at that monster cock. I think for the first time she had second thoughts about all of it going into her pussy. John sensed that also and said “don’t worry I get you ready and then only give you as much as you want.” With that he pushed her down on the bed and climbed between her legs. He drew his face up to her pussy and started licking. My wife drew in a deep breath and moaned while reaching down to grab his head and pulled it tighter into her pussy. That was all I could stand and I shot my load all over the floor.
After only a few minutes she began grinding her pussy into his face and screamed as she came writhing like a snake on his tongue. Before she had a chance to settle down, John raised himself up and began pushing that huge cock into her pussy. She groaned and pushed back and slowly John worked about half of it into her stretched pussy. My dick was again hard as a rock and I began pumping it again. After a few more in and outs she said “push it in! come on! I want it all!” with that John double his efforts and soon was balls deep in my wife’s cunt. She looked over at me and through dreamy eyes said “God honey you can’t believe how this feels. I feel so full and his cock is touching places I did not know I had” I smiled back and told her to give him the ride of his life. John then began to slide in and out and gradually her cunt began to stretch and become accustomed to his size. Soon she was pushing back with each stroke and her legs pulled up and locked around his back. Now John began stoking her in earnest. She began to grunt and move and Johns hips were moving faster and faster. Suddenly she let out a wail and screamed “fuck me, fuck me you big stud! Pound me with that horse-cock” John was slamming it into her now and she screamed “ughhh I’m Cumming Cumming…god this is fantastic What a cock”. Johns balls tightened and he grunted and began to fill her cunt with his cum. I followed again spilling my cum all over the floor. I could see the cum squirting out of her cunt around the massive dick. He seemed to cum forever and my wife went over the top a second time. I closed my eyes and when I opened them John was just pulling out of my wife and she looked at me and said “I love you and for this you can have anything you want” John looked at me and said “that was one terrific fuck, and for that you deserve something too.” He reached in his pocket and pulled a picture out and handed it to me. There was one of the sexiest red-heads I had ever seen. Dynamite body and red hair down to the middle of her back. He said that she was HIS wife and he was going to fix it up to that I would get a chance to fuck her as he had my wife. My wife looked at the picture and said, “WOW! that I want to see, and then I want to fuck John all over again!”

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