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i fucked my wife before marrige

It so happened with my wife after we were engaged. I had to visit her home for a something to discuss about our marriage. I had my work done and I was offered some fruits to eat by my Piancy. When she gave me that she asked me if she is good looking and how does she look. I was unable to tell her that time. To me she was perfect young lady. Her face was smooth she had a incrediable smile, with that anybody would fall for her. Her structure was as though carved. Her cheeks were puffy. Her lips were sedutive. I would die to kiss her and receive one from her. She had firm and full round bossoms. Desending down her belly was flat with no extra flesh. I could make out how her thighs would be it should be white and lovely. She was on saree when she bend to give me the fruits and the drink. I saw through the conner of my eyes. She was wearing her saree below her belly. Mine it was so nice. I wanted to touch it gently and wanted to see how she feels. I funished my fruits and drink I went to wash my hands. She came behind me to show the wash place. I washed my hands and turned towards her and said you are an angle. I wrapped my hands around her hips and brought her close to my face. She was telling I am in hurry and can have after marriage. When I had her very close to me her bossoms were chrushed towards my chest her belly was hitting my stomach. She was soft and tender. I had my blood rushing towards my heart. I gently placed my lips to her lips and kissed her. I was kissing her she was in half mind as she was worried if anyone would see her. But I told her in her ears you ache me so much I want you immediately will you I asked. She just smiled and said that somebody is coming and parted away. She also enjoyed my kiss and said thanks while entering the drawing room. I left her. After reaching home again we had to go to their place to convey something else. I took this turn with out any other choice. I went to her house thinking of northing. She was alone at home. I saw her on her bed reading some book turned towards her bed. She had folded her legs to her knee high facing to the roof so that the saree went up. Mine to see her lower legs it was that beauty I was thinking of kissing it from her foot. Then slowly I crept to her front she had her saree front fall little. I was able to see her deep cleavage it immediately predicted my veiw when I had her closely towards me for the kiss this morning. I was irresistable. When I made her aware that I was present. She immediatly got up and excused herself of not being aware and adjusting her clothes. But I was looking at her very passionately she did’nt know what to do and was going behind. At last she could not go any further as the wall stopped her. She was pusseled with my looks. I went close to her and asked how was the kiss which I gave her morning. She dropped her face with shyness and was silent. I caught her hips gently and was caresing her she was speechless and was enjoying my touch. I reached her belly and was gently caresing it mine she could not bear it she turned her back towards me making her shoulder visible for me she was breathing heavily. I was kissing her nape and went to her ears and said I am going to take U I said, she was shocked and was not able to utter any word. As she was enjoying my each and every move. From behind I holded her boobs she was in great feeling when I took it in my hands and was careseing it she then felt my prick hitting her butts. She then turned around to open my pants. I also opened her blouse. She was on her bras. Then I came few distance back to see her boobs it was tremendous. She was creamy and full with her attonamony. She found my eyes stealing it and the shinning in it. And said it is for me darling why are U in this hurry. Meantime she had opened my pants. And brought him to air. I then removed her bras and desending my hands down, she made it easy. When I made her stark nacked. Mine as I said she was a golden statue. She had a very good attractive structure. I was just on the need to push my dick into hers. She was with her jucies just started flowing. I hugged her and was kissing her everywhere. I could not belive this happening before our marriage. She took me and we had a great time. She was talking to me sedutively and making all sedutive noice. I was just carried away with all this and had with her untill she had came two times. Then I parted saying this will be our remarkable unforgetfull event.

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