Cheating on the wife Part I

My wife was in an accident, she doing find finally responsive after a month but the doctor says there is a 90% chance she will be parallized from just below the breastal the way down, after getting the call in the morning after coffee i headed to work, it wednesday, those were the slowest days at the office.

I was early, I waited for Li to show up she was my assistant, she did everything i asked her to do, while waiting for her i thought of how attractive she was, she had that nice yellowish tan complexion she loved the beach, her fiance is a surfer, who gets paid to measure the height of the waves, while thinking of her and was getting stiffer by the moment, I bet she was nice firm brown nipples that just stick off her breast, then she just walked right in. She was wearing one of those blouses where the middle is cut so low you can clearly tell there was no bra to restrain her juicy looking breast and her skirt was another story then i realized she was crying. i signaled for her to come to my side of the desk and sit on my lap. “whats wrong Li?” i asked as she sat doen on my almost fully erect member wich got even harder/longer.

She Jumped ans yelled “dammnn!, thats fucking huge.” then she sat on my other leg staring,”I caught paul screwing his boss, when she left he said he was doing it to get a raise and i forgave him, hes upset because i make like 20 dollars more an hour.” i dont know what made me do it but i started kissing her, i slid her blouse off her shoulders and put cupped her one breast and played with her perfectly tanned nipple,”Mr. Walters i can’t your married, I’m planning my own..” we were both kissing, she ran over locking the door, i said “please I need to get my mind off my wife?”

“What do you want me to do?”, she asked staring at my pants, while i stared at her tits, fully erect cock on me and her nipples could cut glass. i pulled the cock out and told her to suck on it, treat it better than your husbads was followed after she started.

She was so good she started first by licking it base to head the slowly put the head on and was sucking hard it felt like she was trying to force the cum out, then slowly took more and more until all 11 inches of my fat black cock was ingulfed by her mouth and throat i was about to cum i got her to stand up and sit down on it removing her panties in the process, she was so tight then it occured to me she was a virgin, her hyman busted allover my coack i took over i bant her over the desk and slowly penetrated her virgin pussy until it was all in there still me on the verge of cumming i slowly picked up the paced until she started to cum anda sk for more i was already pumping loads of seman into her womb i felt it running down my leg had to be running down hers to i was thinking, i pulled out and stauck in her ass and sarted pumping her ass till it overslowed to then we switched back and she was riding, she looked out the office window to see that her fiance was watching kinda pissed off, she through her clothes on and stormed off.

Li will always be my office time slut, she is now pregnant with our first and getting married in 3 weeks, she told him it was his, boy is he gonna be even more pissed when he figures out its mine not his.

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