Beefis and blunt head do dirty j

Beefis ( B )and BluntHead (me) Do Dirty J

This story is a True story it happened and it is funny.

J (Jacquel Mcd) came to my house it was around noon. Beefis was in my room slepting.She had told me before of how she became Aquanted with

The narcissistic vixen

Jenny wasn’t the kind of girl men hope for she broke the molds .While most girls ignore their own pleasure jenny didn’t deny her clit. Not only did she not care is her lover had achieved orgasmic bliss. But she demanded that she cum from behind w


When she finally looked at the door way she was surprised at what she saw. Who but her best friend Sarah was standing there with her hand half way up her cunt. With a half crooked smile on her face she walked towards the bed. Candy trying to be coy c

I taste just like candy

As Candy stepped out of the shower her cunt twitched. This is the night she had been waiting for. Sort of like a devirgining. Her girlfriend Sarah said that the money was fast and on occasion you’d get a really good fuck. And while she had no need