best sex ever

hey iv never done this before so im sorry if its not that good but i hope you enjoy. thanx for reading.

it was about 4:30 in the arvo when we first started drinking. there was my cousin, her boyfriend, adam his best mate and me. my cousin and

Hottie that i got pregnant

Hottie that I got pregnant.
At the mall my best friend and her best friend, Jenny went to watch a blow over movie and got bored at the mall. My best friend left and it was just Jenny and Me left. I was 5 foot 11 and had an athletic body and a 9 i

The Surprise

The Surprise

My wife Marie and I are very adventurous when it comes to our sexuality and we are not above trying things that most people would likely find disgusting or deviant like. Now I need you to understand a few things before I continue.