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Asian Funhouse

It was a dreary Monday morning and once again I headed north up the M1 motorway to the Scottish borders. I glanced at the sat nav and settled down for the best part of an eight hour drive. After about three hours, the weather eased and the sun finally broke through. I pulled into the services and stretched my legs and grabbed a coffee.

Back in the car, I decided not to stop any more until I reached my hotel. My work appointment was not until the following morning so I had all day today to travel up. Finally, just before five pm I arrived at the hotel. I have to say the hotel looked fine, but I was a bit concerned about the surrounding area. It was very run down with lots of take away restaurants and late night convenience stores. Luckily the hotel had a well lit secure car park so I locked the car and headed to reception to check in.

My room was a lot better than I thought it would be, so I quickly unpacked and ran a nice hot bath. My back was killing me after the long drive.

Feeling suitably refreshed, I asked in reception about where to eat as I never like eating in hotels unless I really have to. The young girl suggested a well renowned Indian restaurant about a ten minute walk away so I noted the directions and headed off into the dark evening. Once I had passed the row of shops, I turned the corner and saw in the distance a few more neon lights. As I got closer, I noticed that one was an Asian Massage Parlour. Now, I must say that I am very partial to a good Asian massage, particularly if they also offer a “happy ending!” I glanced through the window and it seemed very quiet in there, so I opened the door and went in. It was lovely and warm with the usual smell of incense burning. An older Asian woman was sitting behind the high desk and greeted me. “Is it possible to have a one hour massage please?” I asked. “Of course dear” she said. “Would that be a full body massage you’d like?” “Please,” I replied. She said it would be £40 so I gave her the cash and she showed me through a dark corridor to a fairly small room with a massage table. “If you undress dear, I’ll send the girl through to you in a minute, her name is Maki and I think you will like her a lot, she is from Japan.” With that, she was gone, closing the door behind her.

I laid my clothes on the chair and with that there was a gentle tap on the door. “Come in” I said and in walked Maki. My God, she was stunning. Very small build, skinny, tiny breasts, young looking with jet black long hair. “Hello” she said, ” My name is Maki, I am 19 and I hope to make you very happy. Please remove your underwear and lay face down on the table for me”. Just before I did, she pushed a hole in the fresh paper sheet where my mouth would go but also a second one in line with my cock. I had never seen this before. Anyway, I laid down and my cock fell through the hole. I made myself comfortable and she poured some hot fragrant oil onto my back. Her hands felt amazing, so small and soft. She started at my neck and slowly worked her way down my back which was great as it was still aching from the earlier drive. She parted my legs with her hands and poured some more hot oil into her hands and started to rub between my legs. Some of the oil ran through the table onto my cock. I knew it was getting hard. Maki slid her hand through the hole and gently squeezed my balls, noting that my cock was hard. “Mmmm” she whispered. “Nice size, sir.”

She continued massaging my legs and eventually finishing with an erotic tickley massage of my feet. “Would sir like any special treatment today that would make him happy?” Maki whispered in my ear. ” What would you do, would you suck me?” I tentatively asked. “Not usually sir, but as you have a nice big clean cock, I will, yes.” We agreed an extra £40 and she promised me an amazing time. I raised my head to watch her undress and what an amazing body she had. Not an inch of fat anywhere, perfect tiny tits with really big sticky out nipples. But her pussy was covered in well groomed jet black hair. Most of the girls I have gone with are shaven so I had forgotten how wonderful a well trimmed pussy looked especially with gorgeous jet black hair. I reached out my hand and gently stroked it as she stood there. I parted her lips and she was already very moist. She moaned sexily as I found her erect clit. I rubbed it for a moment then she bent down and crawled under the table. She wiped the oil from my aching cock and I felt her lips engulf my swollen end. My long foreskin was still covering the glans and she tugged and sucked it hard with the occasional nibble. My God it felt incredible. In no time at all I knew I was leaking sweet clear sticky precum. She slurped away and eventually pulled the foreskin down and released my swollen helmet. The sensation was amazing. She gently blew me up and down for what seemed like ages and many times I thought I was going to squirt it all out in her mouth but somehow she sensed this and stopped me. I asked if she would let me lick her and she agreed. I got down off the bed and she laid herself down on her back. Her body was absolutely perfect, so skinny. She parted her legs and I started to lick her dark lips. She was so wet I slurped some of her juice out and swallowed it. Her clitty was now at full size and extremely sensitive. I squeezed her little tits and nipples, making her gasp and breathe heavily.

I felt her body start to stiffen and with that, I finger fucked her to an amazingly noisy orgasm. Once she had finished, she asked me to lay on my back on the bed. She poured a load more hot oil on my cock and rubbed some between her own legs. She straddled me, parted her lips to reveal a soaking dark pink pussy and started sliding her cunt up and down my cock length. I think this is called a camel toe slide. I was in heaven. She slowly rubbed herself up and down my cock, with one hand rubbing her clit, clearly trying to get herself off again. She bent forward and I sucked her little titties. Her nipples were very hard and I bit them quite hard as she asked. The temptation to try and enter her love hole was almost too much. I knew she wouldn’t allow it anyway, they never do in these establishments.

She came with a squeal and a shudder. I was so desperate to cum too. She shifted slightly and as she did so, I took my chance and pushed it inside her all the way in. “No” she said, “please don’t do this.” I started to remove myself but just when it almost slid out of her, she slammed her body back down on me and pushed it all the way back in. Not wishing to upset her, I asked “Are you sure?” “Mmmm yes, I like you and your cock, but don’t cum in me please.” I agreed and fucked her very deeply. She was so noisy by now, squealing constantly as she orgasmed again and again.

I too was so close now and I told her but she ignored me. Well, she had her chance and I couldn’t stop it flowing. I shot everything I had deep inside her dark pussy hole. “No!” she said, “stop coming inside me!” but I couldn’t. Anyway, I’d pretty much emptied all of my salty load inside her, coating her cunt and cervix with my thick spunky juice. At this point, she stopped and eased off my aching cock. “I am so sorry” I said to her. She laughed, “I love cum inside me, I tease men I like as the though of them filling me with their cream, thinking I don’t want it, makes me so horny” I asked to look at her pussy and she laid on the bed. I lifted her legs and parted them, watching my cream-pie ooze out of her. I knew I had cum quite a lot but it flowed out of her for an eternity. I passed her some tissues and we began the clean up process. I couldn’t help giving her quick finger fuck, feeling how hot and spermy her pussy was. She came in seconds and her pussy added to the already heavy flow of juices.

We finished cleaning ourselves up and I paid her the money, kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye. As I left the parlour, right next door was the Indian restaurant. How convenient!

I adore sex. Personally, I love tantric, erotic and lingam massage. My marital sex life is non existent now so I am always looking for new and exciting ways to ejaculate.

Writing these stories always invokes a stream of clear sweet pre-cum and when I read the stories back, I always have an intense and copious orgasm.

I would always like to chat with other authors and maybe meet to share ideas and more...

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