the boathouse

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The Boathouse
I have never been into older women as a rule, I tend to take home young women, not cradle robbing or anything but still barley legal if you know what I mean. Although being thirty its not hard to find younger women to screw. Attractive older women that is a rare find. But I found one last week at a party at the lake. I was with some friends and we were checking out the quality women in bikinis on a warm summer afternoon, when this beautiful women walked up beside me and took off her shirt I figured she had to be about 32 or 33 but with the body of a 20 year old, nice and firm and very busty. She looked at me and winked as she sat in the chair. “you like women I see” she said with a coy smile. “I love women” I corrected her.
“what do you love most about them”
“the same thing I love about you, there bodies and the fact they turn me on”
“not only younger women I hope” she said rubbing sun block onto her chest
“hell no older women are smoother, more experienced and great lovers” I said laying it on thick
We made more flirtatious small talk for the better of a half hour. I put lotion on her back and managed to get in a good feel of her ass, which was amazing. After a little while she invited me into the house to get a refreshment and I eagerly followed. But she instead led me into the boat house where it was about 100 degrees. She opened up a cooler and pulled out 2 beer.
“here you go stud, a little Bud before the fun” she said a she opened the can.
“what kind of fun did you have in mind ?” I asked in a sultry love voice.
“I mean” she stepped up into the boat docked in the house and sat in the back seat “I think you know what I mean” she put her beer on the edge of the boat and leaned back spreading her legs. ” I mean before we fuck”
I stepped into the boat and sat beside her “lets do it babe” I said as I caressed her right breast out of its bikini cup and licked the tip of the nipple very gently. “so how old are you anyway” as I starting sucking the nipple and she leaned her back into an arch.
“h h h how old do you think I am? She gasp
“I think you are about 32″ I said licking her breast and uncovering the left breast exposing a fine pair of d cups. She just chuckled and undid my shorts. We continued to make out and disrobe each other until we were both butt naked and sweaty with heat and lust.
“I love sweaty sex” she gasped as she bent over and began giving me head. Her technique was perfect and well practiced. When she finally came back up for air she licked my chest then turned and laid back in the boat throwing her legs over my shoulders and I began eating that sweat slit as she humped my face washing it with sweat and come. I grabbed and rubbed her tits as I did so causing even more moans of approval.
The boat was rocking in the water as she came all over my face.
I watched her reach into the console on the boat and pull out a condom. “no cover no lover baby” she said as she put the condom on with her skillful hands at first then using her mouth to roll the rest down.
She leaned me back in the seat and sat on my cock slowly letting it slowly penetrate her. Then in an impressive display of limberness she put her legs over the back of the seat folding her knees over the back and grabbing the back of the seat to help her balance and ride me. “grab my ass and pull and puuuush me lover.” she said as she began to grind on me I grabbed her ass and began pushing and pulling her she leaned forward and we kissed as we screwed. ” wanna know a secret stud” she whisper short of breath in my ear.
“what’s that ”
She licked my ear and began riding me faster and faster ” I am 47 years old and I love fucking younger men!”
She raised her legs up and stood up in the boat she turned around so she faced the same way I did. And sat back on my cock. She leaned forward her hands on the deck as well as her feet and continued to fuck me silly. After hr arms wore out she sat up in my lap and I grabbed and kneaded those huge tits as I felt her come for a second time. “not bad for an old broad eh stud!”
“I don’t care how old you are when you fuck like this”
“its been 2 years since I have had sex, I was ssoooooo fucking horny , and you are scratching the itch baby”
“oh god I am going to lose it” I said gasping. She stopped riding me and stood up turned around tore the rubber off and got on hr knees in front of me. She deep throated me with a fury and passion I have not experienced before. I shot a hot and heavy load down her throat and she cleaned it all up.
When it was done she sat back up in the seat took her beer and downed half the can. I was exhausted as I looked around the boat house. “this is a nice boat” I said panting.
“I will have to take you out sometime soon’ she said downing the rest of the beer.
“this is your place” I said
“yup its my party, I threw it just for this reason, I needed to get laid.” She reached for her bikini top and bottoms. “what’s the good getting all this money in a divorce if it can not get you fucked once in a while.
We got dressed and left the boat house and rejoined the party and no one was the wiser to our little tryst.
She whispered one final thing to me as we parted company. ” thanks for the fuck stud, stop by anytime” as she swatted my ass and left me. Now I am nothing but after older women, if they all screw like that I have been wasting my time.

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