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Every morning Carl would have breakfast, then sit and read the morning paper while he sipped his coffee. He would then pat Heather on the behind and leave for work. All this was fine, except Heather decided enough was enough. She was tired of being overlooked in the morning. Especially since that was when she was the most chipper. Fresh from sleep, she awoke feeling lusty and ready to make love. Carl on the other hand, wasn’t awake until he hit the shower and had his first cup of coffee. The idea of sex first thing in the morning only hit him on weekends when he had time to lounge around in bed a couple of hours.

Heather had her mind made up. She slipped into a sexy blue outfit, Carl’s favorite color, and planted her sweet bottom on the table in front of Carl. He could hardly ignore her when she began to massage her cunt and strip out of her top. Carl’s cock sprang to attention, much to his surprise. Heather gently kneaded his crotch then slowly released Carl’s stiff tool from its confines. She was feeling naughty and decided to teach him a lesson for ignoring her so much. She would make him late for the office.

While Carl was more than ready to get it on, Heather was not. She wanted to play around first. So, she began to teasingly lick and bite Carl’s cock-head, not giving him what he wanted, a good suck. He tried pushing it into her mouth but she coyly refused. Instead, she gazed up at him innocently, like she had no idea he was in a hurry. She kept up her teasing for a few more minutes, then she sat on the table and offered her sweet pussy to Carl.

Seeing her spread before him, her cunt glistening with desire, Carl couldn’t resist tasting her. He pushed his hot tongue into her and began to lap at the honey dripping from her. The heady scent of her made his cock twitch. He worked his tongue around the outer lips of her pussy before letting it come to rest on her sensitive pink clit. He liked to tease her this way, knowing how she would begin to beg for his cock.

Heather moaned and began to push her crotch into his face, rubbing it against his tongue. She thought of his huge cock filling the void in her and she began to shiver in expectation. She grabbed his head as she drove herself into his face. She enjoyed smearing her moistness on his tongue and lips, and let out a deep, throaty moan as he flicked his tongue across her burning hole. Her breathing became irregular and labored as she neared her climax. As her nipples hardened, she pinched them and caused the delicate pain that she loved. Exquisite tingles flashed throughout her body.

Her plan of teasing revenge had backfired. She could wait no longer. “Carl, fuck me! I’m coming Carl, please, shove that cock into me! Now, Carl now!” While her cunt was still throbbing from cumming, Carl shoved his great hammer into her, just in time to feel the last traces of her throbbing dying away. He soaked up the heat of her before he began to move. He knew she was at her most sensitive point right now and that she liked to have him pound his cock into her while she was still cumming, but he made her wait. He was excited by her passion and he knew he couldn’t last long. He made his strokes slow and steady hoping to keep his cool for a while.

Heather felt hot and tight around him, her pussy seeming to suck at him with every stroke. He pulled her into his lap, letting her fuck him at her own pace, but she was too wild, trying to get every inch of him into her. So he turned her over, once more steadying himself. He watched himself sliding in and out of her. His cock looked so huge against her tight little back hole, how could she take it all, he wondered. Her musky nectar overflowed as he rammed his dick into her. The sensation was beyond belief. His dick felt so hard, like it would burst any minute, and in a few more strokes he knew it would. But, today it was not to be.

She turned around to face him. She hungrily grabbed his throbbing flesh and began to suck it. She was well beyond the delicate teasing stage. All she wanted was to see him shoot his cum all over her. She had hardly begun to work on it when Carl began to moan and say he could feel it cumming. She could see his ass muscles begin to twitch and could feel his balls tightening under her grip. His shaft swelled more than she thought possible. Carl grabbed it as if to keep it together. He came in torrents, drenching her with the hot liquid. Carl shivered in pleasure as he watched it stream across her face. She opened her mouth wide and caught flying droplets of love juice on her tongue. Jet after jet coated her cheeks and mouth. She couldn’t seem to get enough as she continued to stroke and lick him. She tried to wash her face with it as if it was some magic beauty potion. Cum ran down her fingers as she tried to lick them off. She continued to suck until she was sure there was no more cum. Carl collapsed in exhaustion. Heather looked at him and smiled. She doubted that Carl would find the newspaper nearly as interesting tomorrow morning

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