it all started by discusing wild things on bed

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hi me kiren guy 25 yrs n she mona our names r nick 23yrs v r not married she is my gf.
i read many stories under section orgies n couples n got xcited by imaging us in such situation.its not dat i do not love her.i love her lot
let me tell u hw all dis started initially i use 2 lv her lot n never imagine her being sluty bt nw i got horny by it.
initially year back when v use 2 meet 1nce in month v use 2 go out 2 resort n take room 4r hving fun v use 2 watch porns n it started like in porn there was orgy shots n she use 2 get horny lot by watching it.then slowly we started discussing she use 2 ask me hw wld u feel n to take truth out of her i use 2 say yah im njoying n she use 2 say dirty things initialy i didnt liked bt after few days when she came out of it i started missing it n after that i use 2 blindfold her n make her imagine me n any other guy pleasing her at same time n by taking this topic she use 2 shiver.
yet v have not done anything like this in real bt imagine lot n nw days she felt its bad.i can hv sex wid her till long time bt dnt knw y i gt horny by thinking she behave wild wid any1else.
bcause i knw any 1 vl go mad with her as she is vry fair n has nice figure 34,28,36
i wld like to know ur comments or suggestion or any advice 4r me.on
n im sure by ur response i vl post my new story as soon as possible n each story wld b our exprience abt talking such kinky things.bye

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  1. Anonymous

    drop the nigger talk, learn to write understandibly, and you might get somewhere I feel that you know better, but write this way cause you think it’s cool IT’S NOT! Show your class and spell and write right Leave the getto out of your writing!

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