The Wishes

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as i close my eyes i can feel your hand
run over my body and my legs expand
you climb over me and i sigh out loud
your dick slides in me, and you start to pound
i wrap my legs up over your hips
you kiss my head, my cheeks, my lips
i claw my nails into your back
you start to shake, and your body goes slack
i close my legs and you slide out
you say your done, and i start to pout
you move your hand between my thighs
two fingers slide in me, and you hear my sighs
two hours of pleasure goes by real fast
this is something i’ll never forget, future, present, or past

i wake up in your large, protective arms
sweat still on me from your earlier charms
i turn my head and you open an eye
smile creeps your face as i yawn then sigh
as you reach your hand up over my head
i move my fingers to something like lead
it stands straight up and before i know
you’re again on top of me, moving in nice and slow
i turn my head to the side as you move fast
you tighten your hold on me to make it last
i begin to buck under the pressure
you start to lift up, to make the pain lesser
i wrap my arms around your neck
you laugh instead “Oh what the heck”
you grab my hips and lift me up
thrust inside and i whine like a pup
you move your head down to my breast
and even before i could detest
you bring my nipple into your mouth
you suck real hard and i wet down south
as your shake and finally let go
i smile up at you, “it’s time you should know”
i really enjoy our time together
can you please just make this last forever?
a hand reaches over the dresser
you stand up beside me, and breath in “no pressure”
the box opens up and a diamond glares back at me
you slip the ring on and say “will you marry me?”
i start to cry and you take my hand
i shake my head yes, and laugh “i’m at your demand”

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