18 yr old boy fucks friend after hard day @ school

After a tough day of semester exams at Rob’s school, he is decides to hang out with his best friend who also wasn’t “the sharpest tool in the shed.”
Now Rob is about 6 foot 4 with a built upper body and is viewed upon in the school as an idol. He has scholarship offers in every sport and is pursuing football. All the girls love him and if you are seen talking to him, you are a princess. During his exams, he starts to daydream about playing football at Florida State University, which is his dream. He ends up failing his Calculas test along with a couple others.
He leaves school and is driving home and decides to stop at his best friends Alex’s house. Alex is about 5 foot 8 with big breasts and very beautiful legs. She has always been great friends with Rob, but has never “did” anything with him.
After getting in the car with Rob, they are both stressed out for different reasons. Rob, because of his future, and Alex because of family related reasons.
Alex finally ends the awkward silence with a question.

“So Rob, where are we going?”
“Oh I don’t know, what are you in the mood for?”

After thinking about what she was in the “mood” for she answers with a weird voice that Rob has never heard.

“Well, how about we try something we’ve never done before.”

Rob’s eyes grew big and knew that he was in for something good. After thinking about what Alex had on her mind he said “What are you thinking about?”

Alex guided him to an inconspicuos spot that was %100 pure private. Rob’s mind started to wonder as he became curious of what she was thinking. He had an idea, but wasn’t for sure. He never looked at Alex as a nimpho or anything.

Alex said “So what is bothering you hun?” Rob was now starting to get a little hard as he was thinking of what she was getting at. “Just my grades, I won’t be able to play football with F’s!” “Well we could get that off your mind with a little fun.” “Fun?…Like what?”

Alex ran her hand down Rob’s stomach and teased his dick through his pants. Rob let out a little moan and said “Oh that fun…are you sure.” With no response Alex nodded her head and tugged harder. Rob was now fully hard and ready to fuck his best friend. Although, Alex wasn’t, she was into the whole foreplay idea. Alex kept rubbing her hand on Rob’s dick through his jeans and he was getting uneasy. She then undid his belt and pulled his pants down. His boxers looked like they pitched a tent by themselves. At the same time, he was feeling Alex’s breasts, and immediattly removed her shirt and pants. Alex’s breasts were perfectly filling out her black bra. She was wearing a black bra, and black lace panties with a little heart embroidered over her clit. He felt her clit and it was damp. He went in for a kiss and he got all tongue from Alex. Her mouth was so warm and tasteful. This made him think about how warm and tasteful her clit would be. They made out for a couple of minutes.

“Ready?” said Alex

With a football mentallity, Rob responded “Oh, I was born ready!”

Withing seconds both of them were completly naked and excited. Alex sat on Rob and slid up and down on his big dick. “OH IT’S SO BIG, IT FEELS GREAT!!!” Alex was so arroused by his dick that she started to scream. She had never fucked a “friend” before, and she was glad it was Rob. They moved to the backseat where there was tons of rooms to sprall out and do it in many positions. Rob and Alex took full advantage of this luxary.

After thrusting in doggy for nearly 30 minutes Rob was ready to cum. He warned Alex, but she was in no mood to tell him to pull his dick out.

She said, “leave it in, I want to ‘taste’ my friend!” This turned Rob on and he was thrusting so hard, the truck started to shake. “That’s is babe, hard as you can, FUCK ME..FUCK ME..FUCK ME!!!” Rob did just that and came all inside of her dripping wet, cleanly shaved, tight pussy. “OHH..MY GOD, THIS IS GREAT!” said Rob. “I FUCKING love you baby!”…Alex responded.

Alex had a full load of cum inside of her sincerely from her best friend. He pulled his cock out and she sucked the remaining drips into her throat and gave him the greatest blowjob he had ever imagined. Finally, after almost two and a half hours, they got dressed in the back seat and drove home. Rob dropped Alex off at her house and said “Thanks Alex, I love you…friends forever?” Alex responded “No doubt baby!…I Love You!”

The next day at school was like none other. Rob felt so rejuvenated and ready for class. Alex was the exact same way. After lunch Alex went to her locker, and read a note hidden in her locker by Rob.

It read: Alex, your the greatest friend I could ask for. Your always there for me. Can you be there for me again at 3:30 today? I think I’m stressed out again.

Alex shut her locker with a snicker and said outloud to herself, “Anytime babe!”

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    I loved the story. I will have to agree with this story.

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