A girl discovers feelings for her friend..

“Hey Cathy, wait up!” Chris’s voice rang down the hall, and Cathy turned to look into the beautiful brown eyes of her best friend, Chris. A small grin twisted across his lips, and he panted as he came to a stop next to her. “Tryna leave without saying bye to me huh?” The sarcasm in his voice was worth a laugh or two. Cathy just smiled and thought of how much Chris actually meant to her. Theyd been best friends since sixth grade, and they were now in eigth grade. The years seemed to fly by, and it seemed to her he hadnt changed a bit. “So you wanna maybe come hang out at my house tonight? We could have a movie night, my parents are in Brooklyn visitin my uncle.” Cathys heart raced fast with the excitement of having him to herself for a while. “Yeah, sure I’ll see you tonight, I gotta get going!” And with that she raced towards her moms waiting car, with a wave and a goodbye smile.
As soon as Cathy got home, she jumped in the shower and started to get ready. By seven she was vibrating with the anticipation of the night ahead. Her and Chris had always been just friends, but something about him always attracted her to him. She prayed he felt the same, yet worried if he ever found out how she felt, he would be scared away. She knew she couldnt live without a friend like him, so she swallowed her feelings and stared into the mirror. Attractive dark brown eyes stared back in reflection. She touched her own soft black hair, and sighed deeply. Somehow her appearance no longer mattered, she had always been stared at by boys, they wanted to date her and called her house. But she knew that she couldnt win Chris over on just looks, he was so much more. She felt as if she wasnt good enough..
Chris stared into his own mirror checking out his chisled features. For being only thirteen (well technically almost fourteen) he looked pretty good. His dark skin and light brown eyes were in perfect contrast. He knew for a black guy, he was damn good looking. And he was proud to say he wasnt a hood rat or anything. He may have looked like one, but he knew better than that. He critically looked over his baggy black jeans, white t-shirt, and silver chain. Hmm.. he did look fine right now. His mind wandered to Cathy… she was definetly a catch. He feared maybe she didnt feel the same way he felt about her, he cared so much more about her than just friends. But if it made her happy, theyd be just friends. He sucked in a breath as he heard his doorbell go off, and he walked out of his room with one last glance at the mirror. “Dont be selfish, and control yourself Chris..” he muttered softly to himself and he switched off the light, and closed the door, and headed off to see the girl of his dreams.
Her smile could have lit up the world as soon as she saw him. “Come on in chick,” Chris’s voice hinted humor. A small giggle escaped Cathys mouth, and she grinned at Chris. They watched the movie, laughing and making stupid remarks to eachother to lighten the tense atmosphere. They’d done this many times before, but tonight was extra uncomfortable… Cathy thought she felt Chris moving closer. “Must be my imagination” she thought. But as a few minutes past, she finally realized she wasnt imagining it. He had moved so close their arms were pressed together. She could smell his cologne, it smelt really good. She longed to hold his hand or even more things… She shook her head lightly brushing off the thought.
Chris trembled slightly. This was it, he was going to do it. He slithered his hand out and took hers and smiled nervously. His fingers automatically laced inbetween hers, and he looked cautiously over at her to see if she minded. “Phew.” A small puff of air let out of his chest at the sight of her smile. Somehow, he didnt feel satisfied with just holding hands. He could sense thoughts of things slip into his mind…. dirty things. He felt his dick harder in his pants and he shifted to make sure she couldnt see, so he wouldnt make a fool of himself. She’d think he was crazy if she saw. But as he shifted, his own hand rested on his hard on. “Shit” he thought. He was still holding hands with her, and her hand was basically on it. He bit down on his lip, trying to focus on the movie, pretending nothing was wrong. But her hand squeezed his, and it rubbed against his penis again. A small gasp escaped his mouth and he shifted their hands again, just to feel the pleasure of it. He looked over and he felt his heart almost jump out of his chest when he saw her chesnut eyes resting on the crotch of his pants. He couldnt take it anymore, and he leaned over pressing his lips to hers. Her body tensed, and he pulled away breathing heavily. “Im sorry, I didnt mean to ,I mean I didnt bu..” Her words cut into his. “I like you Chris.”She blurted the statement out before she could stop herself. She cast her eyes down, and slowly lifted them to feel her heart stop. There was a smile on his face. “I like you too.” His voice was soft and soothing. “Cathy, I want you to know I wont push you to do anything,” he added gently. He knew that she’d noticed his hard-on. “Its ok.. I want to try some things maybe.. ” Her words were nervous and uncertain. Chris leaned in and kissed her again. They started out slow, and as they went along he slithered his tounge into her warm, wet mouth. He felt her shy tounge reach out and rub against his. He moaned softly into her mouth and felt a shaky hand touch the bulge in his pants. He moved against her hand, trying to put more pressure on the caress. She finally pulled away gasping. She muttered out words that sounded faintly like “I want to touch it.” He instantly reacted and unzipped his jeans and let out his hard member. “Damn” the word yelled out in her mind. “Wow,” she said softly. For his age, he was BIG. His rod was long and thick, probably about eight inches long. Her eyes were wide and disbelieving. “Go on, you can touch it..” his voice had a hint of impatience. She reached her unsteady hand out and ran a fingertip across his penis head, and listened to the sound of his soft moans. She really liked that sound. She rubbed it a little harder, and wrapped her slender fingers around it entirely. She moved it up and down slowly, feeling his thick veins pulse and throb with each stroke. She heard him gasping softly. “Please, faster..” his voice was hoarse and deep. She met his wants, and moved her hand faster and faster. Soon it felt like he was going to explode, and he brushed her hand away quickly. His panting was rapid, and he looked at her with heated eyes. Without saying a word, he brushed her skirt upwords and slipped his hand between her thighs. The feeling was amazing, and her moans sounded instantly. The sound turned him on even more, and he pushed her panties aside and ran his fingertips over her wet slit. “Do you want me to touch you?” he inquired softly. “Mmmmm, please, please, touch me..” pleading need was in her voice. He slid a finger inside of her slowly, making sure not to hurt her. She panted. He slid another finger in, feeling her pussy stretch a bit. He slid them in deep and pulled them in and out in a slow, leisurely motion. “Ohhh godd, dont tease me, make me cum please” she begged him nonstop. His fingers moved in faster and faster, and he felt her heat drench them. Soon she was screaming a high pitched, shrilly plead as she came hard. Her cunt grasped his fingers, refusing to let go. He finger fucked her until she lay panting on the couch, seemingly unable to move. He advanced on her, and crawled on top of her kissing her neck moving down her chest. He unbuttoned her lowcut black shirt, and let out her 36 C breasts. For a girl of 5’3 and the weight of 118, her breasts were definetly a turn on. He almost couldnt contain himself. He tossed her shirt aside, and lifted his own up. Her eyes locked on his hard muscled chest, he had always had a great body. Although he was young, he played all sorts of sports and worked out, he had an amazing body. Cathy’s hands slid up his tight chest, and slipped around his neck. His jeans and her skirt were off in a flash, and they lay completely na
ked kissin
g and rubbing one another to please themselves. He panted hard. ” I cant wait, I need to get inside you, NOW.” His voice was harsh with need, and thick with impatience. “I cant wait either, hurry please” She urged him to move faster so she could feel the pleasure of his cock. But as soon as he slid in, and broke past her hymn, she was screaming in pain. “Please no, no!” Tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed aloud. “Wait stay still” he grunted softly shoving forward. Pain surged through her body. “Shh.” He whispered softly kissing her tears away. “It’s inside, dont worry, itll feel good soon enough.” He moved gently staring down into her hurt eyes. Soon she couldnt tear her gaze from his, the pleasure was building intensely. The pain seemed to vanish, and soon she was begging for him to go faster. “Ohhh god, yes, yes ,YES!” She shreiked in exstacy. “Im so fucking close, faster.. uhhhh shit HARDER” Her voice was loud and demanding. “Fucking shit” His voice was harsh. Before they knew it, they both exploded, their voices loud and harsh as they yelled out in pleasure. They fell onto the couch, sweating, panting. After this, they knew for sure, they would never hide their feelings for one another EVER again.

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