a Must Read …limp dick but i enjoyed


i eloped and married tim ,I love him dearly and he is the only man in my life now….
but often i wonder and feel possesive about my ex flings.

One such was John, i guy had a huge crush on me ,even though i told him we were just going to be friends

this is 5 years ago……….

John was from the same place as this asshole i had just broken off with and our friendship was nothing but pure and simple he loved me and i didnt.
But he had those puppy eyes that made me feel ,that i was his world and he neede me, so i was hanging out with him at the local mall.

I was famous for being this exceptional cook , so john asked me if i could come over to his place and cook him a home cooked meal “I am fed up of Pizzas” he said.

THis was the time i had started seing my husband Tim in college and told him i was going to be at John’s Place.
Tim did’nt like the idea of mine and john’s friendship as he knew john wanted more from me than just friendship.
any ways I explained to tim ,thats its ok, and i can handle myself with John and i coaxed him into letting me go

I arrived at john place in the morning , carrying grocery bags in my hands… john rushed to relieve of those and while taking them
i felt his hand brush against my tits.Not bragging but i have these huge D size jugs ,Tim calls them his watermelons
Any ways i ignored the touch , assuming it was a mistake and started preparing the lunch.

It was hot beautiful day and steam from the food made me sweat a lot.
My white shirt was almost drenched in my sweat.
Suddenly i felt cool towel against my neck …. it was john wiping me with wet wipe……….
i jumped with shock and asked “what the hell u think u r doing ??????”
He relaised i was offended and apologised for his behaviour…….. then suddenly
he held me in his arms and started kissing me gently

I was angry at first but slowly slowly the heat from the range and his mouuth made me dizzy and
i was missing Tim so much that i forgot it was john kising me and not tim

slowly slowly john took me to his room …his lips still locked with mine
and i dont remember him swiftly removing my shirt opening my shorts ……… i was in my panties(thongs) and a matching white plain lace bra.

i realised the where and with whom i was and told john to stop this madness. he locked his lip with mine again and told me that loved me and do anything for me.
He said those in such a tone that i collapsed on the nearby bed and spread my legs for him (without realizing it ofcourse)
I guess my body wanted john to touch me,caress me,make love to me.
I knew tim was a good lover but secretly i always wanted to try john out.
Where tim was all about fire and passion and a great FUCK
i presumed john would be about love and tenderness

I asked john that its now or never…………… if he wants me, just remove your pants and take me now before i change my mind.

He removed his shorts i was astonished to see that though he was aroused , he was so nervourse that his thing lay Limp.
He cursed himself and tried to explain it to me….

That just melted my heart ………. i took his thing in my hand and gntly rubbed it to give it a boost. and to my surprise it sprung up

It was an ok dick certainly not as hard and strong as Tim’s ….but as john eneterd my wet pussy ,the gentleness made me cry.
It was no pleasure from the fuck point of view for me but i felt saintly doing it for john

he was trying to hump me again and again and i then told him i am not getting any pleadsure.

he quickly came off me and asked if could suck m cunt… he actually asked.

I said yes shyingly and he kept his wet mouth near my enterance. what he lacked in dick he sure made up with his tongue as i was screaming my head off when he was finished with

What happens next ….. does john come…..
does tim know about this

in the next part………………….

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a Must Read ...limp dick but i enjoyed, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Chevy69

    I coulnt get into cuz there was too many writting and spelling mistakes that i didnt understand what was supposed to be goin on.

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