A story of sex

A Story Of Sex
I looked into the mirror, admiring the body everyone said they would kill for. The only problem, I thought to myself, is that I have no idea how to use it. I had seen women use their bodies to get what they wanted in movies, but I had never done it. I wanted so bad to know how to use the fact that I was a woman to my benefit, but I was much too shy and conservative. I feared I would never learn the art of seduction until one day my friend, Amanda, invited me over so she could “show me” how it was done. I will never forget that day. The day I lost my virginity.
I went over to Amanda’s house around three o’clock in the afternoon and thought I was ready for anything. Amanda and I were sitting and chatting when all of a sudden the door bell rang. Amanda quickly got up and answered it saying that it must be her friends she invited. I was very nervous as it was but what happened next put me over the edge. Amanda came back in the room and with her there were two guys. One of them was kissing her passionately and it looked as if they could swallow each others’ faces. The other guy, an absolute hottie, was just walking next to them with an exasperated look on his face. When they entered the room Amanda took me to the side and said, “watch how Ben (the guy Amanda had been kissing) does everything I say and is then rewarded with a taste or touch of my body.” I was amazed and awed at how lightly she put it, but then again I wanted to be like that too.
When Amanda and I came back in the room the guys we completely naked and my mouth dropped open at the sight of William’s (the other gut Amanda invited) large cock. Amanda’s man immediately jumped on her and she told him they were going to do a show for me since I was a virgin. Well, at the mention of this my body went wild and I could feel a tingling deep within me. An animal urge building up, waiting for me to unleash it. Amanda started with a strip tease and quickly Ben was rock hard. Amanda then did something that to me seemed really cruel. She told him to get on his knees and beg for her sweet pussy. He then did it and she laid on the floor with her legs pinned at her shoulders. He then stuck his throbbing nine inch cock in her wet pussy and proceeded to pound her hard. She screamed and moaned. Ordering him to “pound her harder” and “fuck her deeper”. At this point he was rapidly moving in and out of her leaking pussy. Then with what sounded like a lion’s roar he emptied a huge load of cum into her already dripping pussy. At this point my panties were soaked from my wetness and I felt an urge to scream at William to shove his visibly hard cock in me. I was a virgin yet the yearning for sex was never stronger than it was then.

I kept looking over at William to see the expression on his face. I noticed he would glance at me every now and then and I would quiver under his gaze. Then, our eyes met and I knew it was happening. He reached over and started to squeeze my nipple. This being the most sensitive spot on my body I gave in to everything. William started ripping my clothes off and soon I was naked right next to him. We started kissing and slowly he lowered me down to a laying position on the couch. No longer aware of anyone else in the room I started saying things I had never said before, like, “pound my sweet pussy” and “fuck me now”. He slowly put the head of his ten inch cock in me. As he started in deeper and deeper I could feel him stretch my tight pussy. When he got all ten inches in he then started to pound my pussy harder and harder while moving in and out of me faster each time. I started screaming and moaning, “William, oh god William,” as I started to cum every where. When we were both finished we lay together, William inside of me still, and fell sound asleep. An hour later Amanda woke us up and everyone got dressed. William and Ben both agreed that we should do this again some time, and Amanda and I happily agreed. Later that night at Amanda’s house we were reflecting upon our busy day and my first time when the phone rang.
“Hello?” said Amanda.
“Hi,” said the voice on the other line. After about twenty minutes of listening to Amanda’s end of the conversation she hung up.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“Mr. Renolds checking on my Saturday school (a type of detention),” said Amanda. “Do you want to come with me? Mr. Renolds doesn’t care and if you come with me I wont be so bored,” asked Amanda.
After seeing quickly that I had nothing to do on Saturday I quickly agreed and Amanda thanked me numerous times.
Saturday I met Amanda and we walked to the school from Amanda’s house. Oddly enough, we were the only ones in Saturday school. When I questioned Amanda she only said that she was the only one who had gotten in trouble enough for Saturday school that week. When we entered the room I was instantly awestruck by Mr. Renolds. A tall, young, handsome man in his early twenties. He invited us to sit down and we quickly did so. I was wearing a very short black mini skirt and a pink low cut spaghetti strap top. Amanda on the other hand, was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. Mr. Renolds kept his eyes on me as we sat down and started our three hours.
After about an hour or so Mr. Renolds called me up to his desk. “Tiffany, you’re not in here for a reason are you?”
“No Mr. Renolds, I”m keeping Amanda company.”
“Can you do me a favor Tiffany?”
“What Mr. Renolds?”
“Come with me down to my office so we can discuss your grade, please”
“Sure Mr. Renolds, let’s go.”
As Mr. Renolds and I walked down the hall he kept looking at me with a hunger in his eyes I couldn’t understand at that time, but later came to identify as a man’s need for a woman’s body. As we approached Mr. Renolds’ office he spoke to me softly. “Tiffany, have you ever had sex?”
“Yes sir, I had my first time the other day”
“Did you enjoy it?”
“Yes sir, I did”
“How big was he hard?”
“He was ten inches sir.”
“Okay come with me please.” As we entered his office I spotted the huge bulge in his pants. He looked at me and I knew what he wanted. He wanted me, one of his students, to have sex with him. Seeing the bulge in his pants made me tingle and as he came toward me I was completely ready to give in, and I did. He ripped my clothes off me and threw me on top of the desk. He then instructed me to put my feet behind my head as he put the beginning of his twelve inch cock into my tight pussy. Finally, after a few minutes he had all twelve inches in as I was screaming and moaning for him to fuck me. I enjoyed every second of it while my juices continued to flow freely out of my pussy and down his throbbing cock. After about ten minutes of pounding my tight pussy harder and harder he finally came inside her with a loud grunt. When he was done he pulled out and kissed me on the forehead.
“Thank you sweetheart, that was great, and about that grade, it’s definitely an A+.”
As we entered the classroom we heard some one moaning and panting wildly. There, right on the teacher’s desk, were Ben and Amanda fucking like animals. Just as Mr. Renolds was about to say some thing we heard an enormous roar as Ben shot a huge load of cum in Amanda which dribbled back down his cock and mixed with her juices.
Mr. Renolds went crazy when he saw Amanda laying there naked. His cock began to throb again and he went to Amanda and ordered her to bend over. He lubed he but hole up with a mixture of Ben’s cum and her juices and slowly worked his cock in her ass. Ben went over to me and proceeded to do the same to me. When the men were done fucking our asses Amanda and I shared a deep passionate kiss relieving the sexual tension we had felt for a long time.

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