A Year of Uncertainty

This moment happened about 3 months ago when I was staying with my friends who had been married for a year by that stage. It was late in the evening, middle of summer, and I was sitting out on the balcony, enjoying the late evening breeze, I could hear my friends in the next room having sex, the door was closed but they were fairly loud. I sat there listening untill they finished. About a moment later my friend got out of the room, fully naked with his cock still erect, and moved to go over to the bathroom but stopped when he saw me in view of their bedroom doorway, he moved slowly over toward me, and walked right in front of me, I was still sitting down. his cock was huge and he stod right in my face and said, “well” …”What are you looking at?” And the only thing that I had any impulse to do in that moment was to take the full length of his cock into my mouth, and I just sucked him slowly, andd enjoyed every bit of it. He did not move – I think he was a bit stunned as well. I kept going, and he did grow even bigger very quickly. I had never done this to a man before, I had always thought that I wasn’t gay – I still knew I wasn’t really.
I brought him to a climax, and just kept on pumping him – untill finally he exploded in my mouth, – I swallowed all of his cum, he groaned a few times as he came. We still both didn’t say a word. He looked like he was about to speak, but then he just took his cock out of my mouth and walked straight over to the bathroom and shut the door. 3 seconds later I heard the shower running.

I was still sitting on the chair outside but coulddn’t really relax – because, of course, by this time my cock was so unbelievably hard I had to do something about it, when suddenly, the door to my friends’ bedroom opened slightly – the light was off – but i knew my friends’ wife was still in there, she called out to me, and I walked slowly into the room. She switched on the small bedside light – and there she was – all naked and moving on her saturn bedclothes. She looked at me , and smiled and said “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen”. So I walked slowly over to her on the bed, she kept looking at me, smiling , she opened her legs wide, and said “Quick! While he’s in the shower!” I moved down, with my still erect member, and easefully moved inside her, as I kissed her passionately on the mouth, our tongues interlocking and entwining, and her hands moving about all over me, as I moved freely inside her, penetrating her with my beautiful big, hard cock.

I had spent the last year fantasising about making love to her, and this was all happening just as I could have imagined.
She kept on making love to me as if I were as intimate with her as her husband – She moaned in ecstasy – knowing that the shower running would make it impossible for her husband to hear us.
As we were doing it, she said that there would be two things that would need to happen tonight to fulfill a great fantasy of hers -one of them is that she wanted me to cum inside her, – and the other thing is that she watch her husband and I have sex in front of her, with her participating.

As she was telling me this, I got more and more excited, and impulsively pumped her faster and harder. She threw her head back in pleasure, groaning softly and loving it. She kept on telling me how she had imagined it, but I was nearly ready to cum. I then shot my full load right up deep inside her, she also climaxed, and then we both stopped gasping. Exhausted.
A moment later her husband walked in the room.

Stay tuned for the next intallment.

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