Allan And My Wife

I never thought it would happen to me, but I should have seen it coming. Barb started to change over the past few months, this I knew. But I didn’t know WHY. That is, until that Friday night. I got home from work a little after 6, and she was in the bathroom putting on her make-up. “Where are you going?” I asked her, “are we going to have a special night?” Judging from the way she was dressed, I thought she was preparing for a night of sex with me. She had on a very short red dress and a pair of 5″ white, strappy sandals. Her fingernails and toenails were the same color as her lipstick and her dress, FUCK ME red. “Come here and help me with my dress, I can’t reach the tie”. I walked over to where was sitting and looked at her. The dress was so tiny…a halter dress with absolutely no back. She was bare down to the top of her sweet sexy ass. I took the ties from her and tied them together behind her neck while she held her hair up. “Thank you honey…now help me with this.” She handed me a thick white pearl choker, 5 rows of pearls that fit tightly around her neck. I gently fastened the clasp behind her neck. Then she put on a pair of dangling, diamond earrings. God, she looked sooooo hottttt!! ” Dave, I have something to tell you, she replied, “and you better sit down.”A little about my wife. She is 38 years old, and looks fantastic. She has shoulder-length brown hair, sexy blue eyes, and a great figure. At 5′ and a hot body, she gets a lot of looks from men whenever we go out.Her tits are a little small, 36C, but her nipples are so sexy hard and long that I used to be able to make her cum just by sucking them. “Dave, remember when I asked you if you knew what a cuckold was?” The question rang in my head. I felt dazed, as if someone had punched my really hard on the side of my head.”Honey, I know that you know that something is going on,I have been told to share my secret with you, dear.”What did she mean by the word “told”? By whom? Who could be telling Barb what to do? And why was she doing what shewas “told”? The answer came so fast…………”Dave, I met a man last week on the computer and he asked me to go on a date with him. His name is Allan, he is 35 years old, extremely sexy, nice hairy chest and REALLY well built in the pants.He is so much more attractive then you and has a much bigger fatter longer cock then your tiny worthless thing. He is 5’5″ and very sweet, and I couldn’t help myself. I agreed to go out with him tonight. I know you must be pissed off, but don’t start anything now. He will be here in 10 minutes and I know he will be angry with you if you try to stop me.”I was dumbstruck. “What do you mean a date? You are going out dressed like THAT with another man? Barb Honey, please.. don’t do this to me, I love you and this is killing me!” My pleading was obviously falling on deaf ears, as she continued preparing herself, dabbing perfume on her thighs just below the hemline of her skirt, and behind her knees, then on her neck and between her small sexy breasts. Then she stood up and I almost died. Her thick nipples were clearly visable thru the thin silk of her dress, and it was obvious that she had no bra on “Shit, you’re not even going to wear a bra?” I asked. Barb looked at me, giggled, and turned her back to me, then she bent over slightly, and her little dress raised enough to that I could see about a third of her sexy ass cheeks. Still giggling, Barb said “Allan HATES panties…I’m not wearing them either!” Then she laughed at me as the doorbell rang. “Well, are you going to get the door or not?” she scowled. “Dave, I have changed ALOT more than you know. And you are so useless to me…..” your cock is so small no I mean it is tiny and you can’t please me anymore.She stormed out of our bedroom, and left me like a puppy, staring in disbelief at her walking in THAT DRESS and THOSE SHOES,her delicate heels clicking across the foyer floor, her ass swaying ackwardly as she practiced walking in such high heels.Then Barb opened the door. I felt sick.This man walked into our home and he was here to take MY WIFE on a date. MY WIFE, barely dressed, looking better than I have EVER seen her look .Allan was wearing nothing but a pair of what I can only describe as silk boxer-type shorts, black sneakers, and a thick gold chain around his neck. His sexy chest hairs stuck out from his open shirt. He walked in, took MY Barb in his arms and covered her painted mouth with his, and I could see her open for him as his tongue slid into her throat. Oh, I felt so humiliated. Even in her heels, she had to stand on her little painted toes to reach up and hug his neck, and when she did this her dress raised so half of her ass was visable, naked for me to see. He had an envelope and a small, gift-wrapped box in his hand. Slowly, he bared his teeth and pulled away from her wet mouth slightly, and I saw her…MY WIFE Barbara…gently sucking this man’s tongue, her delicate fingers with their red-tipped nails gently scratching his rock-solid pecs, then down his very hairy chest. His hands were on her bare ass, her ass cheeks looked so sexy next to his huge hands and long fingers. He broke the kiss and whispered something in her ear, and she giggled. Then she REALLY shocked me…she looked up at him and said “OK”, then moved her face to his chest and started licking his left nipple, gently at first, then she began to suck on it as he growled thru clenched teeth. She stopped and looked over at me, her lipstick smeared and her eyes filled with lust.I stood there like an idiot…I didn’t know what to say..he was so perfect for her that I didn’t DARE stop her. He wispered something else to my wife, and I saw her left hand, wedding and engagement rings sparkling,move to his crotch. She started rubbing his massive cock thru his silk shorts, totally oblivious to me standing 3 feet away from this spectacle. He looked at me and grinned Then he tossed me the envelope and whispered something again to Barb. She stopped stroking and kissing his hairy chest and looked atme and said “Allan wants you to look inside the envelope.” Again he whispered into her ear. She looked at me again and sternly said to me “OPEN IT YOU TINY WORTLESS DICK…and ONLY look at the first picture!” Now she was kissing his neck as I opened the envelope. There were three polariod pictures inside. The first was a pic of Allan, sitting on a white couch naked, with a grin on his face. My mouth dropped open when I saw his cock….it was HUGE, draped obscenely over his thigh, and it HAD to be 10-11 inches long and as thick as a beer can. Then I heard her tell him “Yes”. I looked up at them….he was looking right at me, grinning widely and holding her ass cheeks apart for me to see. “Tell me..but say it louder” Allan told her. Then I heard Barb say it. She said what he told her to say.She said it and I felt like I was punched in the stomach. “My whole body belongs to you, Allan.” I looked at the picture of him again, then back up at them, him holding her ass open and grinning at me while she nuzzled,licked, and kissed his neck. This bastard was going to take MY wife’s ass, he was going to force that huge cock into her sexy asshole that was being displayed BY HIM to me. She NEVER even let me TOUCH her asshole, and Barb was telling him it now BELONGED to him. Again he whispered in her ear, then she broke their embrace. He handed her the box, and she looked into his eyes lovingly. “For me? Allan,you shouldn’t have”. She open the box and removed a small, silver bracelet. She smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. “It is beautiful,” Barb said. “Dave honey, look what my lover boyfriend Allan gave me! An ankle bracelet!” He whispered to her again, and she said “Dave, come here and put it on me like a good boy”. I hesitated, then Allan said “NOW NEEDLE DICK” Oh God, I felt so helpless. I walked toward this obscene couple and took the bracelet from Barbs little hand. I could not help but notice her rings and her red fingernails. “Put it on my left ankle” she said. I kneeled down, feeling like I had bee
beaten so badly, ready to cry at this point. Then I noticed that the bracelet had a small piece of metal with words engraved on it. ” ALLAN’S SLUT”. “What the fuck was going on?” I thought to myself. Here I was, kneeling between them, putting this gift he gave Barb on her ankle, while she stood next to him, still rubbing his HUGE cock. I felt my eyes begin to water as I gently wrapped the ankle bracelet around her leg, just above the little white strap of her high heel. When I looked up, I saw that her hand was now INSIDE his shorts, lovelingly stroking his cock. Then he laughedand pushed me back, and I fell onto my ass. They both laughed, then she said, “Lets go, I can’t wait much longer.” “Wait”, he said, and asked her if she “did what he told her to do” “Yes. she “Does the little dick know?” he asked her…”No, he hasn’t seen it…I don’t want my husband to see it.”Then he turned her around as she begged him..”No, please Allan, I did it for you, not for my husband Dave”. Now she was facing me, grinding her ass against his obvious hard-on. She cast her eyes to the floor as he reached in front of her and lifted her dress….she wouldn’t look at me. “Allan, please…don’t show him…it is not for him..its for YOU”. I could NOT believe my eyes…he lifted her dress to her waist and I could plainly see… her sexy hairy pussy…now his cunt..totally wide open.I was totally humiliated, but excited at the same time. She took his hand and led him out the door, leaving the door open as they left, for me to watch as they walked to his car, parked in the driveway. He opened the passenger door for her, and Barb looked over at me before getting in and said “Don’t bother waiting up for me”. Then she slipped into HIS car. Allan closed her door, then looked at me and laughed while holding his crotch. “Wifey wants this big fat long hard cock REAL BAD and she is REALLY gonna get it. Barb looks good, doesn’t she? Remember..shes gonna get all she wants. Think about her and my sexy uncut cock all night!”He grinned, then said “Tiny dick, go look at the other two pictures in the envelope”. Then he got in, shut his door, started the car, and drove out of MY driveway with MY wife and down the street into the night.I stood there in my front door, mouth open in disbelief, Then I walked inside and shut the door ….I realized she was no longer mine, and it was killing me.I sat on the couch, looking at the envelope. I didn’t want to look inside,but I knew I had to. I pulled out the second picture…..It was a bed…a large bed…covered in a snow-white spread and red pillows…and something else….dildos and vibrators. There had to be a dozen of them plainly visable, all sizes, colors, and shapes, with a GIANT black rubber cock standing up between the pillows. “Damn, I thought to myself….the things my wife is going to be doing for him tonight”. Then I noticed in the corner of the room a video camera on a tripod. The writing I quickly recognized…it was my wife’s simply said “Allan, anything you want I will do…ANYTHING”. I just sat there, wondering what was happening….to Barbara. Allan obviously was going to fuck her, and she wanted it.

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