Alone for the first time

It was a hot summer day.I sat on the porch and watched the heat rising from the concrete.
“it sure is a hot fuckin’ day.”I said to my self.
I got up and walked in the house only to see my boyfriend lying in the couch.
“Wanna go to the river with me?”I said shyly as if eagerly wanting him to go.
“Not really.”He said drearily.
“Fine,give me the keys and I’ll go!”
I snached up the keys and walked out the door.

I drove across town and stopped at a convenient store on top of the hill.In the store,I picked up a 12 pack and walked to the check out line.I stood behind several people;it seemed like forever and I began to feel clouds build up in my head.Swift,vivid pictures began to develope.I was watching this man make love to me.He thrusted hard in and out of my body as I was bent over in doggy style.As I pictured his every move my pussy started to drip.Then suddenly I was jerked back into reality with the feeling of someone squeezing my ass.
I swung around with my hand in the air ready to slap someone.
“Oh my god!What are you doing here?”I said to him excitedly.
“I’m just down for the weekend visiting my inlaws.You have lost a lot of weight girl.”He said with a smile on his face.
I was blushing bad.I knew this guy from a different time.He was married,but he knew that I had always wanted him.He had never flirted with me,until now.

We both paid for our things and then walked outside to my truck.He was parked a few cars down.I put my stuff in the back and turned around to see him checking me out.We smiled at each other and my whole body got hot just thinking about this fine ass guy in front of me.
“So where are you headed?”I said softly.
“I was just going to,I mean,take some stuff back to the house,but,I,we can go somewhere and catch up on some things.”
My heart sank.I knew what he was thinking and I was thinking it too.
“Well,I was going down to the river for a while.We could take your car and you can just bring me back here.”I said as I walked down to his car and got in.

The place we were going was secluded.It was about twenty miles into woodland.There was nothing but trees and grass all the way to the river bottom.There was narrow opening between to trees that had a path leading down into a shaded pool halfway sourrounded by a feild of green grass.The pool was perfect with only a small creek from the river leading in and out of it.

I got out of his car and ran straight into the trees and beside the pool of water.I turned around to see my friend walking patiently behind me.He took of his shirt,expossing his tanned skin and perfectly shaped abs.
“What are you doing?”I said innocently.
“It’s too hot to worry about wearing clothes I need to cool off.”He said looking at me passionatly.
He reached over and wiped the sweat from my forehead.Then suddenly he leaned in and gave me an unexpected kiss.He pushed his tongue in my mouth hard and began massaging mine.I opened my mouth as wide as I could feeling the inside of his mouth wrestle my tongue.He wrapped one arm around me and used the other to fondle my breast.Finally he pulled away and began to strip off his clothes.I did the same.He grabed me by my hand and led me into the water to the other end of the pool.The water felt good around my naked body.
“Lay down right here with your legs open baby.”He said gently.
I layed down on a shallow waterbed and spread my legs.The water flowing around my backside made me tingled a little.The rocks were smooth and shifted to the shape of my body.
“You’re pussy is shaved,nice.”He said,licking his lips.
He got on his knees in front of me.
“Sit up for me.”He said strocking his fully erect cock.
I sat up and gazed at his 9 inches in front of me.He put his hand on my head and leaned me down to his private,until my lips touched the end of his penis.Then I opened my mouth and slide my lips down his cock inch by inch until it was fully in my mouth and down my throat.I sucked it hard and slow at first useing my hand to pump the blood throughout his pulsating mass.The sucking got faster as I pictured his penis pumping my pussy.I could feel his penis turn to rock before he withdrew and firmly placed his hand on my chest and pushed me back onto the water.
“You’ve been a bad girl.”He said heavily as he placed both his hands on my inner thighs and pushed them open roughly,expossing my pink pussy that was dripping into the stream.He leanded in and immediatly began licking my slit and sucking my clitorous making me moan.
I ran my fingers through his hair as he rolled his tongue over my entire pussy.He brought his hand up to my cunt and slipped in two fingers,thrusting them deep as he continued to suck up the juices that were flowing.Then he withderew his fingers and tongue and sat up on his knees.He grabbed me and flipped me over on my stomach and lifted my hips up to his cock and let the head of his cock touch my throobing pussy.Then he reached both hands around and grasped my breasts,feeling the nipples,pinching them until they were hard.
“Do you like that baby?”He said.
“Oh yes,please put your cock in me.I have’nt had a good fuck for weeks.”I said breathing hard and bending over,anxious to take it from behind.He slid his cock halfway in still squeezing my breasts with every inch.
“You’re nice and tight.You’re boyfriend must not have what it takes to make you cum,I know he’s the only one you’ve ever fucked before.Do you want it deeper baby?”He said teasingly.
“I’m so horny baby,I want to feel like it’s my first time.Come on baby,thrust your hard cock into me,make me cum.”
He pushed the rest of his cock into my vagina,juice flowed from my pussy lips onto his cock and dripped from where our groins touched.He began humping me without taking any cock out.He pulled on my breasts harder and harder as they bounced up and down.He slid his dick out until the head was resting inside my pulsating pussy.We were breathing hard and both of us wanted to cum badly.
“Are you ready to cum now baby?”He said eagerly as he stroked my breast with one hand and used the other to rub my clit.All I could do was nod my head and bend over further,feeling the tips of my breasts touch the water.He slammed his cock deep into my vagina and began to fuck me hard.My body tingled every time he pulled it back and rammed it inside me.I was screaming in pleasure.After ten minutes of hard core fucking I could feel his penis swell in diameter inside my red,sore pussy.At the same time I could feel my vagina get steaming hot and I wanted to push.I felt his cock burst hot fluids up in me,as he began to fill me up I felt my pussy contract tightly around his dick and realse my cum,we were both cumming.He pushed harder and harder until every drop of cum was released into my cunt.When he withdrew both our cum dripped into the water.

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