AMISHI's BEST Friend, in otherwords her FuckBuddy

AMISHI’s FuckBuddy

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. References made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, PLEASE STOP READING IMMEDIATELY!!! OTHERWISE READ ON AND ENJOY!

Arriving home, in Mumbai a week before ‘The Blast of 1998, we were hit with 25″ in an unpredicted rain storm. It was massive, fatal, and of monumental proportions for our area. Seeing as we are in the southern region and the temperature never gets below 35 usually, nobody expected it, not even my parents who used to live in Mumbai.

Not starting my new job in my native town in Gujarat, I had called three friends I grew up with. One was engaged to a guy I didn’t know, another was almost married with a child, and Hamid Mahamood was always looking for a date for the weekend.

I was looking to go out for Bowling. Amishi, who was engaged, was available to go because her fiancé was out of town. Amishi and I liked each other; we got along well. We both played sports at the same college and were in two musicals together. Right out of high school we did two more before I left town for a so-called new career which didn’t plan out.

I’m Kuntal, and Amishi’s parents and my parents never got along; neither of us understood why. Regardless, despite their objections, she and I always went out and had a good time before her fiancé was apart of the picture and I moved away.

It started raining early Friday afternoon. IT was coming down heavy to begin with but before we knew it, two inches had fallen and I just arrived to her apartment. Waiting and looking outside, the snow was getting thicker and thicker. After waiting a half hour, 4 inches had fallen.

Yelling back to Amishi, I asked her if she had looked outside. She said she hadn’t and I told her to take a look. She was surprised and screamed out, as if she’d never seen anything like it before.

Walking out, Amishi wasn’t dressed. She had on a pair of undies and a tee. I thought it was odd she’d prance around like that even though she and I were good friends. I stared at her as if I hadn’t seen a girl’s body or her body before. She smiled but said she didn’t know if she wanted to go out sue t the weather.

I rather agreed with her, but I said I should get home. We turned on the TV and there was a Level 2 driving advisory stating no driving unless absolutely necessary. I looked to my right, Amishi was smiling. Man did she look enticing all of a sudden. Amishi isn’t a goddess. Amishi isn’t a pageant queen. But what Amishi is could be considered above those two aspects. Amishi liked me a lot more then I ever knew it.

She’s short standing 5′ 3″ I think. She wasn’t too much into exercise but she did walk often for the heck of it and she didn’t overindulge in food. So in essence, she was chubby and she was happy and she told me something out of the ordinary which struck me odd. She told me in a round about way, her fiancé suggested she get on a diet. If he loved her why would he care? I wondered a lot about that.

Why is she marrying him if he cares so much about her appearance or weight? She’s been like that since high school, so she looked chubby all the way through school. That’s the way Amishi is.

But Amishi is very pretty. She has pretty curly, kinky type hair. She keeps it tamed as much as possible, which isn’t easy. But it looks awesome on her. She’s sweet, fun, and a little devil so to speak. She loves being romantic if the guy she’s with feels right to her.

Looking at her tits as she looks at me, I don’t notice her smile and the fact I’ve been caught ‘peeking’ at her boobs. In fact, she has NFO’s or ‘Nipple Freak Out’s’ going on. Her nipples are rock hard and are so noticeable through her thin tee she’s wearing.

With a smile I ask her “Ummm do ya always parade around guys ya know well in undies and shirts like that?” She breaks out laughing because she’s been watching my face while it has lit up.

“Well what I’m wearing doesn’t bother you Kuntal. I didn’t know I needed to be dressed for you. I thought we were good friends.”
I laughed and looked at her face finally. She was smiling smugly knowing I got my fill and it didn’t bother her a bit. “It’s neat outside, let’s go for a walk. Her fiancé has a pair of snow boots here you could wear. Come on, let’s go” she said tugging at my arm. I’ll put on clothes too so you don’t have to look any longer” giggling at my situation.

I told her no, I liked how she looked right then, and there. She knew I was teasing and turned to face me and wiggled her upper body at me, emphasizing her boobs. “So you wanna stare longer. I’m not sexy Kuntal, I’m just Amishi, which means PURE PLEASURE.”

Making a slip of the tongue, I said “That’s not true Amishi. I think you are.” Of course wearing what she had on didn’t hurt either. I don’t think I would have said that if she was wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt, but what the heck it was Amishi. She and I wouldn’t do something like that; were just buddies.

Agreeing to take a walk in the blizzard might have been stupid. After 5 minutes, both were plastered by driving, blowing, and partially wet snow. Kuntal wasn’t fit to go out. He didn’t have all the right clothing. Her fiancé ‘s clothes wouldn’t fit Kuntal. Kuntal was three inches taller then Her fiancé .

Heading back to her apartment, she was freezing, he was freezing, and wet, and both needed to dry off, change into dry clothes, and get warm. What was worse was they lost electricity. The lights didn’t work, the hot water was going out, and they were freezing. Not having enough blankets, Amishi offered a solution.

“Hey, I know this is wild, but ya wanna crawl under my blankets in my bed? I’ll keep my distance. You can try to wear some of Her fiancé ‘s pajamas but I know they are going to be small on you. What do you want? What do ya think Kuntal?”

“Like is this an invitation to have sex Amishi” I asked myself. She asked me what I was thinking. It was evident I had something on my mind. “Is that a smart thing to do” I asked her. “What do you mean? I’m engaged Kuntal, I’m not gonna fool around. Besides were just buddies aren’t we? We’re not gonna do anything. I wasn’t planning on it. It’s cold in her. I can take off the covers and we can cover up with them out here and watch the snow come down in here.” I agreed to that but shouldn’t have. I should have gone along with her original innocent suggestion of lying under her covers in her bed. Either way, it was an interesting experience.
Even my undies were wet. When I told her I was soaked to the bone, she played me and toyed with the idea I was soaked. “Hop in the shower and get washed up. I won’t peek I promise.”

“Darn, I joked, I wish you said you would.” Her face looked at me as if she thought I was half serious. “Kuntal, are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting? I know there was a time when I was attracted to you. You knew that too. But times have changed; I don’t have those feelings any more.” I doubted her on that. Somehow the idea when she walked out in a tee and panties only earlier, made me think otherwise. Pausing and second guessing myself on whether or not I should dispute that claim, finally I spoke up. “Amishi, I think” and I paused a moment. “I think we do like each other. I think we like each other a lot more then friends still. In fact, I think if we looked at one another” as I stared off at the snow through her porch window, “you and I would become very romantic and very intimate with each other.” There was complete silence. I looked through the corner of my eye and she hadn’t moved. She stared directly out into the snow storm. “Well, what do you think Amishi, am I right?”

“Yeah you are right; I would have sex with you. Wanna kiss Kuntal. We can see what happens. I mean this is romantic and all with the snow, you, me, and a blanket.” Cold as I was, somehow I heated up. I was warm all over. I was excited and energized. I wanted to feel her lips, but I wanted to feel her in a lot more places too. I reached over, pulled her against me as I got a feel for her body. She felt nice, warm, soft, and cuddly. I liked how her plump chubby frame felt. “Amishi, this is nice. I like how we feel together, what about you?”

“Yeah me too” and that’s all she said looking out the window still. I was looking and trying to read her face. It was blank. I think it was time to make a move; it was time to take it to the next step. Turning towards her I began to kiss her, but she took me down. She laid me out. She pressed her chunky and sexy frame against me, kissing me heavily. Her tongue would start going into my mouth, but pull out. She wouldn’t completely French me. I think she was a lot more turned on then what she did. “Lets get completely naked Kuntal, okay?”
“Huh, what, like what are you doing? You wanna get it on already?” It was getting colder already in the apartment. They aren’t well insulated. Just as we got naked and started kissing without clothes on, calls started coming in. She stood up, walked to the phone completely undressed, and I looked at her chubby ass, soft belly, and stout tits, and I was all smiles. She looked at me looking at her and maybe she was embarrassed. She turned away from me. I looked at her large ass delightfully, and then I looked at her thick legs. God did I wanna eat her up. I stood up. I walked to her and stood by her while she talked to one of our old friends, I began rubbing her thighs and ass. She swatted my hand and smiled at me.
I did it some more. She hopped away from me, almost giggling while again swatting at my hand. Then I stepped closer, slid the side of my hand inside the creases of her ass cheeks. I amused myself and she yipped. Whoever was on the phone asked her what was going on. She said nothing. It was Heather, one of our old classmates Amishi hung around with off and on.

Heather assumed it was Her fiancé and insisted she talk with him. I took the phone after Amishi whispered what the deal was. I told Heather to come on over, then we could have a threesome. Amishi wouldn’t mind at all. Heather questioned if it was Her fiancé because he wouldn’t say that type of stuff. I got her to laugh about it and she considered it when it was safe to drive.

Giving the phone back to Amishi, she was amused. She continued talking while I stood behind her and rubbed her front side including her bush and thighs. Feeling the soft roll of her tummy and her hanging tits made me feel a bit horny.

My cock started to stiffen. Its slight erection bumped her ass. She turned swiftly and looked down. She said good bye to Heather and looked up at me. I smiled, she smiled, and I asked her since I was a little horny if she wanted to feel it. Hesitating, she didn’t answer immediately.

Finally she touched it with her finger tips. Just as she was going to grab it, I think, another call came in. It was Her fiancé . She grabbed hold of it, answering the phone, and let go of it as she said “Hi honey, how are you?”
“No I’m fine but we have a snow storm here. I friend and I are holed up here. We lost heat, and umm well she and I are watching the blizzard. Have you heard about it yet?”
My cock went limp again. She saw it go limp, and lost her train of thought when speaking to Her fiancé . “Huh, pardon me, what was that again honey?” I don’t know what he asked her, but she being distracted was annoying him. “My diets fine; I lost another pound today. When are you going to be home by the way? I wouldn’t expect you anytime soon, there’s already maybe 8 inches on the ground.”

I tried whispering to her. She was getting upset. She lost interest in me I think. I didn’t ‘play’ with her while she was on the phone. She said goodbye to him and apologized to me. Standing naked she was shivering. I took her hand and we walked over to the window and covered up under her blankets.

I didn’t care at that point. I was going to have her regardless. I covered up under the blankets and searched out her body in the dark. I began kissing her tits, but she stopped me and told me don’t. I ran my hand across her curly, kinky hair. Ignoring her feelings I said to her “You know I’ve always liked your hair. I think it’s nice; it’s cool.”

Then she finally kissed me. We were on our way. She placed the palm of her hand on my crotch and my limpness trying to entice it but didn’t say a word. She only looked at me. She didn’t smile. Her eyes were different. She wasn’t sad, but she wasn’t happy looking either. I didn’t say anything. I let her feel it.

I loved it, but I let her take the lead at first. Then I thought “What am I doing, go for it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I put my hand down between her legs and felt my way around her hairy bush. I loved it. Her thick legs were sexy and a big turn on to me. She spread out her thighs so I could get inside her. Finally she smiled and she looked right into my eyes when she did. Seeing her smile let me know we were ready to go all out and have the best sex we could possibly have. Laying her out on her back, which she let me do, I climbed over her. My dick was pretty hard at that point. With one leg on each side of her chunkier body, it wasn’t a big stretch for me to do what I wanted to do.

I slid up and down her belly and just below her boobs. As I did so, I poked my cock into her a little bit as my balls drug behind the cock. I don’t know how much that turned her on, but she smiled while I poked her or slid my cock along her chubby tummy.

Then I slid backwards and rubbed along the same area with my hands as gently as possible. Using my hands, I went closer towards her tits eventually cupping them. Amishi would not move; she would lie there resting and enjoying what I was doing. Her eyes seemed to sparkle. She really liked it.
Then the damn phone rang again. This time it was her parents. They had gone out on their snowplow and were stopping by to see her. They were outside. They were looking up at her apartment. I hit the floor so they couldn’t see me. “Hi dad, yeah I’m safe. It’s cool. Yeah Her fiancé didn’t make it home. I’m alone right now, but I’ll be okay.”

I crawled over away from the window and stood up. Once I was standing, I was naughty. I began trying to kiss her boobs. She let me but almost broke out giggling. So I felt her nipples, which were hard, and then went down to her ass and felt out her cheeks, sliding my hand through her ass crack at that point. She jumped sideways not expecting it.
I was having a great time; so was she I’m sure of it. She winked at me and gave me and blew me a kiss. Then she hand signaled me as she showed me a sign as if she wanted to grab my balls. I stepped up, she said goodbye to her parents, and she grabbed my limpness.

Then her damn fiancé called again. Amishi’s head rocked left to right as if completely annoyed. I know I was. They hung up. It was 9pm and I wanted to have sex. I wanted to make love all over Amishi. I wanted Amishi to just become wild and have uncontrollable sex with me too. I wanted to titty fuck her, pussy fuck her, fuck her mouth, and have a good old romantic evening in one, if that was possible.

I don’t think it is. I only think one can have it either way, but not both. “Amishi” I asked “do you like being fucked in your titties? Do you like swallowing? What do you like?”
Smiling she said “Kuntal, I really don’t know. I mean yeah I like having sex. But I’ve never done anything too kinky before. I’ve never had titty sex, or anal, which I’m not sure I want to, but I have given blow jobs a lot. Do you want to be sucked off? I’ll do that for you. I’d love to if you’d like me to.”

“Wow, yeah” I thought to myself, “lets get it on!”

“Can I muff you? I’d love to taste you Amishi; can I go down on ya?”

She smiled, winked, lied out on the floor, spread out her legs so I could see her cunt, grabbed my head and said “Go for it; make me wetter then wet!”

She was a warm inside. That was cool to me. I licked and licked. She said to give her my hand. She taught me exactly where the clit was. She taught me exactly how to turn her on in that respect.

Once I began understanding that part, she was moaning and groaning. Pulling out, I began titty fucking her. Instantly without hesitating, she hopped up, skipped to the bathroom and back retrieving some oil, and poured it on her tits.

That was awesome. I slid through her channel as if I was a HobyCat on a great day of sailing. In, out, and back and forth, I was aroused, she was turned on, and I wanted to slide it further up into her mouth.

“Wanna suck me” I asked her. Having my hardness in her mouth she nodded no as she point to her pussy. I slid back, shoved my oily cock inside her wet pussy and she was on me and my cock like fire.

She was humping as soon as I was in. I was situated in a way which my cock rubbed against her clit and before either of us knew it, we were yelling, screaming, humping, banging, moaning, groaning, and pleading for more.

I came at her harder and harder. She yipped, yelled, shrieked, as I yelled out how great it all was. I watched her off and on as her body jiggled and for some reason I didn’t love it. I lusted for her body even after she and I exploded.

I wanted to make sure she was done, and instantly went in her again using my finger, but she pulled them. I apologized that I couldn’t get it up right away and she told me go in and muff her, so I did. Man it was incredible. Her whole body vibrated and gyrated in spasms. Her beautiful chunky, sexy thighs clamped against my head and Amishi orgasmed once more. I felt like a real man that first day of ‘The Blast of 1998.’

Lying next to her, I let my fingertips trickle along her soft, gentle skin. Her body felt nice and I told her at least a half dozen times. She and I fell asleep until 4am. The snow had lightened up, but still was coming down heavily. The lights were on. The heat worked, and there were 3 messages of which 2 were from her fiancé on her recorder.

Damn is he annoying or what? Looking outside, I wasn’t going anywhere soon I didn’t think. Problem was fiancé was. He got in to about 40 miles southwest of us and rented a blazer and drove up. However, he wouldn’t get in, thankfully until 11am. I finally got out at 10:45.

The following year, Amishi and I celebrated our one year anniversary as fuck buddies. She and her fiancé broke it off. She began dating another guy, just like Her fiancé , and I finally told her what I felt.

“You know what? We should stop being fuck buddies Amishi. We should be exclusive somehow and date each other.” She liked being my fuck buddy or visa versa. She wanted to keep it that way.

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