Another Letter

Dear Dylan,
I was dissapointed you couldn’t come over tonight. After last night I had been looking forward to more time with you. My god I was amazed when I saw you there. I hadn’t expected you to come, I know you said you would but you’ve said it so many times. I wanted to be so bold for you in my black satin and lace, but when you knocked on the door looking so damn handsome I couldn’t but stand in amazement, in wonderment that a man such as you would come to my door. I need another chance. Come again tonight and I will be the seductress I had planned on. I will kiss you and pull you to the bed before you can object. I want to strip you naked and most of all I want to do anything you please. I can be your personal slave. I know there are certain things that you would like, Big daddy. I know you would like me to suck your big hard cock for as long as it takes…and then go for a long hard ride. For such a bad boy you are damn good, and I can’t wait to get you back here again.

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