back seat

It was a Friday noght when alyx gets a call off her bestfriend steven asking her to come out for a couple of drinks, this wasnt unusal at all they did this atleast once every weekend and seems how she just got her new car she decided she wasnt going to drink even tho it brings out the best in her, so she got her things together and left to go to stevens house.

once she got there he had some mates over one that was very cute they had already had some to drink, steven walked out with a bottle of vodka and told his mates to hop in the car and that we were going to the beach, once we got there steven told alyx that she could drink cause its only the beach and we can walk home from here so she decided to drink.

about an hour later she was pretty drunk but she still new what she was doing she had got to no one of stevens friends very well and was very keen on him, she told steven and steven said his friend thought the same thing about her. she decided she would take him to the car and get to no him a bit better without no inturuption, she told him what she thought about him and he told her he thought the same he was feeling hot and bothered and asked her if she didnt mind if he kissed her, of corse she didnt care.

alyx was feeling very horney after this and couldnt control her self she hope out of the car and walked around the other side of the car and hoped in pauls side she sat on the ground and pulled his pants down and started rubbing his poll, he looked down and let out a moan she got faster and faster harder and harder he moaned and moaned he told her to suck it, it will be her first time she thought but she didnt care she opened her mouth and sucked his poll like she has never sucked anything before she started bobing up and down she sucked long and hard and she new he was close to cumming but she didnt care he moaned and moaned then finally he came she didnt no what to do spit or sollow she sollowed.she stoped and looked up at him and kissed him he kissed her bak he pushed her into the back seat and spread her legs and started feeling arund she wasnt sure what to do she had never had sex before and she was sure he wanted to she wasnt she if she did tho all of a sudden he bent down and stuck his tounge in her tight, wet pussy she moaned it was the best thing she had felt before. finally he stoped they looked at each other for about a minute then she pulled him up onto the seat and hoped on top of his large hard cock and at first it hurt her but then the ride just got better and better ‘FUCK ME HARDER &HARDER’ she moaned so he did he swaped postions and he put his hard cock in as far as he could she moaned. he didnt no what to do he knew he was about to cum so he went to back out but she told him to keep going so he did and wen he did cum she moaned louder then she had that hole night they swaped postions once again paul spanked her and she went harder and moaned he started feeling around her butt then filly he stuck his finger in she moaned and moaned finally it was over, seince that night we have been together we have now been together 4 months and let me tell you he is 1 good root

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