Bad Wife

It all started with just the right mix of saucey-ness, plus homage paid to two things important to me… the first, my ass, the second and more important, My Man (i.e. the best way to me/ My Fabulous & Hungry Pussy is My Man- who do you think you are, otherwise, Player?!)… So after a year of paying proper respect PLUS being married to a total Cunt that deserved to get punked & then leaving her, having The Payee show up at our door step newly single and with a pocket-full of our favorite Party Favor (I’ve always had a thing about whoring for my dope- scandalous! Plus I’d done a lot for way less so I knew I had it “in me”- plus some  )… well, needless to say, forgetaboutit, it was ON.

So at first I was able to “service” our friend in need, saying “fuck you” to that bitch he’d bailed just a week before the whole way through. He was definitely a cooperative and happy client, despite getting soft after I put him on his back, caressed & blew him till he was hard, then climbed on and rode him like no body’s business while my man watched & recorded ways he would punish me later for being so “giving”…. Yum!

So, all was moving along ’til the tables turned on me. It started with me being on my back, legs spread about to get my slit entered by ‘different’ cock, when my man came and man-handled me in to a nice, wide open, very-available-to-get-fucked-deep position, and our ‘guest’ happily obliged by slipping his cock in my slit, deep, very deep to his cute fat base, and started pumping away. Pretty much the whole time I was getting my pussy & mouth filled by one or the other cock at the same time. I think my man got tired of watching my pussy get pounded the way he’d offered up so nicely, cuz next thing I new I was spun around with my man’s much bigger cock in me. I remember turning my head to the side, on my back, opening my mouth just a little and having our obliging friend slip his cock in. It started out like standard cock-sucking while my pussy was being pumped hard, but before I knew it, something changed… Already straining because of an akward angle, suddenly I realized things had changed & and I was now being fucked two ways… My mouth started getting pumped hard and I had to stop moving on that cock and just take it all the way to the back of my throat- no problem. Who knew, such a macho little Latino would lose his mind for a minute & really fuck my mouth, I mean in a way that no one really does unless that’s all they think about all the time- stuffing pretty, bitchy, white mouths with very hard cock. It was subtle, but he started fucking, and I mean fucking, my mouth like you would a cunt or ass. All I could do was buckle down and take it. Just as I realized my eyes were watering from the ‘strain’, my veins were popping, spit was oozing down my lips & chin, he started pumping even faster, harder, and I felt that little spurt of extra hardness that comes right before coming- I thought ‘this little shit is going to come in my mouth!” I couldn’t decide if I was turned on or pissed, but I did know no one was going to call my bluff so I turned my head just a little more, opened my mouth and throat a little wider, and without words said “bring it on”…. It was just as I was hoping he wouldn’t go too long as he grabbed my hand in a frenzy and put it hard at the base of his cock. My mouth was so wide open that he managed to shove his cock all the way down the top of my throat & make me gag a couple times. Then, just as I felt his balls contract, his cock spasm and get harder, shoot a last dose of pre-cum down my throat, he started fucking my mouth EVEN HARDER and hit my back teeth… he wanted to cum in my mouth so much he didn’t care though, cuz he kept pumping. I was trying to keep my other hand down at my pussy and grabbing the base of my man’s cock while he was in me… I kept pumping him with one hand and sucking- I mean getting mouth fucked hard – & grabbing balls and cock with the other but it was hard with everything going on at once. With kind of a sudden jerk he (our Lucky Friend) pulled out of my mouth and started pumping his cock hard with his hand- all the while My Man started fucking me again- Then the yummiest- I felt a hard spurt of warm all over my tits… then a few more times on my chest, stomach- splashing on my chin & lips a little… He went to grab a shirt to wipe up real fast- embarrassed!- but I pushed his hand away while I was still getting fucked on my back wide open for my man and rubbed his cum all over me with a sly grin on my face… I put a finger in my mouth to taste my reward, then grabbed his cock with my cum-covered hand and sucked the rest of his cum off of it.

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    hi ur so erotic can v exchange our thoughts via email?wld u b my email frnd?

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