Burning Desires

Andrea and I had been friends for about 5 years. We met through a mutal friend and immediatly hit it off. We grew to love and trust one another with everything. We could laugh and talk for hours at a time. There were no secrets between us, except for the one that I kept from everyone, her espically.
Andrea, lead a simple life, a husband, job, and children. I was a good bit younger than her, no husband, no kids, just me. I didn’t date much, to complicated. I had my share of guy “friends” but none were the marrying type. I would get together with the guy have a drink, some sex, and come home, but there was always something lacking. I longed for more.
About a year into our friendship I developed “feelings” for Andrea. Feelings that I couldn’t explain nor did I want to. I never thought of myself being with another woman. But when I was with her I caught myself staring at the curves of her body, wanting to touch her as much as possible. I would trace every inch of her in my mind. At night I would dream of holding her, pressing her lips to mine, satisfing her every need.
All of the feelings that I had for Andrea I kept hidden well or so I thought. I would never have said anything to her. Although there were times when I thought that she could very well feel the same. But I couldn’t chance telling her for fear of loosing what we did have. I loved her there was no doubt about that. I loved her with everything in me. But the situation was impossible.
I longed so much to touch her, run my fingers through her hair, gently kiss her in places a friend should never go. I had so many fantasies of the two of us making love. Late at night I would lay in bed thinking of her, her lips, her breasts, what it would be like to taste all of her juices. Many nights I would lay there and rub myself thinking about her and all the things that I would do to her. Thinking of licking her pussy would make me so wet. I would finger myself and rub my clit until I came so hard, wishing that it were Andrea that were rubbing my clit and sticking her fingers deep into my pussy.


About 3 years into our friendship, the house next door to her became availible. So, I jumped at it and moved right in. I could be closer to her than ever. I would be right next door.

It wasn’t unusual for Andrea to come out there and wake me just wanting to talk. We would just lay in my bed together and talk. She had no idea what it would do to me, her laying in my bed close to me like that.

I had gone to bed early that night and no sooner that I dozed off, I heard my bedroom door open. It was her. I scooted over to let her in. She explained that her family had gone and she didn’t feel like going with them, so she thought that she would come and talk to me a while. She said that her back had been hurting her, so I began to rub her back. At first I was rubbing her back on the outside of her shirt. I got a little brave and decided to lift her shirt and rub her back. We were facing one another. I could tell she was loving it. She moved closer and closer and put her arm over my hip and began to rub my back. I was getting hotter and hotter. I moved my hand up and down her back. I would take my finger and run it under her bra strap as a tease.

I slowly moved my hand from her back to her shoulder. I carressed her shoulder, face, and neck. By this time my juices were flowing and I was sure hers were too. As I was carressing her she was doing the same to me. It was so gently and slow. Neither of us saying a word. It was as if we knew what the other one wanted just to scared to make that ultimate move.

I felt her hand on my chest moving toward my breast. I couldn’t help but moan a little. I was breathing so hard, and my heart was beating faster than ever. Andrea stuck her hand into my tank top and began rubbing my hard nipple. I ran my hand into her cleavege up and down teasing her. I ran my hand over to her large hard nipple.

Andrea pushed me back on the bed gently and took my breasts out of my tank top, and began to lick around my nipple. I was in heaven. It felt so good. As she was doing this I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her fore head. Her hand began to move down my stomach toward my hot wet pussy. She rubbed my pussy on the outside of my shorts, I was loving it, but it was time. I wanted to feel her. I pushed her back and took her shirt and bra off. Her breast were large and beautiful. Just as I thought that they would be. I ran my tounge over her nipples round and round. Then I sucked on her hard nipples. Her breathing was getting harder and harder. I knew she wanted me to make her cum. I knew she wanted me to be the one to lap up all of her juices.

I moved my hand toward her pussy. I was a little nervous because I had never touched another woman’s pussy. But I didn’t care, all I wanted was to make this woman cum so hard. I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her pants for a sec. I could feel that her pussy was so hot. While still sucking on her breast and occasionally nibbling on them I ran my hand down her pants into her panties. Her pussy was dripping wet. I ran my fingers up and down her wet pussy. I began to rub her clit round and round. I couldn’t stand it anymore, her panties had to come off. I had to be able to spread her legs to I could taste these juices that were running out of her cunt.

I took her pants down and began to caress her pussy some more. I could tell she loved it. All the sudden she pushed me back, and said, “I want you.” I was on the virge of cumming then. She began to suck my breast and rub my hot wet pussy. I was dripping wet. I pulled her hand to me and sucked all of my juices off of her fingers. She rubbed my pussy until I came so hard. Her simple touch was enough for me. The fantasy had come true.

After I was done I pushed her back and began kissing all over her body. I knew it was time, I was going to taste that pussy, I was going to make her cum in my mouth and all over my face. When I licked my lips I wanted her pussy to be all that I tasted. I kissed her body all the way down to her hot pussy. She was so wet. Her juices were running down her ass. I kissed her inner thigh just to tease her a bit. Then I began licking her pussy. Her juices tasted so good. I licked up and down up and down. Then I fucked her pussy with my tounge. I stuck my tounge as deep as I could. Tasting the goodness of the inside of her pussy.

By this time she was loving it, she was moaning “ohhhhh…yea….ohhh…” knowing I was satisfiing her made me wet again. I put one of my hands under her ass and squeezed tightly. With the other hand, I stuck two fingers inside of her. She was going crazy. All the sudden, she said, “suck it, suck my clit.” I took her swollen clit into my mouth, sucking gently at first, then a little harder, her legs, began to shake, I knew that she was fixing to climax. So with my fingers I fucked her harder, with my other hand I gripped her ass tighter. She was moaning so loud. “yes…oh yesssss….” She began to come up off the bed. I sucked her clit harder now.
Then I tasted it, the sweetest taste, it was her cum. She was cumming so hard, and I was drinking every bit of it. I licked her just about dry. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet taste. She laid there limber, tired, and happy as hell.
I pulled myself to her side and held her as long as time would allow.
We looked at one another and giggled a bit.
“ooops” we both said with a laugh.
Needless to say we’re as open with each other as two friends can and will be now.

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  1. Ramrod

    That is a very hot story. I loved it!

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