crossing the line

i have a friend called Jade who i have known for a couple of years, who describes herself as a lesbian. She lives with her partner and was always very dismissive of girls who said they were bi, saying that they were “just playing around” and weren’t serious about their relationships.
I knew that Jade had been with guys before, and had in fact almost been married when she was in her early twenties. now, about 6 years later, she seemed more settled.
As a married guy myself i had learned not to get into too many difficult situations, and sometimes it could cause problems becoming friends with the women that i work with. Not so with Jade. We had a lot in common, liked the same kinds of music, had a similar sense of humour and both liked to talk. Because we worked together, we saw a lot of each other and developed a close friend ships, talking about our relationships and so on. Sometimes, we would discuss our sex lives (or lack of, at that time) and i noticed that i was becoming more attracted to her, occasionally developing the beginnings of a hard-on when she spoke about these personal parts of her life.

Jade often wore loose, comfy clothing but i noticed that she was starting to wear more fitted pants and blouses. Her hair was short and perky, light brown that went well with her deep green eyes. Occasionally i would catch myself peeking at the outline of her firm ass and legs (she was a keen soccer player) as she walked past or sat close beside me to talk, often leaning in close and touching my arm or leg as she laughed.
In the evenings we had been spending more time together, going out on work social dinners, to a concert etc. always travelling together and hanging out long after everyone else had left. We would start to describe the types of women that we were attracted to, which was a lot of fun – and i always wanted to hear about her “techniques” since i thought this would be valuable information from a woman – but she would never discuss these…
Rumours were starting to circulate at work about our involvement, but people would laugh and say this was impossible given her sexuality. i also thought this, but noticed that Jade was talking more and more about guys that she saw on TV, and the possibility of her being bisexual. i was becoming more turned on when i was around her and was starting to fantasise about being with her. One night after thinking about this at work, i was about to shower, and was looking at myself naked in the mirror, wondering – would she be sexually attracted to a guy? How would our friendship be affected? i started to stroke my cock as i thought about it – her energy was so different to any other woman i had known, and she herself had said she had a high sex drive. i grew harder and harder as i thought about being with her, knowing that she would be very physical in bed; her muscular body writhing around and demanding that mine do the same. i knew that she would sweat, and i imagined moving my cock into her deep and slow, and her hands grabbing my ass and demanding more. i was breathing faster and starting to sweat a little myself by this stage, watching my thigh muscles tense in the mirror as i moved up onto my toes and pumped my cock harder as i thought about Jade riding me and screaming out for more, as i licked her nipples, and we came together……….I spurted upwards onto my stomach and watched as the semen moved down to the base of my cock, feeling a bit guilty that i had thought about this so much.

i decided to back off a bit – i was concerned about how this would affect our relationships with our partners, and thought i should stop “fueling the fire” by not having as much contact as usual. Jade noticed straight away, coming to my office to ask if i was ok, if anything was wrong. i just dismissed it as a bad day at work and she accepted this, going on her way. But we knew each other too well.

About a month later, a guitarist that we both admired was coming to town to perform, and Jade asked me to go. As neither of our partners were interested in music, this was a common occurrence and it would have looked strange had if i had declined. My fantasising about Jade had continued, and i was actually quite excited about it.

The concert was fantastic and we were like a couple – taking part in the performer’s banter and bouncing jokes off each other and laughing, smiling, occasionally touching the other’s arm or leg. Jade was looking great in a fitted shirt, tight pair of jeans and leather boots. The first couple of buttons on her shirt were undone, giving me a hint of her small but firm breasts sitting underneath. i spent most of the night semi – erect at least, and i wondered if she was feeling horny as well.
Afetr the concert we talked outside in the night air, and i watched her green eyes sparkle with excitement. As usual, we probably stayed for about another hour afterwards, and Jade had another hour to drive home. Now i swear that i didn’t plan this, but my wife was actually on holidays with a friend at the time, so i asked Jade to stay, to save her the drive home. She kind of looked at me, then i hurriedly added that she could stay in the spare room, as i was sure that it would be quite comfortable. She laughed and accepted the invitation, and we went to my place.
A couple of cups of coffee and a few hours later, it was time to go to bed. By now i was certain that nothing would happen (and was a little disappointed in a way). Jade was going straight to bed while i wanted to take a shower (mainly to jerk off as i was so turned on). i slowly removed my clothes in front of the mirror again, first my shirt, then down to jeans, wishing that Jades’ hands were on me, feeling the rough denim. I removed them and stood in my new close fitting boxers (yes i had worn them just in case) admiring how they made my ass look good. i slid them off and my hand moved to my now semi-hard cock, slowly stroking it and feeling its warmth. i closed my eyes, when i heard a creak behind me….

i swore loudly as i reached for a towel, stumbling over the side of the bath in the process. Jade – who had come in for a drink of water – was standing with a look of surprise after swearing a lot louder than me. Her hand covered her mouth and after fully comprehending what i had been doing, probably wanted to cover her eyes as well. She rushed out of the room, and i heard the spare room door slam behind her.
i cursed and pulled myself up out of the bath. Thats definitly one of those moments that seems to go on for a lifetime, and you don’t know what to do. i didn’t even bother jerking off, just showered and went to bed.

After an hour or so i managed to get to sleep.

Then i started to dream, very sensual stuff with all sorts of thoughts about Jade in there as well. Then, i heard a creak behind me…
In my semi-conscious state, i could make out Jade’s figure from the light in the hall. She stood in the doorway, in her white cotton crop top and panties (i knew she wouldn’t be a lingerie girl), wondering whether or not to enter.

She moved slowly towards the bed, and i could hear her breathing getting faster. She climbed up next to me, and as she ran her hand down my naked thigh, i could see her erect nipples in the shadows.
Jade moved closer, and i reached up and lightly kissed her neck. She gasped and moved around to kiss me fully on the mouth, while she reached down for my cock. As our tongues met it started to stiffen, and she began to stroke it lightly. She pulled back and made some joke about not being sure how to please a guy, but i wasn’t convinced. Jade reached up to stroke her breasts and looked at me with a smile.

“isn’t this what guys want to see?”

“of course” i replied.

Jade slowly removed her top and licked her fingers before playing with her nipples. She closed her eyes and began to moan, as her nipples became harder.

“you’re getting pretty hard yourself” she smiled as she saw my cock.

i grinned, as she ran her han
ds down to her panties, touching herself first from the outside then ins
ide the fabric, gasping at the same time
“why don’t you take them off as well?” i asked.

She smiled and slowly removed them as she faced away, revealing first the smooth lines of her firm ass as she traced them with her hands. She then leaned forward and moved her legs apart, still with her back to me so i could see her glistening pussy.

“Now stroke it” i said.

She laughed – “You’ve been watching too much porn” and reached under to touch her pussy. i could smell her scent now and could hear that she was wet as she slowly rubbed herself. i leaned forward and ran my tongue across her ass cheeks before diving into her pussy, much to her surprise. She began to buck gently against me as she positioned herself just right and my tongue went deeper and deeper, then in light little circles around her clit.

She was moaning more now , and moving faster. i reached up to use my fingers as well, and she moaned even louder at the touch. i moved my fingers in deeper, and the combination of the two was really setting her off – she arched her back and reached backwards to grab my hair and pull me closer, bucking faster , then faster again. i could feel her tense, then relax as she came, and slow down, breathing heavily.

Jade moved closer to me as it sank in that we had actually crossed the line now, and couldn’t go back to how things were before. However, the built up frustration from the last few months or more was finally coming out..

Jade ran her hands across my chest, and down to my inner thighs as she kissed me deeply. She moved down to my cock, pumping it with her hand, and laughed.

“i haven’t done this for a long time..”

She looked up at me as she ran her tongue along the side of my shaft, cupping my balls at the same time. i groaned with pleasure, and she continued and took its head in her mouth and teased it, my cock by now hot, wet, and very hard.

“Thats enough” i said, noticing the look of surprise on her face –
She grinned and came up to meet me in the middle of the bed, as i whispered to her

“i want you on top”

Jade smiled again, and sat me back against the bed head. Then she moved closer, kissing me as she maneuvered one leg over and positioned herself to take my cock. She was a bit hesitant since it had been so long since she had been with a guy, but i know that her enthusiasm for sex would make the pain easier to bear. She slid down slowly with a gasp and a cringe, but seeing as she was so wet, it didn’t take long before she was starting to move with my thrusts.

i watched as she started to speed up, and realised that i was right when i thought Jade would be very physical in bed. Jade was breathing faster and faster, and starting to sweat as she rode my cock. Her firm, muscular body was really turning me on as it moved and writhed, twisted and turned. She would lean backwards and move forwards to find the best position, knowing that the whole time i was really getting off on seeing her body and being inside her . I raised my hips to provide more penetration, and her eyes rolled up into her forehead as she moaned.
i was getting caught up in the moment as well,and was fucking more physically than i have for a long time, matching every thrust that Jade could give – then i quickly, without warning, lifted Jade up off me and moved her onto her back near the side of the bed. i stood up along side it, moved her legs towards me, then opened them and again slid my cock into her. I started to pump faster and harder, reaching down to lift up her ass off the bed and hold her body up off the bed. She screamed with pleasure and tensed up again as i spread her legs wider and penetrated further, her body then relaxing as all the muscles in my body were tense and united in their movement. I grabbed her firm, wet body and roughly caressed it, pulling at her waist towards me in a continuous rhythm that increased in speed –

“where do you want me to come?”

“Anywhere you like”

I pulled my cock out of her warm, wet cunt and leaned over the top of her, moaning with pleasure as i sent sprays of semen across her abdomen. Jade gasped as it hit her skin, unfamiliar with its feel. i colapsed, exhausted, on top of her, as she caressed her breasts, and spread my semen over them.

We lay together, knowing that the line had well and truly been crossed, and that we could never go back to being just friends as before. So we’ll see what the future holds…

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    awesome story. very detailed

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