Fantasy of a Lonely Heart

I have just turned out the lights and crawled into bed and under the covers, with my favourite little blue toy. I push my soft pyjama bottoms down my thighs leaving enough room to spread my legs as far as they want to go.
As I bring my hands back up my legs I allow my nails to gently trace up the insides of my legs all the way until they meet with the warm lacy fabric of my panties.
Leaving one hand there to enjoy the warmth I reach for my toy pushing the button once before I even have it under blankets.
As I push down over my breast and across my belly the small vibrations cause me to start to goose pimple with anticipation and they ripple along behind in a tingly wake.
I place my toy between my thighs and gently begin to rub up and down the length of my pussy lingering momentarily over my clit before I rub over my pussy again.
The slow but firm contact of my lacy panties against my clit is just beginning to moisten as I trace my other hand up my shirt and across my belly until it finds the soft flesh of my breast.
I pull the cup of my bra down just enough to allow myself to see my nipple slowly tightening in to a taught, tanned pink bud.
I can’t resist slowly running my tongue around just to see it tighten even more before I put my warm lips around it and suck the little bud to the back of my mouth.
As my back arches and a soft moan escapes my lips my eyes flutter open to find you standing at the foot of my bed.
All my movement stops and I’m left with a slow vibration between my thighs.

Wordlessly you reach out and slowly begin to pull the blankets down to the foot of the bed.
You lean down and take my toy putting it just out of my reach but still within yours. Pulling the legs of my pants in one quick movement they land in a pile on the floor.
Then you start to crawl up to my body pausing to brush your lips across my shin, over my still bent knees where you pause long enough to exhale warm breath up my thigh, making my body shiver in delight.
You place your hands under my knees and lift my body up to allow you to fit your thighs around me and begin undoing the last two buttons that are keeping my pyjama top on.
Sliding your hands under my lower back you pull me forward and with another quick movement my top joins my bottoms on the floor.
As you sit back to survey my body, which is now acutely aware of all it senses, you lower your lips to my belly and slowly and softly begin to kiss your way up my tummy with light butterfly kisses.
As you near my breasts your body comes down firmly between my legs, and you let it drag down your hard chest and across your stomach until your throbbing cock now rests in my very warm, wet and extremely sensitive pussy.
My breath catches while my hands find the bottom of your t-shirt and I peel it up and over head breathing in the warm scent of your cologne.
I trace my fingers down your back taking my time over your firm shoulders then drag the tips of my nails all the way down until I find the top of your jeans.
You lean back just far enough that I can’t quite reach the front as your hands find the clasp of my bra it too joins the pile of clothes on the floor.
Smiling ever so slyly your strong rough hands slide back around to cup the bottoms of both my breasts and you lower your face and begin to tease them with your tongue.
Around and around at pace clearly designed to tease all the while breathing warm air across my nipples that are now so sensitive they can feel the pulse in your hands.
When you do bring you lips to them the breath that I didn’t realize I was holding comes rushing out in an unadulterated cry of delight.
You catch the nipple between your teeth and my lower body strains into your cock as if trying to consume it despite the barrier of clothes, in response you thrust down fast and hard pinning me back down to the bed. Seconds become minutes and minutes are lost track of until you lift your head pulling my nipple and letting it drag between your teeth before it’s released and you turn your face ever so slightly to give the same attention to my other breast that you have been holding firmly.
I thrust my breast deeper into your mouth as I struggle to get my arms between us.
With apt fingers your belt and jeans open just as you lean back to a kneeling position grabbing my wrists and pulling my arms up over my head.
As you tether my wrist with one hand, you let the other and your mouth fall back into place with leisurely deliberance.
My lower body begins to vibrate with need as you lift up and release your engorged cock from the confines of your jeans.
As you place your legs over mine you allow my mouth access to what my entire body has been screaming for.
My tongue finds the bottom of your balls and ever so slowly I lick up your shaft with the enthusiasm of a child with her first ice cream cone.
As I near the top I begin to trace the tip of your cock with the same leisurely deliberance shown to myself. Around, and around my tongue wetting a ring just under the tip and every so often allowing just that tip access to my hot wet mouth.
Then in one quick movement I consume your shaft all the way down to the base and ever so slowly release it all the while letting my tongue flick along the bottom on its way out.
You allow me to do that twice more before you drop my wrists choosing instead to hold the sides of my throat as you begin to facefuck me.
As you thrust in and out at a pace I struggle to keep up with I slide your jeans down over your bum as far as I can get them to go.
Then I tease my nails back up your thighs until I find your swollen hard sack taking one in each palm I slowly begin to circle from back to front allowing them to pop out the other side simultaneously and then pulling them all the way down before starting over.
All of the muscles in your body seem to seize as your full load bursts in to my mouth and down my throat as I hungrily lap up the rest.
Your grip on my throat relaxes enough for me to unentangle myself from the bottom and gain some leverage.
As I mount your chest pinning you to the bed your jeans join the clothes strewn across the floor. As I lean down to lick the remaing fluids still pulsing from your cock you reach up and anchor my hips squarely above your mouth and bury your face in my painfully throbbing pussy just long enough for my entire body to go lax enough for you to push me forward until I’m kneeling in front of you.
Your strong hands grip my ass hard enough to bruise my cheeks as you spread them open while pushing your groin to it and rubbing from top to bottom.
Then your fingers slide lower still until they find my swollen clit aching for you to touch it.
My body is screaming for penetration but you just strum my clit with your thumb while you smear the juice all over my pussy and around my asshole rubbing your recovering cock through it all.
My entire body is trembling with want and the anticipation has all but exploded out of me.
You then sweep my knees to the side while flipping me over on to my back and bury your face in my pussy licking and sucking and swirling until I can’t take anymore and spurt all over your face leaving it glistening down in to your goatee.
While forcing your cock against my asshole you reach over and grab my long ago forgotten toy and slowly start to trace around my still pulsating wet pussy.
As you take the time to ensure that my asshole is amply smeared in my own cum you turn on my toy and slowly begin to insert it in to my pussy all the way down to its base.
Then you ever so slowly begin to push your now rock hard cock into my asshole.
At first slowly rocking back and forth until you too are buried to the hilt inside me and then you begin to pick up speed.
Stronger and faster and harder you thrust until the entire bed is threatening to collapse, and when you reach down to take my breast in your mouth the waves of ecstasy begin to rock my body in such a way that you need to hold on or you will be forced out.
You take my toy and throw it down and lean in just to lick my lip and catch it between your teeth while you slowly withdraw your still throbbing cock from my asshole.
With the weight of your entire body on mine and our tongues hungrily searching for each other you let me roll on top of you.
Legs straddling you; the stubble from your pubic mound sending electric charges through my body.
By simply raising my ass my pussy finds the tip of your cock and I ever so slowly ride your pole to the bottom burying it deep inside me.
As I begin to rock back and forth the need for gentle soon leaves and is replaced by a frenzied pace of bouncing and rocking combined, which you meet with equal enthusiasm so that I have to hold onto the headboard to stay mounted. As you grab my hips for better leverage the room begins to swim and there is nothing but flesh pounding flesh until my legs seize in powerful orgasm against the throb of your spewing cock.
Collapsing to the side and gasping for air we lay entangled and still fused at the hips where we lay until the sweat begins to dry before we curl up under the blankets and drift off to sleep.

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